ESL Pro League Season 9 Quarterfinals Betting Predictions: FaZe vs G2 and Astralis vs Liquid

Yep, ESL Pro League quarterfinals betting predictions are going to be outright nasty. The scenario we feared the most has happened. Both Team Liquid and Astralis failed to qualify for the semifinals and are now playing against each other in the quarterfinals. Realistically speaking, the team that wins that match is the biggest contender to actually lift the trophy in Montpellier.

So, yeah, the second quarterfinals match is basically as important as the grand finals. Even though the title isn’t directly involved in it, the odds are extremely high since we’re talking about the two best teams out there. As for the first quarterfinals match, FaZe vs G2, the drama won’t be lacking either. FaZe Clan’s group stage was pretty good, although a surprising defeat to Mousesports spoiled their direct semifinals qualifications.

Coming into the quarterfinals (which start in roughly 20 hours, as of this writing), there’s one thing I’m sure of:

All four of these teams will definitely show up to the occasion. They had spectacular moments in the group stage and are deservingly here. Only two of them will join NRG and Mousesports in the semifinals and contest for the title. That said, let’s see which of them have the greatest chances by digging deeper into the ESL Pro League quarterfinals betting predictions!

But before that, let’s check out the best esports betting sites that feature both of these matches.

Where to Place Bets | Best ESL Pro League Season 9 Betting Sites

There are a bunch of CS:GO bookies you can use for betting on ESL Pro League quarterfinals. However, not all of them will provide you with a good betting experience. Some of them have high profit margins (in other words, low odds), some of them take a lot of time to process your withdrawals, and some of them are outright scams. The market is oversaturated with bookies and that just makes the lives of newcomers much more difficult.

Of course, you can easily eliminate lousy bookies by indulging in research. It’s time-consuming but will leave you with proper choices. If, however, you don’t have that much free time for extensive research, you can always check out our comprehensive list of the best CS:GO betting websites. It’s a short list, but one that features all relevant information in one place. It’s a must-read if you’re just starting out your career as an esports betting enthusiast.

ESL Pro League Quarterfinals Betting Predictions

Now that we’ve reached the main part of this article, here are the actual ESL Pro League quarterfinals betting predictions! As you all know, this is a dynamic single-elimination bracket with two teams who’ve qualified directly to the semifinals. The remaining four teams have to battle their way through from the quarterfinals. In other words, there are just two quarterfinals matches to talk about here.

However, the old saying “quality over quantity” perfectly depicts the current state of affairs. Both of these matches are going to be neck and neck. I, for one, wouldn’t be surprised if we see more than two overtimes across these two Bo3 fixtures.

That said, let’s cut with the nonsense and focus our attention towards ESL Pro League quarterfinals betting predictions!

FaZe Clan vs G2 Esports Betting Predictions

Let’s start off with FaZe Clan. Their opening match against Tyloo wasn’t as close as the scoreboard might suggest. It ended 16-12 in favor of FaZe, but somebody and his boys were nowhere near clinching the win, despite the fact that FaZe Clan had issues with closing out the match in typical FaZe Clan style. The second match against North was a completely different story. FaZe Clan made a slip up on Inferno, and they managed to get right back on track on Mirage. The third map was nothing short of breathtaking, but in the end, FaZe Clan emerged victorious after a wicked overtime struggle.

Unfortunately for FaZe, they couldn’t qualify directly to the semifinals because Mousesports played near-perfect two maps. ChrisJ was all over them, wreaking havoc with 63 kills and cca 106 damage per round across both maps—wicked  stats for the experienced Dutch fragger and something that other teams will have to keep their eyes on cometh the semifinals.

G2 Esports, on the other hand, had a solid contest against Grayhound in their opening group stage match. The map was Nuke and, thanks to a great T-side performance, the French side got back into the game and won with style. Perhaps the best performance from G2 Esports came from the only match they lost thus far, that 2-1 defeat against NRG saw them tackle two overtimes.

Unfortunately, the French side lost both of them in extremely tight contests and had to face Heroic for their quarterfinals tickets. Needless to say, Heroic was no match for the experienced Frenchmen. 16-3 on Vertigo and 16-11 on Dust II were enough to advance to the playoffs.

Who to Bet On?

As far as this match goes, FaZe Clan looks like the better team. However, in-form G2 will definitely cause headaches to FaZe Clan superstars. G2’s ability to counter their opponent’s plays is what YNk will have to keep tabs on.

Additionally, even if FaZe Clan sets the right tone in the first half, their inability to close out matches could end up costing them the semifinals. We’ve seen this happen over and over again. FaZe comes into the second half with a good lead stacked up, only to lose six to seven rounds in a row and get back on square one. If this happens against G2, this is going to be a bigger thriller than most of us expect.

With all that in mind, I’d actually skip match-winner bets even though I’m convinced FaZe Clan will go through. Instead, I’ll have my money on total maps over 26.5 at -125. Knowing FaZe Clan’s individual superiority as well as their inability to close out matches, this betting option seems like the perfect fit!

Total Maps Over 26.5 at -125

Astralis vs Team Liquid | ESL Pro League Quarterfinals Betting Predictions

Let’s start off by saying that Astralis vs Team Liquid betting predictions are a tough nut to crack. These two teams have been at the top of the CS:GO competitive scene for quite a while now. Even though Astralis has been the better of the two, their recent performances haven’t been up to par. Team Liquid, on the other hand, is racking in trophy after trophy, even managing to steal Astralis’ #1 spot on the HLTV ranking.

Astralis’ road to the quarterfinals wasn’t as pretty as they’d like to admit. Sure, they swept past Cloud9 in a convincing 16-9 display on Inferno. Heroic was no match for the Danish team either. Two 16-7 maps saw Astralis qualify for the upper bracket finals against NRG. Unfortunately for Astralis, that’s where their problems started. They lost the first map (Train) after a pretty tough contest. Of course, Train was NRG’s pick so it wasn’t that surprising to see them make a proper stance from the very start. Astralis’ pick, Nuke, went in the opposite direction. Even though Astralis recently lost against ENCE on their strongest map, this time around they took no prisoners.

The third map was Dust II, a chaotic paradise for the fraggers. And let’s face it, Astralis vs NRG provided exactly that. After the first half, NRG was setting the temp and Astralis was constantly behind them. The Danish side almost made a comeback in the late second half, but one faulty round and they were out of it.

Team Liquid, on the other hand, made a slip up in their starting match against North. As we all know, North is a tricky team to play against and Team Liquid obviously underestimated them. 16-13 was the score in the end, on what was a pretty hectic Dust II encounter. Luckily for the boys in blue, TYLOO and MIBR didn’t seem to be on their level. HellRaisers, on the other hand, put out a surprisingly good fight. They went to the full road (read the third map) against Team Liquid and almost eliminated one of the heavy favorites.

Who to Bet On?

You guys are going to hate me when you see my ESL Pro League quarterfinals predictions for this match. However, please understand that match-winner bets aren’t always the best options. Especially in such closely contested matches that can easily go either way. And since these two teams are currently the best of what the CS:GO esports scene has to offer, such a scenario is only logical.

That said, I strongly advise you to stay away from high-stake match-winner bets on this one. Sure, you can spice up your viewing experience by betting on your favorite team, but don’t invest too much money on it. Instead of conventional match-winner bets, I’d rather go with maps total over 2.5 at -112. Assuming both teams take their map pick, we’ll be left with the third map that could even decide the overall winner of this tournament. Yep, as I said above, this match is pretty much the grand finals before the grand finals.

Total Maps Over 2.5 at -112

Which Team Will Lift the Trophy?

There’s just one more thing left to discuss here, which of these six teams will take the big W? Well, here’s how I expect this playoffs drama to unveil.

FaZe Clan will win against G2 esports but they will, once again, have problems with closing out maps. This will put them up against NRG which is going to be an even tougher nut to crack. Realistically speaking, this match can go either way. Even though FaZe Clan is stronger individually, NRG has superior teamwork and could cause headaches to FaZe Clan’s superstar roster.

On the other side of the bracket, we have the grand finals before the grand finals, Astralis vs Team Liquid. In all honesty, whichever of these two teams wins the quarterfinals match, I reckon they’ll be safe against Mousesports. ChrisJ and the co have had a pretty good tournament thus far, but I doubt they can repeat their feat against Team Liquid let alone defeat Astralis.

If FaZe gets to the grand finals, either against Team Liquid or Astralis, I believe NiKo and GuardiaN will step up for the occasion and prove their worth. In other words, if FaZe reaches the grand finals, chances are high that they’ll end up lifting the trophy. The last time FaZe Clan played in the grand finals and lost was way back in March 2018 during IEM XII World Championship, when they lost against Fnatic.

However, if FaZe Clan loses against NRG in the semifinals (which is usually their biggest playoffs hurdle), the better of Astralis vs Team Liquid quarterfinals match will end up lifting the trophy. Mark my words!

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