ESL Pro League Season 11 Group C Betting Guide, Tips & Predictions

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I’m sure you’ve all heard about the news regarding ESL Pro League’s switch to online play. Even though the Coronavirus pandemic is shutting down sporting events left and right, it didn’t do much to the CS:GO esports scene except postpone a few LAN events. The charm of esports – they can be played online, be it with a bit of a stronger upset potential due to lag.

That’s exactly what ESL decided to switch to last week. A fair share of matches has already been played, with several surprises right off the bat. Esports betting enthusiasts are loving the event thus far, seeing as high-value bets were the epitome of the first round of matches.

Tomorrow, we’re expecting more thrilling Bo3 contests and our ESL Pro League S11 group C predictions are here to guide your investments!

Where to Place Bets | Best ESL Pro League S11 Betting Sites

ESL Pro League S11 group C predictionsBut, before we dig deeper into the ESL Pro League S11 group C predictions, let’s say a thing or two about the safest betting platforms for betting on CS:GO!

There’s a wide variety of esports betting sites to choose from these days, which wasn’t the case only a few years ago. Back in the early days of esports betting, such wagers were only available on a handful of sites that based their online betting operations solely on esports such as Dota 2, LoL, and CS:GO.

Well-known players in the online sports betting industry soon realized the potential of esports betting and opened their doors. At first, these betting platforms featured dedicated esports categories with only a handful of wagers available, typically during the biggest events.

These days, the biggest online betting platforms feature standalone hubs for esports wagers, offer various specials, generous esports-only bonuses and cater towards esports betting enthusiasts in several other ways, only to further cement their position on the lucrative esports betting market.

However, the lucrativeness of the esports betting industry brought in unwanted attention. By that, we’re primarily referring to fishy platforms that offer unlicensed online betting on esports matches. They are the reason why the online betting community still looks down upon esports betting as a legit form of online betting entertainment.

These platforms might look the part, feature awesome odds, and have a solid variety of betting options available, but if they don’t emphasize their betting licenses and either don’t have https or advanced SSL encryption, you are better off staying away from them.

In other words, only go with the biggest, most popular online betting sites that offer both sports and esports bets. If you’re too lazy to look for them yourself, our CS:GO betting sites guide ought to be of service!

ESL Pro League S11 Group C Predictions

This is it, fellas! We’ve come to our ESL Pro League S11 predictions, and we won’t beat around the bushes for much longer. Let’s dive right on in!

For starters, we have to emphasize the complexity of group C. To do that; we need to take a closer look at the competing teams:

ESL Pro League S11 EU Group C

If you’re even remotely following CS:GO’s pro scene, you’ll notice right off the bat that this is a tightly contested group. FaZe Clan, G2, Mousesports, and OG belong to the top of the food chain. Yes, even OG, a brand-new lineup, deserves to be branded as a tough competitor solely because of its roster quality.

The first two matchdays don’t seem that interesting, but they’re in for quite the twist on March 28th when FaZe goes up against Mousesports. It’s an outright war after that, packing one great matchup after another. Esports betting enthusiasts ought to be fuming with happiness right about now.

Mouz vs. FaZe Betting Predictions

Mousesports vs. FaZe Clan is going to be the first giant clash of group C, scheduled for Saturday, March 28th. Just like all other ESL Pro League S11 group C predictions explained below, this one will also be slightly influenced by both teams’ performances in earlier matches. In terms of this particular matchup, we’ll assume FaZe Clan defeats TYLOO in the first round and are going up against Mousesports with a win in their sails.

Looking back at the most recent head to head matches, Mousesports is in much better form with six wins, two overtimes, and one defeat. However, the majority of maps these two teams play on are neck and neck, with no real wipeouts to be found. This suggests the good old total rounds over special, but let’s not rush to any conclusions here.

Mousesports is in excellent form, but so is FaZe Clan. Mouz won ICE Challenge 2020 in February and finished 2019 with style (CS:GO Asia Championships and ESL PL  S10 titles). FaZe, on the other hand, won BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen in November and clinched BLAST Premier Spring 2020 Finals with ease.

Looking at their map pools, there aren’t many factors separating them. As usual, these two teams are neck and neck, and I honestly am too afraid to try and tell the winner here. Instead, what I’d like to opt for here is the good old total maps special. You know I’m a big lover of totals, and over 2.5 maps for this particular matchup seems like a great deal!

ESL Pro League S11 group C Predictions

Total maps over 2.5 at -105

G2 vs. FaZE Betting Predictions

Here we have G2 going up against FaZe Clan. Yep – it’s FaZe Clan again! This match will be heavily influenced by FaZe Clan’s performance against Mouz a day earlier. If FaZe manages to win that one, we can expect them to come into this one fuming with confidence. If, however, Mouz snatches another win, we can expect FaZe to approach G2 with a bit more respect, seeing as a win against the French side would be a heavy imperative for Niko and the boys.

Either way, though, I think FaZe has this one all figured out! NiKo and the rest of FaZe Clan’s roster know a great deal about Nexa and HuNter, as well as the remainder of Mouz’s lineup, and vice versa. There will be no major surprises this time around, except for Broky, who could have his turn to shine in FaZe Clan’s jersey.

At the moment, FaZe Clan to win this one sits at +110. Even though it’s not exactly the greatest value for singles, it’ll work well in a two-way or three-way accumulator. Perhaps combine this one with total maps over on Mousesports vs. FaZe. That ought to pump up your return while still remaining a less risky bet.

ESL Pro League S11 group C Predictions

FaZe Clan to win at +110

G2 vs. OG betting predictions

On March 31st, G2 will go up against OG in a match that could be the deciding third-place contest. Assuming both teams defeat TYLOO and later on, that is! If they do, this ought to be a fiery contest that potentially decides a top 10 HLTV placement. On one end, we have a French team that’s gone the way of English in-game comms, and on the other end, we have a proper European team combined with talents from all across Europe and Asia.

On paper, this is yet another neck and neck matchup. Yes, G2 does have a richer history with the current French roster enriched with raw Balkan talent, but OG’s lineup is not to be taken for granted either. There’s plenty of experience to talk about here, from NBK to Aleksib, both of which have played at some of the biggest CS:GO spectacles.

Maps-wise, it’ll be interesting to see these teams square off on Dust 2, seeing as it’s their favorite map. As far as the other two maps go, OG doesn’t really have a proper pick which they’re certain to beat G2 on. That’s basically the reason why I’m going with a clean 2-0 win for G2 in this one. Regular match-winner on G2 just won’t cut it. The odds are way too low for my taste, even for an accumulator. However, 2-0 correct score brings that much-needed value, transforming this one into a great accumulator booster.

ESL Pro League S11 group C Predictions

Correct score 2:0 for G2 at -135

FaZe vs. OG betting predictions

The last of our ESL Pro League S11 group C predictions are touching the final match of group C, featuring FaZe Clan and OG. Depending on how these two teams play prior to this match, we could see a direct battle for one of the three places leading to the next phase (or the decider match). Even though you might think the odds of that happening are low, just remember two things! First – this is an online event and every match is somewhat of a wildcard. Second – group C is packed with excellent teams and really anything can happen up to this point. OG and FaZe Clan could very easily be fighting to remain in the competition…

If that’s really the case, I reckon FaZe Clan’s experience will help them overcome OG. If, however, FaZe is already at the top of the group with no theoretical threats, then it’s a completely different ballgame. However, even though FaZe is in decent form, there’s no way they’ll win every match up to this one. In other words, this match will have significance in terms of group C standings, meaning both teams will have to present their A-game.

Individually, FaZe Clan is a much stronger team, packing impressive fragging talent in NiKo and Coldzera. Broky and rain have been pretty good too, with olofmeister being the only member who hasn’t been playing up to his potential. Is it time for olof to retire?

I’m not necessarily saying FaZe has better players on all positions, but generally speaking, their roster is superior both individually and experience-wise. That, combined with a healthier map pool and more competitive action, ought to pull the odds in Faze Clan’s favor.

ESL Pro League S11 group C Predictions

FaZe Clan to win at -125

Teams to Advance Picks

Several esports betting sites offer an interesting special – teams to advance! It’s basically betting on the teams that’ll either win one of the three groups or snatch their stage 2 tickets through decider matches. Here are our bold teams to advance ESL Pro League Season 11 EU betting predictions:

Group A

  • Astralis
  • NiP
  • Vitality

Obviously, Astralis is going to take the top spot here, despite suffering an early upset against NiP. The tenacious Swedes seem to be in fine form lately, which is why I’d place them second or third. Vitality should be in the chosen group too. When ZywOo is on the server, you can never count Team Vitality out!

Group B

  • North
  • NaVi
  • Fnatic

Next up, North seems to be taking control of group B. They had a spectacular win against NaVi in which they looked absolutely phenomenal from the very first to the very last round. They should be followed by Fnatic and NaVi, although I have to say I’m a bit disappointed in the best CIS team. Their first-round performance was terrible, but I have faith they’ll redeem themselves and qualify, at least for the decider match.

Group C

  • FaZe
  • Mouz
  • OG

As said numerous times already, group C is going to be the most tightly contested of all three groups. With in-form teams such as FaZe, Mousesports, and G2, and a few up-and-coming beasts like OG and, this group ought to be a thriller. In the end, I believe form and sheer individual qualities will prevail, which is why I’ve opted for FaZe at the top spot, and Mousesports and OG right below.

Wrapping Things Up

That’s about it as far as our ESL Pro League S11 group C predictions go! Hopefully, we’ll have plenty of luck and finally cash in on an online event. If you’re not a big fan of the ESL Pro League or you just love betting on lower-tier teams, you can always check out our Flashpoint Season 1 betting guide. It’s basically similar to this piece, focusing on FACEIT’s new joint venture with B Site Inc. It’s an interesting league, no doubt about that, and it will definitely pack a few thrillers during the next few weeks, so make sure you check it out!

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