Esports Championship Series Season 8 EU and NA Preview, Team Analyses and Betting Tips

Now that the Major is all wrapped up, it’s time for another iteration of ECS to take the throne as the most significant ongoing competition on the scene. Just a few more days are separating us from the start of the eighth seasonal installment of the Esports Championship Series, so now is definitely the time to talk about ECS Season 8 betting. After all, we’re a betting-oriented website.

What is there to be said about ECS Season 8 betting?

First of all, there’s a ton of places facilitating esports betting online these days. CS:GO is one of the most popular esports titles, so you’ll probably have no troubles with finding places to bet. However, if you’re just starting out, please read the following section as it could help you find the optimal ECS Season 8 betting site to fit all your needs.

Where to Place Bets | Best ECS Season 8 Betting Sites

You’re a CS:GO fan that just got into esports betting. Now, you’re looking to cash in on your CS:GO esports scene knowledge. You didn’t have any issues with finding CS:GO bookies on Google, but some of them seem fishy, and you’d like to make sure you’re getting the optimal betting experience you deserve.

If you don’t have any prior experience in online betting, finding proper betting sites for CS:GO might not be as easy as most people think. There are numerous options out there, most of which aren’t worth your time.

But what should you look for in esports bookies?

Well, the most important thing is making sure they’re legit.

Make sure they’re licensed and have responsive customer support teams able to resolve the most common issues. Obviously, you won’t be able to find all this info on one website, but a proper Google search and online reviews should do the trick.

Furthermore, you need to ensure your bookie of choice supports your preferred payment method and doesn’t have overly high-profit margins. The higher the odds, the angrier you’ll be when the last match on your accumulator betrays you.

If you’re interested in ECS Season 8 betting, but you’re too lazy to thoroughly analyze the first page of esports bookies that Google suggests, you can always check out our CS:GO betting sites guide.

ECS Season 8 Preview | Interesting Facts

  • Esports Championship Series is a unique and well-established event that pins teams from the two most robust regions up against each other. With four teams representing each region, these events paint the perfect picture as far as the regional domination is concerned.
  • The eighth ECS season kicks off on the same day for both NA and EU: Monday, September 16th, mark it down in your calendars. The first series runs till Thursday, September 19th, and there will most likely be a short pause before the next one.
  • There was a lot of controversy regarding the last iteration of ECS. With the all-new qualifications system, the top teams didn’t perform at admirable levels, failing to qualify for the finals and drawing a ton of attention to the format. The eighth season’s format is pretty similar, although there are alterations in the qualification process. More on that below in the tournament format
  • If you’re interested in ECS Season 8 betting, you’ll be happy to know lots of esports betting sites offer comprehensive coverages on CS:GO events such as this one. There’s everything from traditional match-winners and outrights to player-specific props and totals, so you’ll surely find something that fits your taste.

Tournament Format

Both NA and EU iterations have the exact same format. It’s been slightly revamped after the end of the last season, probably because of huge upsets that happened in both competitions, with several main favorites not “good enough” to reach the finals.

The seasons are still divided into five separate series, each featuring eight teams in a single-elimination event with $25,000 on the line. However, the qualification process has been slightly altered, but it’s nothing too complicated.

Instead of giving direct tickets to teams that win the first three series, ECS organizers went with a different approach. The first ticket is handed out after the end of the second series, and it goes to the team that acquired the most prize money up to that point. Afterward, the remaining three tickets are handed out to the winners of each of the three remaining series.

ECS Season 8 Team Overviews | NA Region

You guys aren’t here to see interesting facts and tournament format explanations. You’re here to learn about ECS Season 8 betting, tips, predictions, and team overviews. That’s the sort of info you’ll need to nail down that perfect accumulator.

Let’s check out NA’s main favorites before going into more depth betting-wise.

Team Liquid as the Main Favorites

Even though they missed their chance in Berlin, Team Liquid is still the best CS:GO team in the world and, as such, are the heavy favorites for qualifying within the first three series. We’re talking about a team who missed the last ECS iteration (lost to MIBR in the grand finals of the final series), so they’ll try extra hard this time around not to miss the second consecutive ECS Finals spectacle.

They have everything needed for ECS title run. EliGE is in excellent form, and others aren’t too far behind either, especially NAF and Twistzz who showed off excellent individual skills in Berlin. Despite the disheartening loss in the quarterfinals against Astralis, if you’re interested in ECS Season 8 betting, Team Liquid is the team to bet on.

Perhaps they won’t qualify straight off the bat, but I’m 100% sure they will qualify this time around. Team Liquid is a serious team, and I just can’t see them missing the second consecutive Esports Championship Series finals.

NRG With High Aspirations

NRG is coming off their best Major performance ever, reaching semifinals and ending up as the best NA team on the competition. Still, Team Liquid is the number one, and it will take more than a single proper campaign for NRG to take that flattering title from the boys in blue.

But you have to admit this new NRG roster looks good. Well, it’s not technically new, the only two changes in 2019 are tarik and stanislaw, but these two players are making all the difference. Stanislaw, especially, has been dictating the tempo of NRG throughout the Major. From the Challengers Stage to the semifinals, stanislaw was the central player.

I’ll go out on a limb here and say that NRG’s wonderful campaign in Berlin was mostly due to stanislaw.

Brehze and CeRq were the main fraggers, consistent contributors in charge of taking rounds on the board. However, Stanislaw was the man in the shadows, the player that set the tempo of each match and controlled the variables, keeping them always in favor of NRG.

If the 25-year-old Canadian IGL successfully transitions his form onto the first batch of ECS matches, and if Brehze and CeRq continue their splendid fragging form, I wouldn’t be surprised if NRG becomes the first NA team to qualify for the finals.

ECS Season 8 NA Betting Tips | Teams to Qualify

Alongside Team Liquid and NRG, the NA region will have two additional representatives on the ECS Season Finals. But there are just too many teams with chances of clinching the tickets. There’s MIBR, FURIA, Complexity, and Cloud9. Heck, even the revamped Luminosity has decent chances of going through.

It will be a tough contest throughout all five series, but I reckon FURIA and Complexity/MIBR seem like the most realistic contestants. Even though their recent campaigns leave much to be desired, they should still be a class above everyone else.

So, yeah, if you’re planning to indulge in ECS Season 8 betting, Liquid and NRG are the teams you should bet on. MIBR and FURIA are there, too, but I would advise you to do thorough stats-crawling before placing too much money on them.

ECS Season 8 Team Overviews | EU Regions

As stated above, each region gets four representatives. Let’s check out the European side of the deal and see which teams pose as the main favorites to clinch their ECS S8 Finals’ tickets!

Astralis Looking Strong

The Great Danes are back at it again. Having won their third consecutive Major title, Astralis will be hoping to redeem themselves on ECS following a rough patch of matches last time out. Need I remind you, Astralis’ ECS S7 Finals campaign was as terrible as they come. They were eliminated in the group stage after suffering two surprising defeats against FURIA, on Nuke of all places.

However, Astralis emerged from the depths of their own slump, finishing off the Major with style and inching closer to Team Liquid at the top of the CS:GO food chain. A quick qualification for the ECS coupled with the Finals’ trophy would do their cause a ton of good.

Device is still the central figure in this Astralis roster.

Even though many people predicted changes in the case of a Legends Stage mishap, it became apparent this Astralis starting roster needs no alterations. Their map depth is still a mile ahead of the competition, and so are their dueling and mechanical skills. And don’t even get me started on their utility usage throughout the StarLadder Major.

In spite of all the doubts ahead of the Major, I can say with certainty Astralis is the best EU team at the moment. That said, if you’re seeking ECS Season 8 betting tips, betting on Astralis in the EU brackets is probably the best one you can get.

Vitality Looking for Redemption

Everyone had huge expectations from Vitality on the Major. They were dubbed as the hidden underdogs after splendid campaigns in previous months: IEM Chicago semifinals, ESL One Cologne Finals, and ECS Season 7 finals, and cs_summit (four trophies). Quite a magnificent summer for Vitality, an excellent introduction for a title run on the Major.

Unfortunately, AVANGAR took the Frenchmen by surprise and sealed their fate in Berlin. Jame and the boys eliminated Vitality after a tough quarterfinals decider map. It was a really thrilling match, and in the end, the Kazakhs emerged victoriously.

Needless to say, quarterfinals finish isn’t a terrible result in and of itself. However, for a young and aspiring team such as Vitality, it’s just not enough. The fans, the players, the organization, everyone expected more of them.

A quick qualification for the ECS Season 8 Finals would be a comforting redemption. Winning the finals, on the other hand, would be a proper one. Can ZywOo and the boys achieve ECS Finals success for a second time in a row? Well, they definitely won’t be lacking individual qualities, especially with shox/kioShima replacing NBK.

ECS Season 8 EU Betting Tips | Teams to Qualify

Besides Vitality and Astralis, the European region needs two additional contenders for the ECS Finals. Just like in NA, Europe also has too many solid contestants hoping to get their hands on the tickets. Come to think of it, I’d say the EU competition is a bit tougher than that of NA. Not only are there top-tier teams in the starting ECS season lineup, but there’s a ton of firepower in the challenger groups too.

The likes of AVANGAR, FaZe Clan, North, and Mousesports are all prominent contenders. All of them had solid displays in Berlin, except for perhaps FaZe Clan who ended their run with just one win to their tally.

When it comes to concrete ECS Season 8 betting tips, the teams to bet on in the EU department are Astralis and Vitality.

These two sides ought to qualify for the finals. I just can’t see it any other way. As for others, AVANGAR and FaZe should be leading the charge, but they’re bound to have plenty of hurdles along the way…

Wrapping Things Up

That about covers it all. If you came here looking for ECS Season 8 betting info and some sort of tips, I’m sure you’re happy with the amount of info provided here. It’s been a long way from the top, so I’ll keep the summary as short as possible.

ECS qualifiers are no longer a marathon. Instead, they’re a series of 200m sprints in which teams have to get two consecutive wins for a chance to clinch the qualification based on their winnings. If not that way, then they’ll have to get three straight wins to advance straight to the finals.

Even though I’m not that big of a fan of this new format, especially after last season’s fiasco where several top 10 teams failed to qualify, this lightly altered version might just do the trick and keep the big boys interested in this event.

After all, Esports Championship Series fuel the fierce rivalry between EU and NA, and that’s something we need to keep cherishing going forward. And don’t even get me started on the betting opportunities related to this event. With five series of single-elimination brackets per region, all Bo3 matchups, it’s going to be a true heaven for your CS:GO betting experience, mark my words!

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