EU & NA Katowice Minors Betting Preview and Odds

by Pavo Jurkic
on January 15, 2019

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The Katowice Major is almost upon us, but first, we got to get the Minors out of our way. The two most notable ones (EU & NA) are starting in just a few days so it’s about time to get my act straight and tell you more about them.

That’s why I’m proud to present my in-depth take at the EU & NA Katowice Minors preview. Yup, just like that, we’re going to put other regions aside and concentrate on the biggest two.

Without a doubt, EU Katowice Minors are going to be a proper blast with several tier A teams still hanging on the edge of going to Poland. NA tournament is bound to be wicked too, but it can’t even be compared to the likes of Mousesports, North, and ENCE, all three of which will be competing for their spot on the Katowice Major.

That said, in the next couple of paragraphs I’ll do my best to present you with all the factual matters regarding this tournament. There will be betting-related stuff too, for you all CS:GO bettors reading this. In fact, why don’t we start off with the betting aspects and build our way from there…

Where to Bet on EU & NA Katowice Minors

First things first – where to bet on EU % NA Katowice Minors? I’m well aware of the fact not all esports bookies are going to feature abundant markets for this tournament. The best ones, however, are bound to have at least match, group, and outright winner bets. These should be enough to satisfy your basic CS:GO betting cravings, right?

If they aren’t, I’m afraid you’ll have to be patient a few more days since the playoffs and play-in tournament should be covered in a much broader manner.

At the moment, those above-listed bookies are your best bets (pun intended) as far as EU & NA Minors are concerned. Not only have they prepared plenty of betting options, but they’re sporting decent betting odds too. The perfect combination to kickstart our 2019 CS:GO betting adventure, right!?

Interesting Facts

  • There’s a total of four regional Katowice Minors tournaments – Asia, CIS, NA, and All four Minors will directly decide eight Katowice Major participants, two from each region.
  • There are two more spots left open and they’ll be decided via the Katowice Play-In tournament. The third-place teams from all four Minors will battle it out here for their spot at the Major.
  • The total prize pool for the Minors amounts to $200,000, $50,000 for each tournament. Not half bad considering the fact it’s basically Qualifiers we’re talking about here.

Tournament Format

Needless to say, both of these Minors have the exact same tournament format. We’re talking about the classic group stage plus playoffs system. For more info, please refer to the following two paragraphs.

Group Stage

The group stage consists of two groups with four teams in each. All opening matches are played in best of one style with all remaining rounds scheduled for best of three series. The matches are played in a double-elimination format with the best two teams from each group advancing to the playoffs.


Playoffs are set for a double-elimination bracket with all five matches set for best of three matchups. This, however, is not your ordinary double-elimination bracket. You see, there’s no Grand Finals here. Instead, there’s Winners’ Finals and Losers’ Finals.

Both finals’ winning teams go straight to the IEM Katowice Major New Challengers Stage. The loser from the Winners’ Finals qualifies for the Katowice Play-In tournament where the last two Katowice Major participants will be decided.

EU & NA Katowice Minors Teams Overview

As with every other tournament, these two have a set of teams deemed as the favorites. Some more so than the others.

That said, I’ve taken three of the best teams from both NA and EU and explained their current state of affairs ahead of the Minors. It’s nothing comprehensive no worries, just a short writeup that might help you with building your next CS:GO betting slip. After all, the crucial part of my EU & NA Katowice Minors preview is the betting aspect, so let’s not take it for granted!

EU Favorites


Let’s be realistic here guys – Mousesports doesn’t really deserve to be here. I mean, they are currently ranked as the 4th best CS:GO team in the world, according to However, due to their lackluster FACEIT Major performance last year (and the tournament changes), they have to battle their way through the Minors to earn their spot at the New Challengers Stage.

As far as their chances of winning this are concerned, I’d say they’re pretty big. Their roster looks mighty so I doubt they’ll fail to qualify. Will they win it… that’s another story.

OpTic Gaming

The two Danish teams, OpTic Gaming and North, have equally big chances of qualifying for the Katowice Major. They’ve had solid seasons in 2018 and they’ll definitely be looking to qualify for the first CS:GO Major in 2019.

Optic Gaming, led by cajunb’s and JUGi’s great 2018 performance, are coming in strong. They’ve benched poorly performing niko, signed refresh, who will be looking to show his battle prowess during the Minors.


The Finnish side, ENCE Esports, have great chances to qualify for the Major. They’ve been playing pretty well in late 2019. It’s all thanks to Sergej, allu, and Aerial which were leading the charge. Unfortunately, they’ve missed the London Major but will be hoping to make the list this time around. They’ll be playing in group B with North, Windigo Gaming, and Space Soldiers.

In all honesty, they have the talent for making it through the group, but the question is – can they overcome the big guys later on in the playoffs. I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

NA Favorites


Not many words are needed for describing NRG’s chances at this Minor event. They are the clear favorites here, enjoying that status due to their recent track record. With the likes of Brehze, nahtE, and CeRq playing extraordinarily well recently, everything except the big W will be a huge surprise for NRG.

Bookies have them at cca -180 which is pretty low in my opinion. Still, it’s a cute little bet for those of you who aren’t doubting NRG’s success and aren’t afraid of betting big…


Envy sacked Pollo and signed the man, the legend, Karrigan, from FaZe Clan. This move was seen as a huge surprise and is bound to shape Envy’s NA Minors conquest… in a good way, of course.

The rest of the team doesn’t look half bad, but Karrigan is going to be in the spotlight here. I’m sure he can show off his skillset right off the bat, ensuring his team’s spot on the Katowice Major. At the moment, Envy is sitting at around +1300 on most bookies, so a small bet here seems like a good option.


Let’s face it, eUnited’s moose and dapr are enjoying their form at the moment. They’ve been playing well over the course of the last three months are so. The return of dazzLe is a good sign too; returning from his solid spell with Drip or Drown. Overall, esports bookies see eUnited as the group B favorites, right after Team Envy.

I, for one, think Karrigan will ensure his team clinches the group win… but eUnited might prove me wrong if their top fraggers end up having a good day at the office.

Outright Betting on EU & NA Katowice Minors

Now let’s see which teams are the favorites to win their region’s Katowice Minors. Once again, EU has a much higher level of competitiveness, but we shouldn’t take NA for granted either…

EU Outright Betting

Even though they are the clear favorites in EU, Mousesports will have a tough time living up to their status. The likes of ENCE, North and OpTic will seem threatening, but I’m sure mousesports’ talent and experience will turn the odds in their favor. Betting-wise, Mousesports sits at +140 which isn’t half bad if you ask me.

NA Outright Betting

I have to go with NRG here. They are a class above everyone else here and they ought to show it come the group stage. As far as black horses go, I’d say Team Envy is our most likely culprit. Betting odds on them taking NA Minors are huge – hovering around +1300. Bet small, bet smart, that’s my advice here.


As far as EU & NA Katowice Minors Preview is concerned, I reckon that ought to cover it all. We’ve gone through the most interesting tournament facts, tournament format, and team overviews, covering all major aspects of the Katowice Minors.

Furthermore, I’ve also listed out my favorite esports bookies for everyone wanting a share of the early 2019 CS:GO betting action.

Even though there’s still a month to go before the Katowice Major starts, the Minors, iBUYPOWER Masters, and the newly announced ELEAGUE Invitational should be enough to satisfy our cravings until then…

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