Entertainment Betting: Who Gets Married Again First Between Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp?

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Everyone knows marriages don’t normally last in Hollywood. Not everyone can stay grounded and committed like Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn. For whatever reason, the fame and job of acting get in the way of what initially always seems to be a genuine connection.

Whether it’s too much time away with some roles shooting across the world, or intimacy brewing between costars, there are a number of things right from the beginning working to pull famous Hollywood celebrities apart.

Heck, marriage is difficult for anyone in general. Add fame, money, beautiful people and a litany of other distractions, and it’s understandable to a degree how it’s borderline impossible for the biggest celebs.

While that’s the case, people like Depp and Pitt still don’t like to be alone, and once they establish a connection and fall in love, they like to be in a relationship. As that relationship grows – whatever new one they end up being in – it’s only natural that they may once again consider taking the marriage plunge.

With Depp and Pitt the two biggest names to see their marriage take a nosedive recently – and Bovada setting odds for them to get remarried – we wondered who was the better bet:

Case For & Against Johnny Depp

Depp has seen his marriage to Amber Heard deteriorate rather quickly, with allegations of drinking, anger and even physical violence. Most people just think of Depp’s many endearing roles and his friendly personality in interviews, but one look at footage Heard actually caught at their home probably tells us her fears were pretty legit.

On top of Depp’s obvious issues that he hasn’t touched on publicly, there is a strong argument he won’t be so quick to jump into another marriage. He had only been married once before, and it was a whopping 30 year prior to Lori Anne Allison.

At 53, Depp is who he is and he may not want to rush into something after seeing his questionable decision-making and spousal treatment thrown out for the masses to see. Instead, it stands to reason that he’ll take some time to possibly seek treatment and at the very least repair his image for future acting roles. After all, this is freaking Jack Sparrow we’re talking about. He can’t have people thinking he’s a drunken wife beater.

On the other hand, Depp isn’t getting any younger, so even though this marriage crashed and burned, it’s highly possible a famous, attractive star meets someone quickly and falls in love. Considering he’s now been married twice, he may not be so reluctant to take the dive the third time around. Heck, maybe even that third time will be the charm.

Case For & Against Brad Pitt

Pitt’s marriage wound is far fresher, as it was just revealed this week that Angelina Jolie would be filing for divorce. The initial reasoning was Pitt’s “anger” and that Jolie wanted to protect her kids.

News later broke out that Pitt may have been having an affair with Marion Cotillard. Then more news broke that the true reason Jolie demanded a divorce was because Pitt verbally and physically abused one of their six children.

The official divorce document merely sites the age old “irreconcilable differences” but with all these reports flying around, it’s unclear what Brad Pitt did to see his marriage end, and to what magnitude.

Infidelity always ranks high in ending any marriage, but yelling at and beating kids probably won’t get a pass, either. There were also whispers that aside from any other allegations, Pitt was too much in love with his Hollywood lifestyle and enjoyed drugs, alcohol and women.

Maybe all of it is true and Brad Pitt isn’t the cool, chill dude we see on the big screen. Considering we never truly know these people, that’s entirely possible. After all, when you’re super famous and have all of the money, it’s fair to wonder if you get bored with simply being a good person.

We’re not here to judge Pitt, though, because the facts aren’t all that clear. All we know is he’s not exactly busting as relationship material at the moment and probably won’t be until this all clears up and the truth is revealed.

There are two big things working in favor of Pitt getting married again before Depp, however. For one, if Pitt actually has established a strong relationship with Cotillard – who he is filming the movie Allied with – then it’s not too crazy to think they could wind up together. Cotillard is supposedly still in a relationship of her own and it could take some time for this to clear up, but if true, we could have a similar situation that unfolded when Pitt originally met Jolie on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith when he was married to Jennifer Aniston.

Of course, for what it’s worth, Cotillard stepped out and denied any involvement quite emphatically:

Aniston has a mild role here for the second point, too: Pitt clearly likes to be married and despite the abuse allegations, he loves kids. He seems to be a family man at heart, but it’s possible he fell for Cotillard or just has been battling with being a good guy and living it up before he gets too old.

Whatever the case, Pitt was married to Aniston from 2000 to 2005 and then sparked a relationship with Jolie that ultimately ended his marriage. Pitt and Jolie dated for years before officially tying the knot in 2014.

That could tell us Pitt could wait again to jump into a new marriage, and that may especially be the case with so many kids involved.

Which Actor Gets Remarried First?

Depp is surprisingly the big favorite between the two, per Bovada. That’s likely because Pitt’s divorce was just announced and the fresher it is, the more difficult it may be for him to move on, or even want to move on.

You can really go both ways here, as both guys have been married twice and clearly like the family man atmosphere to a certain degree and also enjoy being in relationships. They also both went through very long stretches where they were not legally married and seem to also enjoy the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

Since we’re dealing with similar situations here, the safe bet figures to be with the upset, and that’d be Pitt getting married again before Johnny Depp. Both divorces are fresh and Pitt isn’t even officially divorced yet, but the odds are good neither of these guys are getting married within the next year or two.

Still, of the two, Pitt has been in serious relationships more often and longer. Between the two, we’ll take the friendly odds and bank on Pitt getting married first – but off in the distant future.

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