ESL Pro League Season 9 Semifinals Betting Predictions NRG vs G2 and Mousesports vs Team Liquid

Both ESL Pro League quarterfinals matches weren’t lacking great action. Both matches had their fair share of flair and I reckon we’ll see more of the same cometh the semifinals matches. There are less than 24 hours separating us from the spectacle at the Sud de France Arena where thousands of French fans are at the edge of their seats, craving for another set of wonderful matches. As for my role in all this madness, I’ve compiled the latest data and aim to give you stats-driven ESL Pro League semifinals betting predictions.

Needless to say, both of these matches are going to be neck and neck. Despite the fact that, on paper, some of these teams aren’t enjoying the best of matchups, the passion and electric atmosphere ought to bring them on level terms right before the first round.

With all that in mind, we’ll quickly go through the best ESL Pro League S9 betting sites. After that, we’re going to tackle the predictions.

So yeah – buckle yourself up and enjoy the ride!

Where to Place Bets on ESL Pro League Season 9

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Now that we got the best ESL Pro League S9 betting sites out of our way, let’s focus on the stuff that actually matters.

ESL Pro League Semifinals Betting Predictions

There are just four teams left in the competitions. Two of them are still undefeated at this tournament and had an extra bit of rest. The remaining two are just coming off exhausting quarterfinals contests. They’ll be slightly more fatigued, that’s for sure, but they’ll make up for it with winds in their sails after magnificent quarterfinals performances.

ESL Pro League Semifinals Betting Predictions | NRG vs G2

Even though this isn’t exactly the type of match we wanted to see in the semis, it’s the type of match we surely deserve. In all honesty, I really didn’t think much of either of these teams. My bad, I admit it. Yes, I expected them to qualify for the playoffs, but I just couldn’t see them going this far. Especially NRG which qualified straight to the semis by beating Astralis of all teams.

Their opening match against Fnatic wasn’t all that brilliant. Sure, Brehze was playing like the beast he is, but it was an overall poor performance by the Swedish side more than anything else. The second-round match against G2 (yep, G2) is probably the one we should be looking at the most. In fact, this match perfectly depicts just how close these two teams are. Second and third maps went into overtime, both narrowly won by the NA team. However, I reckon that feat will be much more difficult with thousands of G2 fans screaming from the stands.

In all honesty, G2 was a lot tougher nut to crack than Astralis. The Great Danes just didn’t show up for the occasion, even though they played well against Cloud9 and Heroic. In the end, NRG emerged victorious thanks to great individual performances by CeRq and Brehze.

As for G2, I’d like to focus on their match against FaZe. Because, quite frankly, that was the pinnacle of their performance. An easy 2-0 victory on Train and Dust II are going to make waves coming into this semifinals battle. NiKo and GuardiaN couldn’t do anything against KennyS. The 24-year old French AWPer had 1.56 HLTV rating on Dust II. His sick AWP flick shots were going through FaZe Clan’s defensive lines as if they were nothing. 1.56 HLTV rating, that’s something we don’t get to see very often…

Who to Bet On?

Unfortunately, bookies realize this match is going to be intense. At the moment, NRG to win is at cca -125 while G2 is swinging from -110 to -115. And, as far as my ESL Pro League semifinals betting predictions are concerned, I won’t be overcomplicating things this time around. A simple match-winner on G2 ought to do a trick for one of my weekend singles.

Revenge is the key word here! Revenge in front of their own supporters. Revenge in their own country. That will be driving G2 to victory against NRG. The same NRG that defeated them with two overtime maps just two days ago…

G2 to win at -112

ESL Pro League Semifinals Betting Predictions | Mousesports vs Team Liquid

Mousesports has been on fire during the group stage. Who would’ve thought they’d be the team to qualify for the semifinals straight out of Group B. With the likes of FaZe Clan, Team Liquid, and MIBR, I really didn’t expect chrisJ and woxic to position themselves as the best team. Yet here they are, one step away from the grand finals.

Mousesports’ victory against Faze CLan came as a slight surprise. Or did it? aZe Clan had to go through TYLOO and North, arguably weaker teams than MIBR and HellRaisers. Well, former more so than the latter. And, in their head to head match, Mousesports players seemed to pull off all the right moves. That and sick performance by ChrisJ (63 kills across two maps) saw Mousesports through to the semifinals.

Now let’s talk about the match you’ve all been waiting for. Astralis vs Team Liquid. The quarterfinals’ grand finals. The perfectly poised match that wasn’t lacking great moves, slick clutches and thrilling teamplay on both ends. As you know, Team Liquid emerged victoriously and will now get a chance to fight for the trophy.

If it wasn’t for EliGE’s massive contribution across all three maps, this match would go in favor of the Great Danes. Team Liquid’s teamwork was at a remarkable level, but EliGE’s individual performance has to be pointed out. With 78 kills across all three maps, the 21-year old American prodigy is cementing his name as one of the best fraggers in the game.

Astralis players, on the other hand, looked somewhat lethargic. Their will to win the match just wasn’t there. Their will to win the second IGS S2 trophy and push themselves on level terms with Astralis was lacking. That said, Astralis is set to stay at one IGS S2 win. Team Liquid, on the other hand, needs just two more wins to get their third check mark. Just one more and they’ll be crowned as the IGS S2 champions, a feat which would put the nail in the coffin of Astralis’ domination during the last year or so.

Who to Bet On?

Mousesports could definitely take this one. They got a lot of firepower. All of their top fraggers are enjoying themselves out there, ready for the most important match as a part of this refreshed Mousesports roster. As a matter of fact, this is exactly the sort of tournaments this roster was built for. But can they beat Team Liquid for a chance to take the trophy?

Overall, Team Liquid hasn’t really looked like the best team at the tournament. Apart from the fact they ended up beating Astralis in the quarterfinals. In all honesty, Mousesports’ performances actually left much better impressions on me. But, then again, this is Team Liquid we’re talking about here. The team that just managed to beat Astralis. And that alone is a remarkable feat.

Mousesports has everything to play for here. They will want to capitalize on their prolific performances in the group stage. Realistically, chrisJ, ropz and woxic could be the deciders here. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to belittle Team Liquid here. I’m just trying to point out Mousesports virtues.

And, from my perspective, in-form chrisJ, ropz and Woxic have great chances here. Remember, we’re talking about a team that, prior to winning DH Open Tours last month, hadn’t won a single trophy since September last year. And that was a completely different roster.

All in all, Mousesports vs Team Liquid will be a proper battle of NA and EU CS:GO. It will have its magical moments, a fair share of flair, and ought to turn into a slugfest for the joy of all French fans watching from the stands. In the end, I’ll actually go against the popular belief and point out Mousesports as the likely winners. I just like what I’m seeing from chrisJ and the boys this tournament and I’ll be really disappointed if they fail to deliver against Liquid.

Mousesports to Win at +175

Which Team Will Lift the Trophy?

Even though they’ve displayed brilliant performance at this event, I just can’t see NRG lifting the trophy here. Not against these sorts of opponents. In fact, as I said in the ESL Pro League semifinals betting predictions earlier, I reckon G2 will make a quick job out of them.

Talking about G2, with in-form KennyS that’s showing more and more glimpses of his AWPing brilliance with each passing match, I can’t count them out that easily. Especially considering the boost they’re getting from passionate French CS:GO fans.

If G2 wins this tournament, it will be a true announcement of the comeback of French CS:GO. With Vitality racking in great performances in recent months, ad with G2 doing much of the same, France finally seems to be back at their usual spot. Right there with the best of them.

Moving onto the second semifinals contestants, Mousesports requires a bit of attention. Even though they’re going to be slight underdogs coming into their semifinals match, chrisJ, ropz and woxic have already established themselves as one of the hottest trios at this event. Their fragging potential is insane, and I can’t wait to see them square up against Team Liquid

While we’re at Team Liquid, their impressive run in 2019 was an absolute banger. Not only have they already won the iBUYPOWER Masters IV but IEM XIV Sydney and DH Masters Dallas as well. Knowing their current form and brilliant all-around performances, I have to say Team Liquid looks like the toughest contestant here. That is if they succeed in overcoming Mousesports in the semifinals. As I said above, I don’t consider TL heavy favorites in that one…

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