ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals Best Betting Sites, Team Overviews, and Match Winner Predictions

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There are just a few more days separating us from the biggest CS:GO event in June. The biggest CS:GO event prior to the upcoming StarLadder Berlin Major in August. With all 16 ESL Pro League teams ready for action, the eyes of the CS:GO esports community are focused entirely on Tuesday when the first group matches are set to kick off. In this article, I’ll guide you through the ESL Pro League Finals betting predictions and try to help you make a profit out of this tournament.

There are plenty of good matches to look forward to. Some of them ought to have wicked specials. Knowing the best esports betting sites out there, the coverage will be executed to proper depths. Additionally, there could also be a sudden surge of esports bonuses. Since we’re talking about a high-profile CS:GO event, incentivizing new bettors with generous bonuses is an age-old trick.

That said, I really can’t wait for ESL Pro League S9 Finals to finally start so we can all test our CS:GO betting knowledge!

As for this article, there’s a ton of stuff beyond this introductory section. Of course, ESL Pro League Finals betting predictions are the focal point, but we’ll first go over the best bookies and check out some of the facts regarding the event.

Where to Place Bets | Best Betting Sites for ESL Pro League S9 Finals

If you’re like me, finding the best CS:GO betting sites is at the top of your priorities before each top-flight event. While some argue having all of your betting endeavors on a single website works best, I’d beg to differ.

Having accounts on numerous esports betting sites gives you a fair bit of advantage. First off, you can compare their odds and explore your potential winnings. This is extremely useful with accumulators where every single bet counts, riskier singles too. Second, you can also yield greater profit through several welcome bonuses. These will provide a hefty boost to your bankroll and allow you to make a stance once the main stages of the tournament kick off.

Lastly, if you’re worried you’ll overcomplicate things with several account names and password combinations, there are tools that can help you out. They’re called password managers and are rather simple to set up. Plus, they can also generate impenetrable passwords and keep your entire vault safe and secure with a master password and two-factor authentication systems. LastPass is what I’m using, and I have to admit the free version is working like a charm.

ESL Pro League S9 Finals Preview |Interesting Facts

  • ESL Pro League is a biannual event that’s typically held in summer and winter. This year’s summer event starts on Tuesday, June 18, and ends on Sunday, June 23. There are 16 teams competing for the $250,000 grand prize. The total prize pool amounts to a whopping $600,000.
  • This event is held at numerous mesmerizing venues all across the world. The last two Finals (Seasons 7 and 8) were held in Odense and Dallas. This time around, the series makes a stop in France.
  • The host city is Montpellier and there will be two venues. The Group Stage will be played at The Exhibition Centre. Playoffs, on the other hand, are scheduled for the Sud de France Arena, capable of fitting more than 10,000 electric CS:GO
  • The eighth ESL Pro League season ended in a spectacle with Astralis lifting two trophies. One for winning the ESL PL S8 Finals and one for winning the Intel Grand Slam S1. Overall, their win against Team Liquid was the most lucrative win in the history of CS:GO.

Tournament Format

The last two seasons brought forth the ideal format that’s set to be used on all Season Finals. The qualifications are prone to changes, as well as the regional quotas. But, as far as the main tournament is concerned, that’s where things have stayed the same for more than a year.

ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals kick off with the group stage. There will be two groups with eight teams in each. We’re talking about double-elimination groups here with only the top three teams from each group advancing to the playoffs. As for the fixtures, all initial matches are Bo1 and all following ones are Bo3.

The group winners advance straight to the semifinals while second and third place teams will have to battle it out against each other from the quarters. Second place Group A plays third-place Group B and vice versa. Both quarterfinals and semifinals are Bo3. The grand finals, on the other hand, are Bo5.

ESL Pro League Finals Betting Predictions

Now, let’s talk about the most important thing in this article. The actual ESL Pro League Finals betting predictions, of course.

Right off the bat, there will be eight matches, four in each group. These are the so-called initial round matches, all of which are scheduled for Bo1 encounters. Time-wise, this option is great since we’ll get to see all eight matches on the first day of the tournament. However, Bo1 matches are much tougher to predict as they sport a solid upset potential.

Despite that, let’s check out half of the initial matchups played on Tuesday and see what we can do about them!

Fnatic vs NRG Esports

The first in line of my ESL Pro League Finals betting predictions in this article is Fnatic vs NRG Esports. Both of these teams are considered tough contestants to advance to the playoffs. However, NRG is in a slightly better form and is, generally, considered a bit more consistent than Fnatic.

Due to that, NRG is somewhat of a favorite coming into this match. Bookies have them at around -155 which bear solid value. Especially when you consider what a form Brehze is in. Ethan and CeRq aren’t too far off either. They’ve played a lot of matches this month and will surely be ready to make a stance against Fnatic.

The Swedish side, on the other hand, has had a relatively rough patch over the course of the last month or so. At the moment, the 16-year old Swedish prodigy, Brollan, is the strongest point in their team. His performances are improving with each passing game and his significance is already up there with the best of them. However, not even Brollan’s prowess will be enough to surpass Brehze and the boys from NRG. Even though we’re talking about a Bo1 matchup that could theoretically go either way, my money will be on NRG!

NRG to win at -155

Astralis vs Cloud9

The second matchup we’re going to talk about here is Astralis vs Cloud9. As you all probably know, Cloud9 made a big flop in the StarLadder Quals, and they were out of the picture before the tournament even began. Needless to say, this is a new low point for the struggling NA side and, quite frankly, I reckon their flop will continue to their Montpellier campaign as well.

As for Astralis, despite their recent drop in performance, they’re still the heavy favorites against Cloud9. In fact, the last time Cloud9 managed to beat Astralis was in January of last year. And that was a completely different roster than the one we’ll be watching in a few days.

All things considered, the struggling Cloud9 won’t be able to budget in their initial group stage match against Astralis. Unfortunately, the bookies are well-aware of this. Astralis to win sits at -834 and, let’s face it, that’s not the kind of bets you want to place. The odds just aren’t worth it. However, handicap options seem much better. -7.5 handicap on Astralis at -118 seems like a no-brainer. Even more so if we rewind to their 16-0 matchup during the Katowice Major.

Astralis -7.5 Handicap at -118

FaZe Clan vs TYLOO

Moving on with our ESL Pro League Finals betting predictions, we have FaZe Clan vs TYLOO. An interesting matchup which we haven’t seen since last year’s FACEIT Major in London. These teams played only four head-to-head matches and TYLO is yet to win one.

That said, coming into this match, FaZe players will be fuming with confidence. Even though they’re not exactly in the greatest form, their individual qualities and map pool depth should be enough to tackle TYLOO. Somebody, BnTeT, and Summer are in a pretty good form. However, they’ll be contested by NiKo, Olof, and rain, all of which are also firing on all cylinders.

Either way, this is going to be a neck and neck matchup all the way through. That’s why I don’t really recommend going with FaZe at -455. Instead, I’d go with total rounds over 26.5 at +110. It’s much better value in my books. As you all know, I’m a true sucker for total rounds over/under bets in CS:GO.

Total Rounds Over 26.5 at +110

Mousesports vs MIBR

Lastly, let’s talk about the second highly anticipated Group B matchup. No, I’m not talking about North vs Team Liquid since that should be a pretty straightforward one. Instead, I’m talking about Mousesports vs MIBR. A battle of the dark horses, come to think of it.

Both of these teams are always near the top of their respective region. However, they just can’t seem to make that final push that would finally get them some proper silverware. Truth be told, Mousesports’ new roster is now finally synced up, so I’m expecting a solid performance from them in Montpellier.

MIBR, on the other hand, failed to impress me during the last month or so. Their surprising ECS S7 Finals group stage elimination was the pinnacle of their flop. However, I can’t say for sure that they’ll come back to their winning ways in Montpellier. In fact, I reckon they’ll end up losing against the in-form woxic and ropz. If that’s too risky for you (currently at -134), you can always go with something like total rounds over 26.5 which sits at the exact same odds.

Mousesports to win at -134

Outright Betting on ESL Pro League S9 Finals

Even though Team Liquid took the HLTV top spot over Astralis, the Danish side is still the main favorite to take this tournament home. According to various CS:GO betting sites, that is.

The odds on The Great Danes to take this one home range from +105 to +120. Their biggest threats, according to bookies, are Team Liquid and FaZe Clan. Why FaZe Clan isn’t exactly in an event-winning form, the same can’t be said for the boys in blue.

At +200, Team Liquid looks to be the ideal candidate to bet on. They’re currently the world’s best team (according to HLTV) and have won two tournaments in the last month or so. Two relatively notable tournaments, mind you.

ESL Pro League S9 Finals | Potential Dark Horses

I know many of you will argue MIBR isn’t really a dark horse, but I’d beg to differ. After all, we’re talking about a team that’s yet to win a top-tier tournament. Furthermore, we’re talking about a team that’s currently listed at +1400 (outright winner) which is well into the dark horse category.

I know it’s a long shot, but I fear we might see this MIBR roster undergo massive changes if they fail to deliver a proper show in France. It’s going to be tough, that’s for sure. However, the player quality and talent are definitely not lacking in this MIBR roster.

Once again, MIBR to win outright is somewhat of a long shot. But still, at +1400 it’s definitely worth it!

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