Esports Championship Series Season 7 Finals: Betting Preview, Picks, and Where to Bet on ECS

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June 2019 is going to be packed with thrilling CS:GO action. At the very start of the month, we have a proper sensation. The Finals of Esports Championship Series. Just eight participating teams from two strongest CS:GO regions, Europe and North America. The all-new qualification system has brought in several surprises (team-wise) but there’s no doubt the event itself will be a proper spectacle. Since this is a pretty significant event in CS:GO competitive calendar, the betting coverage won’t be lacking. You can expect a wide variety of standard betting options combined with specials and in-play bets. That’s why we’ll kick things off by talking about ECS S7 Finals betting sites. Afterward, I’ll also give you my thoughts on the first-round matchups, playoffs and outright winner ECS S7 betting tips.

In short, there’s a whole lot of stuff to go through since, once again, ECS events are a pretty big deal. There’s a heap of money and sponsors involved, so it’s only logical to see its betting presence flourishing as well.

That said, let’s take care of the most important thing – where to find proper ECS S7 Finals betting sites?

Where to Find Proper Bookies | Best ECS S7 Finals Betting Sites

Where to bet on CS:GO events is going to be the first topic for this article. Since there are numerous options and since there are lots of newcomers to the CS:GO betting community, I reckon answering this question will be a great way to kickstart this article.

So, for starters, you want your CS:GO bookie of choice to excel at every possible department. Customer support, payment method variety, exceptional odds, and great bonuses. These are the main factors you should be focusing on.

If you’re not on good terms with time, you can always check out our Best CS:GO Betting Sites page. It features a short list of top-tier ECS S7 Finals betting sites and goes into more depth as far as the above-mentioned factors are concerned. Once you’re settled with a bookie, explore their bonus offers and try to get as much value as you can with your initial deposit!

ECS Season 7 Finals Preview |Interesting Facts

  • Even though the popularity of CS:GO keeps growing, this iteration of Esports Championship Series will feature a slightly lower prize pool. Ever since Season 2, ECS events featured $660,000 in prize pool money. The inaugural season featured even more. $765,000 to be more precise. This year, however, the official prize pool sits at “only” $500,000.
  • ECS Season 7 Finals kicks off on Thursday, 6th June and ends on Sunday, 9th That’s an extra day of competition in contrast to the previous iterations. The tournament format, on the other hand, has remained exactly the same. More on that down below.
  • There’s a solid mixture of broadcast talent announced for the show in London. Freya and Smix will be the main hosts. SPUNJ, VENdetta, Maniac, and Pimp will be our analysts. And finally, there’ll be four commentators including ddk and HenryG. Unfortunately, it seems as though everyone’s favorite interviewer, Frankie Ward, won’t be bringing us the heat of the action with her post-match conversations.

Tournament Format

Esports Champions Series Finals bring forth an eight-team tournament that spans for just four days. During these four days, it sports thirteen matches, nine of which are Bo3 contests.

As for the specifics, ECS S7 Finals sports two phases. The first phase, group stage, features two double-elimination 4-team groups. Only the top two teams from each group advance to the playoffs. Four initial matches are Bo1 while all subsequent matches are Bo3. Including the playoffs.

With four teams remaining in the competition, the second phase (playoffs) starts with two semifinals matches. They are scheduled for Saturday with the grand finals nurturing a prime-time spot on Sunday. All in all, we can rest assured ECS Season 7 Finals will provide us with that sweet CS:GO action we’re desperately craving for.

ECS S7 Finals Betting Tips | First-Round Matchups

As explained above, there are four initial Bo1 matches, two in each group. If you’ve already found the best ECS S7 Finals betting sites, I guess we have nothing left to do but to dive straight into the first-round matchups. In fact, after listing all four of them, I’ll guide you through the most interesting one in each group. Betting predictions, value hunt, and all that good stuff!

ECS Season 7 Group Logos

NiP vs NRG ECS S7 Finals Betting Sites & Tips

Ninjas in Pyjamas have to make a statement in London. After failing to qualify for the ESL Pro League Finals and experiencing severe issues in Dallas, the Swedes have to pull themselves back together. Their fans deserve it, that’s for sure! F0rest and REZ are doing their part but Lekr0 and GeT-RighT have been slacking for quite some time. If they can pull their stats up and contribute to the team a bit more, I’m sure NiP can get past NRG here.

Yes, I know NRG is the favorite team, but I have to give a slight advantage to NiP. Daps and Tarik have been in a terrible run of form during the last month and that’s something NiP can punish. Very effectively, to be precise. Once again, it’s going to be a tough contest but I expect f0rest and lekr0 to do the dirty work.

NiP to Win at +110

MIBR vs North ECS S7 Finals Betting Sites & Tips

As far as this match is concerned, I can’t see North being too big of a nuisance for MIBR. I expect the Brazilian side to come in guns blazing after a wonderful victory over Team Liquid to snatch their ECS S7 Finals spot.

North, on the other hand, has six wins and four defeats in the last ten matches. It would’ve been a great track record if their opponents were a bit better. Sure, one of their wins was against NaVi, but the rest of them weren’t that impressive. And don’t even get me started on their loss against Heroic… All in all, I can’t see Kjaerbye and aizy closing this one out. FalleN and the boys are likely to stroll through to the Winners’ Round.

MIBR to Win at -200

ECS S7 Finals to Reach the Playoffs

Only the best ECS S7 Finals betting sites feature this type of bet. To Reach the Playoffs is a highly interesting and often overlooked special that can spice your ticket up in no time. With great value and good bet span, an experienced CS:GO betting enthusiasts will often seek for bets such as this one.

In terms of ECS S7 Finals, only four teams will reach the playoffs. And, in my honest opinion, here’s the bunch I’d bet my money on:


Obviously, Astralis is the number one pick here. Yes, the odds on them to reach the playoffs are ridiculously low. However, you can experiment with Group Winner options which could yield to slightly better odds. Still low, but slightly better than to reach the finals. At least when it comes to GOAT CS:GO team, Astralis.


It’s safe to say FURIA is, despite their DH Masters Dallas performance, still a heavy underdog in this group. Astralis, NRG, and NiP are all ranking much better in the competitive scene of CS:GO. However, if yuurih and KSCERATO pop in with a proper show, like the one in Dallas last week, we could be in for quite a spectacle.


MIBR is back on track, or so it seems. After qualifying for the ECS S7 Finals with proper style (beating Liquid in the last series’ finals), FalleN and the boys will want to make an impact in London. Last year, Wembley was the home of a solid Major campaign for the Brazilian side. Knowing their thirst for trophies, I reckon they’ll want to improve on their semifinals finish.


Team Vitality is going to be a tough team to face in London. With their recent CS_summit 4 success and solid DH Masters Dallas performance, their form can’t be taken for granted. They’ve managed to defeat the likes of ENCE, Liquid, and NRG. I’m sure those wins speak a lot on their own. Even though they’re not the biggest favorites to win this tournament, seeing them miss out on the playoffs would be a big surprise in my books.

Outright Betting on ECS Season 7 Finals

I honestly have to go with Astralis here. Even though the odds on them to win this one isn’t the greatest (roughly -200 to -220), if you’re really keen on outright winner betting, I guess you’ll have to go for it with a higher stake. To make the return worth your while, of course. If, on the other hand, you’re okay with looking for other types of bets, then I advise you to skip outright betting altogether.

Instead, MIBR as the Group B Winner seems to possess much higher value. At +120 it really is a decent bet. And, considering the toughest competitor is Vitality (albeit in-form), it should be prioritized over Astralis outright winner.

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