Esports Betting in October 2021 – The Best Month for Esports Wagering

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Is this real life or is this just a fantasy? No, I’m not a big fan of Queen… I am, however, a big fan of esports betting and this month is making me question reality. Yep, esports betting in October 2021 is bound to deliver a month packed with nothing but the crème de la crème of esports betting opportunities.

I’m sure you know by now that Dota 2, League of Legends and CSGO are by far the biggest esports titles in the world. How come? Well, among other things – their biggest events belong to the most popular and lucrative video game competitions in the world. LoL Worlds, Dota 2 The Internationals, and CSGO Majors are second to none when it comes to esports betting coverage and raw exposure/popularity.

But, some of you might not know that all three of these events are scheduled for October! Yep, esports betting in October is bound to break records left and right, especially since this will be the first Valve’s organizational test on this scale ever since the viral breakout.

Esports Betting Opportunities for October 2021

Let’s jump straight into the three biggest and most popular esports events you can bet on!

League of Legends World Championship

October 5th marks the start date of this year’s League of Legends World Championship. The biggest event in League’s competitive calendar will feature 22 teams who will fight for a total of $2,225,000 in prize money. It might not be the most lucrative LoL event ever, but the prestige is still there!

As far as popularity and sheer demand for esports betting in October are concerned, LoL Worlds might just be the biggest event out of the bunch. The competition is remarkable, though, meaning this will be a dead race between the three biggest (by far) events in all of esports!

League of Legends betting sites already offer lots of futures as well as the first-round play-in stage matches. You can bet on outright winner, group stage winner, tournament MVP, region of the winner, and more. The variety is through the roof, but it was expected considering the sheer size and importance of LoL Worlds 2021.

If you’re a fan of League of Legends esports and you’d like to test this whole esports betting thing, LoL Worlds 2021 is definitely the best event for doing so. Take it for a spin with $10 to $20 – it’s the perfect amount to test the waters and see if esports betting is a good fit for you.

The International 10

Just three days separate us from the biggest esports tournament ever. I’m not even exaggerating here – The International 1’ is the tenth annual edition of Dota 2 The International and it’s bringing forth whopping $40 million in prize money. Yep, you’ve read that correctly – $40 million!

The show will take place at the Arena Nationala in Bucharest Romania. It was initially planned to be scheduled in Sweden, but had to be moved to Romania because of more lenient travel restrictions and hosting requirements.

Eighteen teams are set to participate and fight for $18.2 million grand prize. That’s the biggest grand prize in the history of esports, which just goes to show you what a crazy event this will be.

Nothing surprising, though, considering last year’s TI had to be postponed then outright canceled due to the pandemic. Now, two years after the last TI, these teams and players cant wait to start competing for the Aegis. This is going to be the best The International event ever, that we can already tell!

PGL Major Stockholm

Last but not least, the PGL Major in Stockholm! Despite lots of rumors circulating about whether or not this year’s Major will actually take place in Stockholm or Romania, Valve decide to stick with Sweden despite moving The International to Romania.

This prestigious CSGO festival kicks off on October 26th and will feature 24 teams from all across the globe. The mesmerizing Avicii Arena is the venue of choice.

Why mesmerizing? Well, because it’ll definitely be mesmerizing since fans will be able to see the action live!

As for esports betting in October, PGL Major Stockholm will occupy the final week of this month, but will extend to the first week of November too. As mentioned above, the event starts on October 26th – it ends on November 7th with the grand finals… though we still don’t know if they’re going to be set up as best-of-five or best-of-three.

All things considered, the fans can’t wait for the PGL Major Stockholm action to start. Remember, both CSGO and Dota 2 fans haven’t had their big annual events since 2019, which means TI10 and PGL Major can’t come soon enough for them.

Other Esports Events You Can Bet On

In addition to the three biggest esports events this year, there’s also a handful of other smaller events, some of which are bound to be properly covered by esports bookmakers. We’re mainly talking about the Valorant Champions Tour and Rocket League Championship Series. The latter’s Fall Regional Event 1 starts on October 15th, while the VCT is scheduled for Last Chance Qualifiers from October 10th to October 17th.

If you’re not a big fan of Dota 2, CSGO, or League of Legends, then these smaller events ought to be right up your alley. They might not be as lucrative and popular as the big three, but they’ll definitely have interesting bets for you to explore!

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