Esports Through the End of The Year: Events to Look out For

by Mark Perry
on November 23, 2017

Esports betting seems to pump the brakes as we approach the holiday season. With many esports wrapping up their official seasons, some esports betting websites become absolutely devoid of opportunities. However, even off-seasons are abuzz with events in the esports community. Normally, if you were looking to find betting opportunities during this time, you’d have some searching to do. This year, as a gift to you, I’ve compiled a list of esports events you’ll want to look out for. This list is by no means comprehensive, but I hope that it’s enough to keep you busy.

DreamHack Winter – Sweden

Taking place between December 1st and December 4th, the Swedish edition of DreamHack Winter will be filled to the brim with esports events. Sure to be the talk of the esports community, almost every esports better will find something that suits their taste here. A Counter Strike: Global Offensive will add another notch to the DreamHack ASTRO Open belt, with some fantastic players flying in for the weekend. The Dota 2 Dream League Season 8 Finals will grace Sweden this year, bringing a fiercely competitive season to a similar close. Super Smash Bros fans will be treated to an exciting event in the DreamHack Smash Championship, with $100,000 on the line. Additionally, Hearthstone viewers will be delighted to see another DreamHack Hearthstone Grand Prix taking place. Nordic Championships will take the best esports players from Sweden and its surrounding countries and pit them against each other. DreamHack Sweden is going to be a fun weekend for any esports fans, but for esports especially.

BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2017

Counter Strike: Global Offensive will be getting shine outside of Sweden as well, but not too far away. The esteemed BLAST Pro Series will be taking place not too far away on the 24th of November, putting up $230,000 to split amongst the 6 teams. The round robin event will pit Astralis, FaZe Clans, and four more of the world’s best CS:GO teams against each other. Esports will be played, and esports bets will be placed later this month.

2GG Championship

Having begun on the 14th of January, the 2GG Championship series will be coming to a close on December 13th. I’m of the belief that everyone likes Smash a little bit, and Smash 4 has provided 2GG viewers with an exciting season so far. If you’re looking for esports betting opportunities, now would be a great time to get caught up. ZeRo is cemented in a strong lead, but there is still time for another player to come in and take the title away.

ESEA Open Season 26 Asia-Pacific

Beginning on November 30th and ending two weeks later on December 14th, the ESEA Open Season is yet another Counter Strike event that we can look forward to in the coming month. With Candy Camels currently dominating the Asia-Pacific division of ESEA, it will be interesting to see if anyone can take them down. Only 13 games into the season, there’s room for change. Perhaps we’ll see a dark horse team rise up and take the season down, as it’s truly anyone’s game at this point.

OSC Championship 5

Despite having no set-in-stone start date yet, this StarCraft II is one to watch out for. OSC is a non-profit organization that has presented some of the highest quality StarCraft events for years, and is known for their prize support. With so little known about the event so far, it’s difficult to know what to watch for, other than the certainty that something good will happen.

WWE Survivor Series

You can bet on WWE events the same as you can on esport events, meaning the Road to WrestleMania can be extra exciting this year. One of the WWE’s “Big 4” events, Survivor Series looks like something to get excited about. With The Shield having recently returned, and John Cena booked for the first time in months, this event is attracting media attention, and it will surely attract dollars. The only prior knowledge you need is a few recaps of Raw and Smackdown, and a WWE Network password, so I recommend any esports betting enthusiast give this a shot.

WESG 2017

World Electronic Sports Games” is a clunky title, but that shouldn’t detract from this event’s prestige. Much like DreamHack Winter, WESG boasts events across four different games. Whether you play Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Hearthstone, or StarCraft II, WESG Qualifiers will give you something to watch and bet on almost every weekend. Partnered with Reddit, Red Bull, and several other companies, WESG is a hot ticket item. Each event will culminate with hundreds of thousands on the line, upping the stakes of the competition even more with every round. In the coming months, National and Regional Qualifiers will be finishing up, building up to the WESG Grand Finals in March of 2018.

SCG Tour Season 2 Invitational Weekend

One of the biggest players in the Magic: The Gathering secondary market, Star City Games was recently mired in some controversy, as they lost the right to host official Wizards of the Coast events like Pro Tours and Grand Prix. However, as many players know, Star City Games has run a very successful Tour circuit for many years now. In fact, many players prefer watching and participating in Star City Games’ events over Wizards. As the Invitational series gains footings, many well-esteemed players will duke it out on the weekend of December 1st through December 3rd, which will surely provide esports betting opportunities.

ESL Go4RocketLeague North American Cup

I’ve told you before that I think Rocket League is the next big thing in the esports community, and ESL seems to agree. If you’re looking for a regular event to give your attention to, the ESL Go4RocketLeague North American Cup has a new episode every Sunday, with a finale at the end of every month. While it’s not well known now, the event is gaining some steam.

2017 All-Star Event

Finally, as we’ve just gone over the League of Legends World Championships, League betters have one final event to look out for. From December 7th to December 10th, the best League teams from each region will fight round-robin style in a laid-back, low-energy, high-competition event.

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