Esports Betting in September 2021 – Which Events to Bet On?

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We might be a bit late to the show here! Full seven days of September have already passed, and they’ve been packed with esports betting action! But, there’s more to esports betting in September than the first week. A lot of action is yet to unfold so you don’t need to worry about not having esports to bet on this month!

Esports Betting in September 2021 – Biggest Events

Here are the six biggest esports events this September that are bound to get proper betting coverage:

ESL Pro League Season 14

ESL Pro League Season 14 has been running rampant for over three weeks already. We’re now at the business end of the competition with just the playoffs remaining. The round of twelve was awesome, but the four quarterfinals promise even more exceptional matchups.

There’s $750,000 on the line, $175,000 of which goes straight to the winner. If the winner has won all five group stage matches, their total prize pool will rise to astonishing $200,000. OG and Heroic fir that description, having won all five of their GS matches… but they have fierce opposition in the quarterfinals that could endanger their EPL S14 run. Here’s a quick look at the remaining teams and the quarterfinals clashes:

  • NaVi vs. ENCE
  • Heroic vs. Liquid
  • OG vs. NiP
  • Gambit vs. Vitality

Valorant Stage 3 Masters Berlin

Valorant Stage 2 Masters in Iceland was an absolute spectacle! This time around, Riot Games is moving the action back to the very heart of Europe. Berlin is the city of choice; Verti Music Hall is the venue, and the stakes couldn’t be any higher than this!

Fifteen teams are left in the competition following Bren Esports’ visa issues. That will put an extra bit of complexity to the group stage, with group D getting a completely different system than groups A, B, and C. But, we have to point this out – since a replacement wasn’t possible, this was the next best thing Riot Games could’ve done here.

Just a day prior to the start, we still don’t know much about the prize pool. We do know lots of circuit points are up for grabs and, of course, the winner gets a direct spot on the upcoming Valorant Champions finale.

All things considered, esports betting in September ought to have a high demand for Valorant betting options!

DreamHack Open 46

DreamHack Open CSGO series is coming back with three regional events. They all start late this month, September 22nd, to be more precise, and will run through September 26th. The regions in play are Oceania, North America, and South America. There’s a total of $130,000 in prize money. $70,000 goes to NA, while SA and Oceania get $30,000 each. It’s only fair given the fact NA has eight teams, the same as the other two combined.

What about betting options? Well, unfortunately, bookies aren’t offering outrights yet. That could change in the foreseeable future, though, so make sure you frequently check what your favorite CSGO bookies offer in terms of CSGO futures.

2021 Overwatch Contenders EU Season 3

Even though Season 2 action is still going strong in some regions, EU and NA are coming back with Overwatch Contenders Season 3! The action started just two days ago and is set to last through October 8th.

What does this mean for the average esports betting enthusiast?

It’s quite simple actually – lots of Overwatch betting opportunities throughout the next month or so. Could things get any better for Blizzard fans with this and the new Diablo II release? I don’t think so…

2021 OGA Dota Pit Invitational

The 2021 OGA Dota Pit Invitational is a $275,000 event that started this Monday. It ends this Friday with the grand finale in which PSG.LGD are expecting the better of Tundra vs. Team Spirit. Those are the only two remaining matches you can bet on. If you’re yearning for some good old Dota 2 betting action, this is the best you’ll get prior to the TI almighty.

2021 LoL Proving Grounds Summer

The last event worthy of our esports betting in September blog – 2021 LoL Proving Grounds Summer. The event started last Thursday but is going strong till 19th September. There’s $100,000 in prize money for these LCS youngsters.

This basically replaces the NA Academy Playoffs and will feature some of the region’s brightest future stars. You can find plenty of bets for 2021 LoL Proving Grounds Summer, so make sure you do some research and bet away!

Don’t think these are the only esports events this September. There are plenty more where these came from. However, you can’t really expect esports bookmakers to go out of their way for $5,000 tier-C CSGO events, can you?

Besides, nothing beats betting on the most competitive levels of esports, right?

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