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Why Esports Forums are the Best Place to Form Betting Groups

Finding a betting group isn’t exactly easy. Well, finding a good one isn’t anyway. Sure, you could probably get a few buddies together a couple days a week and have a good time, but for many, the goal goes beyond that. If you want a betting group that will significantly increase your results, you will more than likely want (and need) to look online. To understand why that is, you must first understand what makes a good betting group.

What Makes a Good Betting Group?

A good betting group is a group that is not defined by the weaknesses of it’s weakest chain, but instead by the strengths the team holds as a unit. You can see this reflected in the esports you watch — a team doesn’t lose when one of it’s player loses, and it doesn’t win when one of it’s players wins. In any competitive arena, a team wins and loses as a unit. The same is true of betting. A good betting group will come together and improve the performance of each individual in the group.

The first step to achieving this comes in the form of emotional investment. A betting group simply cannot flourish if the bettors within the group have no stake in their success. You can see this in some of the earliest poker and blackjack groups, who would sit two or three players at every seat in the casino. Each individual didn’t care about their wins and losses, but instead would take home 25% of all earnings. This left them emotionally invested in the bet, and in the team. In an esports betting group, bettors should be invested in the success of the group, as well as in the games they are betting on. A baseball fanatic wouldn’t place good bets on a football game, and a football fan wouldn’t place good bets on Hearthstone.

Each individual must also invest their time, so as to increase their own skill as a bettor, as well as the skill of those around them. Again, this is a rather simple idea. If your betting group is looking for the best results, you must also have the best process. To achieve the best process, each individual must be thinking about betting, and improving their bets.

Once you have a team of good bettors assembled, the attribute that will take the team to the next step is effective and substantial communication. If each player in a team is willing and able to communicate their ideas in a meaningful and understandable way, it will make the thought process of the entire team better.

Finally, a good betting group should be organized. For all of the previously listed attributes to come together and work, a group must know when they can communicate, what they should be talking and thinking about, and when it’s time to act. Communication should also be organized. If the substantial conversation is likely to get buried amongst emails and memes, the team likely won’t work as well as it could.

To summarize, a good betting group is an organized team that consists of members who are skilled bettors, emotionally invested in betting and the esports being bet on, and able to communicate their ideas easily. This combination is what leads to the many benefits of an esports betting group, such as increased performance and better results as an esports bettor. If you are able to capitalize on these things, every member of the group will be better.

So, why can’t this be your friends?

Why Your Friends May Not Be a Good Betting Group

Well, maybe it can be your friends. You may live in a perfect world where your friends are of roughly equal, or better, betting skill than you, and love the same esports as you. Given that they are your friends, you should be able to discuss and workshop ideas in a meaningful way so as to improve each of you. You may be organized enough to say that you will meet to talk about ideas on a given day at a given time and follow through.

This probably isn’t your friend group. I’m not saying anything bad about your friends, it’s just that sometimes the people you want to hang out with don’t have the exact same interests and skillsets as you, and that’s okay. You will be better off detaching yourself from a group of friends and finding a new one when trying to achieve your goals, and it’s unlikely that they will even notice. If a friend does express interest in joining a betting group and is the type of person you’re looking for, it’s always good to give it a shot. The worst thing a betting group can do is ask a member to leave.


So, if you can’t turn to your friends, where can you go to find a betting group? Online, of course! Esports forums are without a doubt the best place to find an esports betting group for a few reasons. The first is that you may be able to join an already established group, which will save you a lot of time and hassle. Of course, if you join an established group and it doesn’t work out, you still have a good start. You can leverage the network from that group to create one of your one.

Beyond that, esports forums are rife with the type of people you need to create the esports betting group for you. People who are using esports forums are guaranteed to be invested in esports – why else would they be there? And if the esports forums are betting friendly, you’ll find the people on those parts of the forum are already invested in betting.

Forums also lend themselves naturally to organized and effective communication. Because of their accessibility and formatting, it is easy for forum conversations to continue 24/7 for long periods of time without becoming chaotic. Once you have a group of invested and communicative people on an organized platform, all you have to do is find people at the skill level you are looking for — and to do that, you just have to go down the list.

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