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ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals is already an old news topic. Team Liquid’s triumph echoed throughout the CS:GO scene, more thanks to their victory against Astralis than the actual tournament triumph. However, the trophy was more than mere icing on the cake. The trophy established them as the favorites to take the second season of Intel Grand Slam. A special competition that comes with a whopping $1,000,000 for the winning team. And that’s why we’re bringing you this ESL One Cologne betting tips piece in the first place. You see, this event is Team Liquid’s first chance of grabbing the million-dollar pot.

In fact, not only is this their first chance but could also be their best chance too. As you all know, Astralis is still dazed and confused. Their recent spell of performances has been disheartening, creating the optimal environment for Team Liquid’s success. They’re struggling on all fronts, making this the perfect time for Team Liquid to close out their Intel Grand Slam run. If, however, they give Astralis the opportunity to regroup and come up with a new approach to get them back on winning ways, Twistzz and the boys will be in a whole world of trouble.

In other words, ESL One Cologne is the perfect event for Team Liquid to win the Intel Grand Slam trophy, so let’s dig deeper and assess all relevant info!

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ESL One Cologne Preview | Interesting Facts

We’re not going to dive into ESL One Cologne betting tips just yet. We still have a few things to tackle before that. Things such as the interesting facts on this tournament, some of which ought to surprise you!

  • Let’s start off with the basic facts. ESL One Cologne 2019 kicks off on Tuesday, July 2nd. The group stage will take place during the first three days of the event. The playoffs, on the other hand, are scheduled to run on the weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).
  • As far as prize money is concerned, ESL One Cologne comes strong with $300,000 in total. Typically, the winning team gets half of the prize pool, meaning ESL One Cologne champs should go home with $150,000 in their pockets.
  • There’s a ton of additional money on the line as well. The above-mentioned Intel Grand Slam could be decided in Cologne. If Team Liquid wins, not only will they get the $150,000 from ESL One Cologne but additional $1,000,000 from Intel Grand Slam. An enormous pot for the NA side, more than enough to put them under real pressure here.
  • ESL One Cologne will be held at the Lanxess Arena, in the heart of Cologne, Germany. We’re talking about an already well-established esports venue with a rich history of top-tier tournaments. That said, the atmosphere is definitely going to be on point cometh the first live matches.
  • Believe it or not, ESL One Cologne will be celebrating its 5th year anniversary at the Lanxess Arena. It will be a proper CS:GO spectacle, no questions about it. Fingers crossed we get to see the 10th year anniversary as well!

Tournament Format

ESL One Cologne 2019 features the exact same format as ESL Pro League Finals. In other words, if you watched the Montpellier spectacle, ESL One Cologne ought to feel familiar.

The event starts off with the group stage, featuring eight teams seeded into two groups. The seeding is done based on the ESL CS:GO world rankings. Initial matches are Bo1, all remaining ones are Bo3. Three teams from each group advance to the playoffs. Group winners go straight to the semifinals. The remaining four playoffs teams start from the quarters. The grand finals match will be played as a Bo5 contest, with all remaining playoffs matches scheduled for Bo3.

ESL One Cologne Team Overviews

There’s just one more section before the actual ESL One Cologne betting tips. It’s a similar concept though – instead of analyzing things from a betting perspective, we’ll be going through the most notable teams and their stories ahead of the event in Cologne.

We’ll go through their recent events, best and worst performances, as well as any potential issues the given team might be experiencing at the moment. Yes, there’s a ton of stuff to go through so I’ll just stick with the few most notable names.

Team Liquid

Coming into this tournament, Team Liquid is the first name on the team sheet. Their recent ESL Pro League triumph alongside the overall consistent performances throughout the season, making them the team to play against in Cologne.

And don’t even get me started on the fact Team Liquid is chasing the $1,000,000 in prize money from the second season of Intel Grand Slam. That’s something they’ll definitely have in mind during the entirety of the event.

EliGE is the first name on Team Liquid’s roster at the moment. The 21-year old American prodigy has been on a proper roll for the last month or so. With roughly +200 k/d difference across 38 maps, 1.30 k/d ratio and 1.28 average HLTV rating, he’s been the deciding factor for Team Liquid’s ESL Pro League dominance. Stewie2K was showing off his game sense throughout the tournament, securing crucial rounds and performing wicked flanks to surprise the opposition.

Overall, Team Liquid’s strengths are finally well-rounded. It was about time this roster starts to shine. Their biggest downsides, closing out tournaments and winning against Astralis, are slowly becoming their biggest virtues. If EliGE and the boys show up for the occasion in Cologne, I for one wouldn’t be surprised if they take the big W and cash in more than $1,000,000 in prize money.


Second up, let’s talk a bit about Astralis. After cementing their position as the best CS:GO team in the world for slightly more than a year, The Great Danes have finally been dethroned. As expected, the culprit was Team Liquid. Struck with the fact that they’re no longer the best CS:GO team out there, the question now is can Dev1ce and the company pull themselves together and come back to the top of the food chain?

It’ll be a difficult task, that’s for sure! Not only because Astralis’ teamwork isn’t up to its usual standards but their individual brilliance is lacking too. Gla1ve, Xyp9x, and dupreeh have been struggling greatly. Dev1ce is still the top fragger with Magisk lurking in the background as well.

Overall, there are a few segments that Astralis need to improve upon if they want to get back to their former glory. First, their map pool depth seems to be in a huge downward spiral. Train and Mirage aren’t their safe havens anymore. The same can be said about Nuke, with two losses and one win in the last three matches.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a new name in the starting roster. If they fail to make a stance in Cologne, that is. Not necessarily a permanent entry, but a loan/stand-in for sure. I for one believe it would shake things up a notch and, assuming the new player quickly syncs up with his teammates, we could see Astralis back to its former glory once again.

FaZe Clan

When it comes to roster changes and mix-ups, FaZe Clan is a well-known culprit. First, they brought on AdreN who failed to make a proper impression during his five-month spell with FaZe. He was then replaced by NEO, a highly intelligent IGL with plenty of experience in the Polish CS:GO scene thanks to his involvement with

Even though he’s yet to make a name for himself under FaZe Clan’s colors, I reckon NEO is a much more viable solution than AdreN. First of all, he’s a true IGL and has already taken over that role from NiKO, allowing the Bosnian prodigy to concentrate solely on fragging. Second of all, his IGL experience is what FaZe needs to finally make the breakthrough to the top.

However, NEO’s K/D stats aren’t exactly good. 0.90 HLTV rating during his stay with FaZe Clan speaks a lot. If he wants to remain in-game leading for one of Europe’s top teams, his stats will have to go up. By a ton, mind you.

As far as FaZe Clan’s expectations for this tournament are concerned, I reckon they won’t make it through to the playoffs. Need I remind you, FaZe is in group A with the likes of Team Liquid, Natus Vincere, Mousesports, and NRG. While they are better (on paper) than some of these teams, I still think NEO’s lack of synchronization with the rest of the team will be the deciding factor here.


And finally, we’ll be talking about ENCE: You know, the crazy Finnish team that kickstarted Astralis’ doom after beating them twice on a BPS event in Madrid. Their story started on the Katowice Major when they managed to reach the grand finals. Against all odds, obviously. Even though they got slapped by Astralis in a quick fashion, they surely got their revenge.

Coming into this tournament, ENCE players will want to make a proper name for themselves. Especially since they have unfinished business with Team Liquid dating back to last month’s DH Masters Dallas. If there’s one team that could mess up Team Liquid’s IGS aspirations, it’s definitely ENCE.

Sergej and Allu have been playing spectacularly well over the last few months. Others aren’t too far off either, but they’re the duo all opposing teams will have to keep tabs on. If ENCE can do a bit better on Inferno and Dust II, and make a stance on Vertigo, they could end up reaching the playoffs. Yes, they’ll most likely go up against the likes of Astralis, MIBR, or Team Vitality, so it’s going to be a fairly difficult task.

ESL One Cologne Betting Tips | Group Stage

There’s a total of eight initial matches across both groups. However, I’ll only stroll through the most interesting ones and give you guys an in-depth look. No worries, I’ll round off every match with a few ESL one Cologne betting tips. After all, that’s what you came here for…

ESL One Cologne Betting Tips | Natus Vincere vs Mousesports

Starting off with Group A, there are definitely some fine specimens in the initial matches list. The first fixture we’ll be dissecting here is Natus Vincere vs Mousesports. As you all know, Natus Vincere hasn’t been really that active lately. Their last competitive match dates back to 23rd May when they lost against Heroic in the ESL Pro League S9 Europe Quals. A lack of competitive matches is bound to leave an impact on their performance in Cologne, as well as a brand-new roster member that’s yet to make his debut.

NaVi logo vs Mousesports logo on custom background

Mousesports, on the other hand, won’t be lacking competitive play. Their solid ESL Pro League Finals run ended just a few days ago. Plus, they played the Europe Minor Closed Quals a week before that, ensuring their minds are focused for their initial round against NaVi.

The last head to head match between these two sides was back in December during the eight season finals of ESL Pro League. Mousesports, led by sunny and ropz, swept past S1mple’s NaVi. Prior to that, they also played during the ESL Pro League quals, with each team taking a single map.

Coming into this fixture, these past head to head matches won’t do us a lot of justice. We’re talking about two completely different Mousesports rosters. This new Mousesports is based on woxic and his brilliant fragging potential. However, karrigan could be more influential in this particular match. If he sets up the game plan right and doesn’t try to mimic NaVi’s movement, his fraggers could do all the hard work.

Now let’s talk ESL one Cologne betting tips! As far as match-winner betting is concerned, I’d advise you to stay away from it. In fact, that’s what I’m going to do too. What I’ll go with for this match is the trusty old total maps over/under bet. More precisely, I’ll probably go with total maps over 26.5 at currently listed at -125. It’s going to be a neck and neck match all the way through, so the margin shouldn’t be bigger than three rounds.

Total maps over 26.5 at -125

ESL One Cologne Betting Tips | FaZe Clan vs Renegades

Now let’s talk about the second interesting matchup of group A. FaZe Clan will test their strength against a tricky Renegades roster. Both of these teams have aspirations towards the playoffs yet their struggle will be enormous later on in the tournament. How come? Well, neither team has been in good form lately. Worst of all, whoever wins will end up going against Team Liquid, and I reckon the boys in blue will be too difficult to handle for either of these two teams.

FaZe logo vs Renegades logo on custom background

As far as FaZe vs Renegades match is concerned, it will be a lot tougher than most people predict. If jks and jkaem show up for the occasion, FaZe will have a tough contest to deal with. And, need I remind you, FaZe Clan lost both of their head to head matches against Renegades in 2019. And they were both on notable events too. First the Katowice Major in late February and StarSeries SS7 in April.

When it comes to CS:GO betting sites, they are favoring FaZe Clan to take this one. Most platforms have NiKo and the boys at roughly -200. Renegades, on the other hand, are listed for +140 to +150, depending on the platform. Even though these odds suggest FaZe Clan is a solid favorite, I’d like to argue.

For starters, FaZe Clan’s ESL Pro League performance could’ve been a lot better. Sure, they reached the playoffs but got eliminated right in the quarters. And don’t even get me started on their fiasco of aperformance in Sydney. DH Masters Dallas was solid, but they still got squashed by ENCE in the semifinals.

Renegades, on the other hand, had a solid run in Shanghai but failed to deliver at cs_summit 4, DH Dallas and IEM Sydney. To be fair, losing against the likes of MIBR, NaVi, and Mousesports isn’t something Renegades have to be ashamed of.

All in all, even though bookies favor FaZe Clan to take this one and continue their upper bracket story, my money will be on Renegades. +150 offers solid value and, considering the fact jks and the company already beat FaZe twice this year, I reckon they’ll make it three in a row! Renegades can be a very tricky team to play against, and FaZe Clan players are likely to experience that on their own skin.

Renegades to win at +150

ESL One Cologne Betting Tips | MIBR vs Fnatic

Group B has its fair share of great matches too. Perhaps a few surprising upsets that could shock the favorites. The first group B match we’ll be talking about here is MIBR vs Fnatic. Currently ranked as 9th and 10th teams in the world, this matchup ought to be a fiery one. On paper, both of these teams seem on point. This fixture has all the makings of a proper thriller, so match-winner bettors, beware!

MIBR logo vs Fnatic logo on custom background

Unfortunately for Brazilian CS:GO fans, MIBR players aren’t exactly enjoying themselves out there. Even though Coldzera, FalleN and Fer are holding up just fine, felps and TACO continue to struggle. Their performances haven’t been the greatest either. If we take a look at their ESL Pro League and ECS Finals campaigns, we’ll see pretty bad end results. They failed to qualify for the playoffs on both events, and still seem to struggle with delivering IEM Katowice-like playstyle.

Brollan and KRIMZ are still the main figures in this Fnatic roster. Despite the obvious lack of silverware in 2019, I’d say this Fnatic roster is in better shape than MIBR. At the moment, to be precise. Yes, they also had a terrible ESL Pro League campaign and even worse was their DH Masters Dallas adventure. On the bright side, IEM XIV Sydney and StarSeries S7 saw them perform up to their potential. They still ended up losing the trophies to Team Liquid and NaVi, but it’s safe to say they put up a proper fight. Well, at least in Sydney…

When it comes to Fnatic’s match against MIBR, I reckon we’re going to see a proper neck and neck contest. With great individual players on both ends and dynamic playstyles, Fnatic vs MIBR will go round in and round out. Nuances will be the deciding factors here, which means I’ll probably go with total rounds over bet. More precisely, total rounds over 25.5 at -180. If you’re feeling brave, feel free to go with over 27.5 which, at the moment, sits at +115.

Total maps over 25.5 at -180.

ESL One Cologne Betting Tips | Team Vitality vs Ninjas in Pyjamas

And finally, the last match we’ll be dissecting here is Vitality vs NiP. I’m sure you’ve all heard about the fantastic rejuvenation of the French CS:GO competitive scene. With G2 and Vitality finally stepping up a level and making their presence known, French CS:GO is bound to rise up from the ashes.

Vitality logo vs NiP logo on custom background

Team Vitality has been on fire! Not only did they win cs_summit 4 but ECS Finals as well. The latter was their biggest triumph yet, and judging by their performance, I reckon another one isn’t that far away. As far as individual performances are concerned, ZywOo is by far Vitality’s strongest asset. The 18-year old French prospect has positioned himself as one of Europe’s biggest talents. And considering the way he’s been playing lately; I wouldn’t be surprised if Vitality reaches the playoffs here as well.

As for NiP, they have been in a huge slump for the bigger part of 2019. Poor ECS S7 Finals performance, terrible DH Masters Campaign and more of the same on BPS Madrid. F0rest is still their main driving force, but even his form is not at an admirable level. GeT_RiGhT is enduring a nightmare out there. Come to think of it, I wouldn’t be surprised if we finally see him depart after almost seven years of playing under NiP’s colors.

Of course, Team Vitality is the heavy favorite here. Most bookies have them at around -250 and I consider it pretty fair. That said, I won’t overcomplicate this one with over/under picks and whatnot. I’m confident in ZywOo and the boys, and -250 against NiP is a steal in my books!

Team Vitality to win at -250

Outright Betting Predictions on ESL One Cologne

And now, the final part of our ESL One Cologne betting tips coverage. There can be only one winning team here, and there are at least five prominent teams that’ll do their best to compete for the trophy.

Obviously, the first name on the team sheet is Team Liquid. Not only are they the strongest team at the moment, a title they’ve cemented in Montpellier, but they also have a ton of extra motivation to win it. We’re talking an extra $1,000,000 of motivation here, not a petty amount by any means.

Then again, Intel Grand Slam ought to put a lot more pressure on the boys in blue. A sort of pressure they might not be able to handle. Don’t get me wrong, they are the best team at the moment, but one bad match and their confidence can crumble under all this pressure.

The second team I’d like to point out here is, surprisingly, not Astralis but NaVi. With Edward departing to Winstrike (on loan) and Boombl4 taking his place, it will be interesting to see how this NaVi roster plays out in Cologne. They are far from being favorites here, but with a bit of luck and a couple of good matches early on, S1mple and the company could end up snowballing to the grand finals.

ENCE shouldn’t be taken out of the equation either. They were the team that kickstarted the fall of Astralis, and as such, their opponents should be extremely wary of their glimpsing brilliance.

As far as in-form teams are concerned, Vitality deserves to be emphasized here. After winning cs_summit 4 and achieving their greatest feat (winning the ECS S7 Finals), ZywOo and the boys will be fuming with confidence. If the 18-year old French prodigy shows up for the occasion, I reckon we could easily see them qualifying for the playoffs.

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