7 Esports Players That Will Give You the Most Bang for your Buck

by Terry Owens
on December 7, 2017

The 2018 NA LCS is seeing several changes for the next season. New talents are coming in. New rules are being implemented, and overall, a whole new environment is making its way to the big stage of the NA LCS.

With that being said, let’s take a look at the new players that will be coming into the NA LCS. These players are the ones that will truly give you the most payout. These are the players that will help your team succeed and potentially help you win it all. Let’s get started.

(Note: There is no specific order. All seven of the players are equally talented and can play as well as the others on this list.)

7. Doublelift (Team Liquid)

There is no doubt that Doublelift was going to be on this list. On Team SoloMid, he helped bring them to a 2016 Summer Split title and brought them to a dominant 2017 Season where they took both the Spring and Summer Split title.

Known for his aggressive playstyle, Doublelift will be the key aspect of Team Liquid. He’s been known to solo carry games on his own provided has a good start. Combined with a strong arsenal of mastered champions, Doublelift can be an unstoppable force in both the mid and late game.

Keep your eye out for Doublelift. Many people in the North American region, including myself, consider Doublelift the best AD Carry in the NA LCS. If there is one person that can revert Team Liquid’s curse, it’s Doublelift.

6. Bjergsen (Team SoloMid)

Bjergsen is the icon of Team SoloMid. Starting out his career in 2014, Bjergsen became a prominent part of the Team SoloMid franchise. He’s been able to create openings for his team, build up pressure, and exert dominance to all parts of the map through his playstyle.

Because of this, Bjergsen has built himself a legacy in the mid lane, becoming known as the best mid laner in the NA LCS and one of the best in the world. He’s taken down international competition, like the 2017 World Champion Crown.

His reign on Team SoloMid has been an extremely successful one. Only very few have been able to match his mechanical prowess and he has been able to shift with the meta as it goes. His ability to communicate and be a team leader has also helped Team SoloMid win various titles throughout his career on the team.

You can expect a lot from the prodigious Bjergsen. He’s a one-man powerhouse and combined with the diverse skill-set he brings for his team, he’ll play a large factor into how well Team SoloMid performs in the 2018 NA LCS season.

5. Sneaky (Cloud9)

Sneaky’s built up a lot of momentum since his start with Cloud9. He’s the only remaining player from the original Cloud9 squadron, and for good reason too. Without Sneaky, there is no true Cloud9 carry-potential. While Sneaky may seem like a passive player, he is actually one of the most lethal talents in the game.

Many perceive Cloud9’s Sneaky as too safe and not as aggressive as names like Doublelift or Piglet. However, it’s his consistency that brings results for Cloud9. While most NA LCS AD Carries choose to be a threat in the early-game, Cloud9’s passive farming style has built him a lot of success throughout the years.

It is this specific tactic that has brought Cloud9 victory in Groups Stage various times, despite their extremely difficult draws. It was also this specific tactic that helped complete the “Cinderella Run” for Cloud9. Sneaky has produced results for Cloud9.

His ability to power-farm and slowly build his power has contributed to many things in-game. He doesn’t need kills or assists to snowball. All he needs to do is position behind his teammates in the team fights and he’ll be perfectly fine.

Sneaky’s ability to give consistent results, despite a passive playstyle, have attributed to the many successes of Cloud9. If Cloud9 is struggling, it will be Sneaky that helps pick them up. He’s brought results to the table and he’ll do it again.

4.  Pobelter (Team Liquid)

It seems like Team Liquid got the luck of the draw this year, getting Xmithie, Olleh, Doublelift, and Pobelter. However, the most impressive pick that Team Liquid managed to grab was the mid lane prodigy himself, Pobelter.

He first made his debut in 2015, helping Counter Logic Gaming win the Summer Split title by upsetting fan-favorites, Team SoloMid. Then, in 2016, he made Immortals a big-time name and helped them qualify for Worlds in 2017.

Pobelter is not a large name like TSM’s Bjergsen, or Cloud9’s Jensen. However, like Cloud9’s Sneaky, he brings consistent results to the table. He does not have an extremely strong performance one game and then a weak performance the next day.

He brings consistent playstyle, results, and success no matter what team he’s on. Through this, he has built a solid roster of champions that help him succeed every step of the way. He’s even gone toe-to-toe with TSM’s Bjergsen. I’d highly recommend keeping your eye out for Pobelter.

3. Jensen (Cloud9)

Though Jensen is not as familiar as Cloud9’s Sneaky, he has definitely made an impact on the team’s level of success ever since his debut in 2015. Ever since then, he hasn’t faltered one bit. In fact, he’s only getting better.

Jensen has been one of the only new players that can match TSM’s legendary mid laner, Bjergsen. He specializes in assassins and burst mages. However, what separates him from the rest of the mid laners is his ability to get in, kill the target, and get out.

His threatening status against the enemy team’s carries forces them to play safe and give Jensen more power in his decisions. Utilizing champions like Ekko and Leblanc—champions that can get in and get out—are almost banned every single game. If they’re not banned out, then the enemy team usually counter-picks Jensen.

I recommend you keep your eye out for Jensen this coming season. His ability to play a pressure game against his opponents will force the enemy team to make decisions they don’t want to make. A large part of Cloud9’s performance will be attributed to Jensen.

2. Zven (Team SoloMid)

He first made his debut on Origen in 2015, helping them reach a World Championship Semifinal. Then, during his career on G2 Esports, he cemented their status as the best team in the European LCS. Now, as he transitions to the NA LCS, he’ll bring a whole new playstyle to the NA LCS.

Zven’s game style is a hybrid of safe gameplay with explosive mechanics when needed. He doesn’t force plays. He lets his teammates make them, and will follow up to give the best results possible. Combined with heavy engagers on TSM, like Mithy and Hauntzer, Zven will no doubt have an extremely strong performance on Team SoloMid.

He’s deadly on Tristana and Kalista, and personally, I believe he can even challenge Doublelift for the title of “Best AD Carry in the NA LCS.” Zven brought a lot to the EU LCS. However, I believe he’ll bring even more to the NA LCS during his time with Team SoloMid.

1. Ryu (100 Thieves)

While Ryu may not have been expected to be on this list, I put him here for a good reason. Ryu has shown great success in bringing his team to victory on every single team he has played on. He helped bring H2k-Gaming to a World Championship Semifinal, substantially improved Phoenix1, and created one of the best Korean teams in Season 3.

Now, with Ryu on a new and improved team, Ryu will definitely be part of something great in the making. He has strong mechanical skills that have rivaled that of Faker (though Faker got the better of him during his 1v1 against the legendary mid laner) and he has a strong playstyle that can pressure any player into uncomfortable positions.

Ryu has helped every team he’s played with improve on a large scale. With him being on a fresh team full of talented players, the potential for Ryu is limitless. He’ll be able to go a long way with the toolset he’s been given, and who knows, he might just make himself the king of the NA LCS.


There you have it. These are some of the players who can really give you a strong payout. While League of Legends has a large teamwork aspect to the game, these individuals have been able to influence the flow of the game through their own hands.

They’ve garnered countless achievements throughout the years, made names for themselves, and have built reputations that can never be tarnished. Next year could be a jackpot and if you know who to look for, you could be the one to win it all.

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