EPICENTER 2019 Betting Predictions: Which of These Giants Will Finish 2019 with a Trophy?

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The end of the CS:GO 2019 esports season is right around the corner, fellas! The BPS Global Finals is underway, and there’s just one more notable event scheduled before the end of the year. That’s right; I’m talking about EPICENTER 2019, a $500,000 event that starts next Tuesday.

Our EPICENTER 2019 betting predictions are here, no worries, bringing forth valuable info ahead of our final CS:GO betting adventures this year.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right on in!

Where to Place Bets | Best CS:GO Betting Sites

If you’re looking for the best platforms for esports betting, then you’ve come to the right place. Well, technically, it would be best to refer to our CS:GO betting sites guide as it offers an in-depth look at the current state of affairs in the esports betting industry. Additionally, it also pinpoints the best sites for betting on CS:GO, allowing you to choose the one which best suits your needs.

All in all, if you’re in need of good esports betting sites for the upcoming EPICENTEr 2019, reading our dedicated CS:GO betting guide ought to help you out!

Which CS:GO Bookie Do We Prefer?

When it comes to betting on EPICENTER 2019, we warmly recommend BetWay. Feel free to check out our comprehensive BetWay review! Generally speaking, BetWay has been one of the best esports betting sites for quite some time already.

They always have fresh esports stuff available, even lesser-known CS:GO events. As for other esports, they’re pretty open about them too, often going out of their way for that extra bit of coverage. The odds are great, too, and so is the overall customer experience. BetWay is a household name in the sports betting industry and is on the right track when it comes to esports betting too.

That’s why all EPICENTER 2019 betting predictions are based on BetWay wagers. The odds are courtesy of BetWay, too, but they often change, so our info might not be 100% accurate.

EPICENTER 2019 Betting Preview | Interesting Facts

Now that you’ve found a few good CS:GO betting sites and check out our BetWay review, it’s time to focus back on the important stuff, EPICENTER 2019 betting predictions. Let’s start off with the most interesting facts that’ll either intrigue you or bring valuable info on the betting side of things!

  • As stated earlier, EPICENTER 2019 is scheduled to start on Tuesday, December 17th. It will feature eight teams and end on Sunday, December 22nd. The event is going to be held in Moscow, at the Crocus Expo Hall.
  • There’s $500,000 in the prize pool, and as usual, half of that sum goes to the winning team. The full prize pool distribution can be found down below.
  • EPICENTER 2019 features some of the best CS:GO teams out there, including ESL Pro League S10 Finals winners Mousesports, and former #1 team in the world, Evil Geniuses. AVANGAR, StarLadder Major runner-up, plus NaVi and Vitality ought to make up for some spicy group stage contests.
  • EPICENTER 2019 kicks off with the group stage, featuring two double-elimination groups, four teams in each. The best team in each group advances straight to the semifinals while second and third-place teams start from the quarterfinals. All matches on this event are best of three, including the grand finals.

EPICENTER 2019 Prize Pool Distribution

Place Prize
1st $250,000
2nd $120,000
3rd – 4th $40,000
5th – 6th $15,000
7th – 8th $10,000

EPICENTER 2019 Betting Predictions

This part of our piece ought to be the most helpful for all you esports betting enthusiasts reading this. You’ve come this far, and you’re expecting proper, fact-driven EPICENTER 2019 betting predictions, right?

Well, consider yourself lucky because that’s exactly what you’ll get:

Vitality vs EHOME Betting Predictions

Vitality always seems to be right up there with the best of them, but always failing to win notable trophies. In fact, throughout 2019, the French side won only one notable trophy – ECS Season 7 Finals, and that was way back in June. More recently, the band got stopped in the IEM XIV Beijing semifinals, and DH Masters Malmo finals. Vitality showed off good displays on both events but lacked those final bits and pieces that could’ve taken them all the way.

SLOWLY is the only EHOME player Vitality will have to be vary of. I’m not trying to belittle the rest of EHOME’s roster, but SLOWLY has been outright spectacular in the last three months or so, averaging above 1.20 HLTV rating. He’s been their key contributor, round in and round out, but that ought to put extra weight on his shoulders. It’ll be interesting to see how the 18-year-old responds to that extra bit of pressure.

As for the concrete EPICENTER 2019 betting predictions, I expect Vitality to take EHOME down. Perhaps it won’t be a sweet 2-0 win like everyone’s expecting, but ZywOo and the fellas should be comfortable on the decider map. While the match-winner bet has Vitality at -5000, it’s not really worth anyone’s while. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this article, specials such as maps over/under and correct score weren’t available yet. Chances are they will be by the time you read this. In that case, my advice is to go with something like maps total over or correct score 2-1 for Vitality.

EPICENTER 2019 Betting Predictions – Wait for Totals or Correct Score specials

NaVi vs Heroic Betting Predictions

With a good semifinal run on ESL Pro LeagueS10 Finals, NaVi is coming into this event in solid form. S1mple and Electronic are in fine form, and they’ll be looking for more of the same in Moscow. Even though NaVi hasn’t won a single event since April, I believe they could pose as a potential champion in Moscow. GuardiaN is yet to make an appearance, and if he does so in Moscow, we could be in for quite the treat.

Heroic, on the other hand, is in a bit of a downward spiral after winning DreamHack Open Atlanta roughly a month ago. Since then, they had a poor display on DH Open Winter, as well as a proper debacle on ESL Pro League S10 Finals. The good thing is they managed to quality. That can be considered as a success for a team like Heroic.

That said, while Heroic can cause an upset, I doubt we’ll see one in Moscow. NaVi is playing on home soil, and I expect them to cruise through to the big W here. Navi’s roster is far too good to lose against Heroic in Moscow! Unfortunately, -500 at NaVi isn’t exactly the greatest but can be a nice way of upping your accumulator returns.

EPICENTER 2019 Betting Predictions – NaVi to Win at -500

ForZe vs Evil Geniuses Predictions

Let’s move on with our EPICENTER 2019 betting predictions! Next up, we have Forze vs. Evil Geniuses. I’m sure most of you remember ForZe from the StarLadder Berlin Major. They played well in the Challengers Stage but ultimately failed to reach the Legends Stage after losing to DreamEaters.

Evil Geniuses were NRG back then, reaching the semifinals and losing to Astralis in what was one heck of a match from start to finish. Shortly after the end of Berlin’s CS:GO spectacle, EG acquired NRG, and the roster quickly jumped to the top of the CS:GO rankings. Coming into this event, EG is also on a bit of a downward spiral, but Brehze and CeRq are still dominating and ought to be ready to push their team through against the Russians.

At the moment, Evil Geniuses to win this one sits at -400. That’s even better than NaVi vs. Heroic. In fact, these two matches will definitely find their way into my CS:GO weekend accumulator! I can’t see them not going through, as simple as that.

EPICENTER 2019 Betting Predictions – EG to Win at -400

AVANGAR vs Mousesports Betting Predictions

Last but not least, we have AVANGAR vs. Mousesports. This one is, by far, the biggest clash of the opening EPICENTER 2019 group stage round. AVANGAR, the grand finalists of the StarLadder Major in Berlin, going up against Mousesports who’ve won ESL Pro League S10 Finals just last week. This one will be a match to remember, I guarantee it!

AVANGAR had a majestic StarLadder Major Berlin campaign and an even better run on BLAST Pro Series Moscow. In fact, they won the event after beating the likes of NaVi, MIBR, and ENCE. Since then, their biggest success was a semifinal finish on DreamHack Rotterdam, so it’s safe to say they’re in a downward spiral.

With all that in mind, I give Mousesports the benefit of the doubt. Ropz and frozen are in brilliant form, and I can already see them stomping over Jame and the boys. That said, Mousesports at -280 will do the trick for this one. Mousesports will most likely top the group and could be a force to be reckoned with in the playoffs.

EPICENTER 2019 Betting Predictions – Mousesports to Win at -280

Outright Betting on EPICENTER 2019

At the moment, Mousesports is ranked as the number one favorite to take the EPICENTER 2019 trophy. Of course, this is due to the last week’s ESL Pro League triumph, where they swept past Astralis on their way to the title. And while Mousesports have been looking strong for quite a while already, I wouldn’t bet my money on them. The odds, currently sitting at +200, just aren’t worth it.

The Trio Magnifico

Why am I against betting on Mousesports? Well, I can name three reasons right off the bat – NaVi, Vitality, Evil Geniuses. All three of these teams are well-capable of running mouesports’ brilliant track record. Heck even AVANGAR, which are in group B with mouz, stand a chance against woxic and the boys.

From the looks of things, my money will probably be on Natus Vincere. S1mple and GuardiaN are stirring something up, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they close out 2019 with a bang, announcing even better things to come next year. At the moment, the outright winner on the best CIS team sits at around +450, possessing fairly good value considering their firepower.

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