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Entertainment Betting: Who Will be the Next Bachelor?

The Bachelor doesn’t get a lot of run around these parts, but betting on ABC’s hit reality show is a real thing people do. There are even some Bachelor fantasy leagues for those even more crazed than the rest of us.

You can bet on just about anything these days, even the outcomes of things that happen on TV. You can put money down on which character will be the first to die in the upcoming season of Game of Thrones, so of course you can bet on The Bachelor. In fact, we’ve even covered it before on this very website. Now that is some top-notch content.

The Bachelor is currently in between seasons, but the summer show, Bachelor in Paradise, is very much in progress. We’ve seen a number of familiar faces come and go already, with the likes of Nick, Bibiana, David R. and others already having been shown the door. More people are still arriving in Mexico each week, which adds to the chaos.

Rather than trying to predict who will be the next Bachelor, let’s try to peg which couples have a chance at getting hitched at the end of all this. The odds we see anybody here getting engaged at the end of the season are pretty low, but stranger things have happened. In the past, we’ve seen 2 couples get engaged and subsequently married after meeting in Paradise.

The Ridiculousness of Tia and Colton

  • Engagement Odds: +250

Unfortunately, the storyline of this season of Paradise (so far) has been dominated by the Tia and Colton situation. In case you missed Becca’s recently-concluded season, here’s a quick recap: Colton and Tia apparently went on a date (or something) before Colton decided to pursue Becca on The Bachelorette. This ultimately complicated Becca’s relationship with Colton, which is the reason he’s now in Paradise. Tia also went to Paradise in order to try and pick things back up with Colton.

The two went on a date shortly after Colton arrived, but the former football player was wishy-washy about whether he wanted to exclusively date Tia. This led to some awkward tension for a few episodes before Colton finally had his “Come to Jesus” moment after a chat with Bibiana. Colton was then given another date card (surprise!), and he chose Tia. The 2 then agreed to the middle school-esque Official Boyfriend-Girlfriend arrangement despite the efforts of one of Tia’s friends, former Bachelor contestant Raven. At one point during the episode, Raven told Tia that he would “cut off” a certain part of Colton’s body if things went south between them. Yep, that happened.

So, it looks like Tia and Colton are together in this thing until the end of the season, at least. The show’s promos have hinted that there will be an engagement of some sort at the end of the season. The show has made a point of highlighting Colton and Tia throughout, so perhaps there’s a reason behind that. Neither of them is all that interesting, so there has to be an endgame here, right?

It’s taken Colton a while to even get this far, so perhaps an engagement at the end of the show is a bit too much to ask from him. That said, ABC has tried pretty hard to get us to care about them, so I do feel like there’s at least a reasonable chance we see him get down on a knee before this thing is all said and done. I like the value here at +250.

Jenna’s Love Square

Engagement Odds:

  • With Benoit +1200
  • With Jordan +1800
  • With David +5000

So Jenna was one of the late arrivers to Paradise. She showed up last week, and Jordan, who really wants you to know he’s a male model, was smitten from the start. The two went on a date immediately and seemed to hit it off. When they got back, Jordan’s rival, David (the chicken guy) threw Jenna an awkward little birthday party. That didn’t sit well with Jordan, obviously.

This week, Benoit (of Bachelor Winter Games fame) showed up and briskly whisked Jenna off on a date. She seemed to like what the French Canadian fella had to offer, and they seemed to have a good time. Again, this obviously didn’t sit well with Jordan either. Jordan had a profane freakout earlier in the week, which also turned Jenna off to him. He threw a stuffed dog (a gift from David to Jenna) into the sea. He was also wearing “the outfit”:

Feeling the heat, Jordan did the only thing he could do to make it up to her: write “I’m sorry” in huge letters in the sand, for some reason. Jenna came back from her date and didn’t seem all that impressed with his effort, probably because it wasn’t particularly impressive.

If Jenna is to get engaged at the end of this, it will probably be to Benoit. Benoit isn’t a stranger to such things, as we saw him get down on a knee and propose to Clare. That obviously didn’t work out. It’s pretty clear that Jenna isn’t going to be marrying Jordan or David, but Benoit’s track record does have me thinking there’s a chance we see him try this thing again. A Benoit-Jenna engagement is a highly intriguing value bet here at +1200.

Kendall’s Juggling Act

Engagement Odds:

  • With Grocery Joe: +350
  • With Leo: +2000

Kendall and Grocery Joe were one of the stronger couples in Paradise…until they weren’t. A wrench was thrown into things when Leo showed up this week. Leo made the rounds before ultimately asking Kendall to go on a date with him. She obliged, much to the chagrin of Joe. Joe then told Kendall he hoped she had a terrible time.

Unfortunately for Joe, she didn’t. Most of her date with Leo seemed to consist of them rolling around on a beach and making out. Things seemed to go well between the two, but when they got back from the date Leo started making the rounds again. It seems as though the stuntman wants to make the most of his time on the beach. We later see him kissing Chelsea a few hours after spending all afternoon with Kendall. Scandalous!

That’s just about all we heard from any of the 3 for the rest of the episode, but the preview for next week’s madness showed us that things get a bit wild. At one point, Leo storms off and appears to start an actual physical confrontation with Joe, complete with splashing his drink on him. Let me tell you, it looks amazing.

Leo looks like the one that starts the fight, and it probably has something to do with the fact that multiple people saw him kissing Chelsea after hanging out with Kendall. Leo seemed pretty cool during his time on The Bachelorette, but we’re certainly seeing a different side of him so far in Paradise. Joe seems like one of the more normal guys in the field, and he would seem to be a more natural fit for Kendall than Leo and his hair.

While it seemed as though things were going south quickly for Grocery Joe and Kendall, Leo seems like he’s going to flame out pretty quickly here. Barring quite the turn of events, Joe and Kendall escaping Paradise together looks like a pretty safe play. This bet makes plenty of sense at +350. Pass on the luscious locks of Leo.

The Boring Couples

  • Kevin and Astrid Engagement Odds: +350
  • Krystal and Chris Engagement Odds: +2000

Chris had a brief thing with Tia earlier in the season, but that fell apart because Chris got busted smooching Krystal. Since then, Chris and Krystal have been a thing. Two of the most unlikable people in the history of the show being together makes plenty of sense.

Kevin and Astrid went on a one-on-one date earlier in the season when the former arrived. Kevin’s the fireman from Canada and Astrid was (allegedly) on one of Nick’s seasons. They’ve been pretty steady, while the Chris-Krystal thing seems a whole lot more volatile.

It seems like Krystal has some interest in other guys on the show, so perhaps her little partnership with Chris isn’t long for this world. Considering he’s made himself into quite the villain during his brief reign of terror, that’s probably for the best. I don’t think there’s any chance whatsoever that Chris and Krystal wind up together, so that’s a full pass for me at +2000.

Kevin and Astrid haven’t really gotten much airtime, so it’s tough to gauge how serious they are. I imagine we’ll see more of them at some point if they continue together, but who knows? I’m not as confident with the pick as I am with some of the others, but +350 on them to get engaged is fair enough.

Here’s how I’ll rank the current Bachelor in Paradise couples in terms of how likely is it we see them engaged at the end of this:

  1. Jenna and Benoit +1200
  2. Kendall and Grocery Joe +350
  3. Tia and Colton +250
  4. Astrid and Kevin +350
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