DreamHack Masters Dallas 2019 FaZe vs ENCE Betting Predictions, Value Options, and Betting Tips

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It’s here, guys! The business end of the CS:GO spectacle in Dallas. DreamHack Masters is the event and, thus far, it brought several surprises. We’re now left with four teams battling for their spot in the grand finals match. Both semifinals matches are scheduled for today. However, we’ll be focusing on the second match that’s set to start at 1 AM tonight. More precisely, we’ll be focusing on FaZe vs ENCE DreamHack Masters betting tips. Something most of you are eagerly waiting for. So, let’s jump straight to the chase and check out all things betting-related!

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DreamHack Masters Dallas 2019 Semifinals Predictions

The first match is between two teams playing in the North American region, Team Liquid and FURIA Esports. The Brazilians have had a proper blast in Dallas. Most of us couldn’t see them get past the group stage let alone finish off in the upper bracket finals. After beating the likes of NRG, and Fnatic (both of which were heavy favorites), they’re looking like solid contenders against Team Liquid.

Despite that, I give Twistzz, NAF, and the company a huge advantage coming into this match. TL already stomped over Lucid Dream, North, and FaZe Clan, with new hopes of potentially snatching a trophy emerging from the shadows.

That said, let’s switch our attention to FaZe vs ENCE fixture. More precisely, to FaZe vs ENCE DreamHack Masters betting tips. There’s a bunch of stuff to go through so let’s dive right into it!

Faze vs ENCE DreamHack Masters Betting Tips and Predictions

FaZe vs ENCE DreamHack Masters Betting Tips

Here’s the main part of this article. The one most of you’ve come here for. In the next couple of paragraphs, I’ll give you the statistical depth to this match, the freshest info and a whole bunch of tips. It’s going to be a fun ride, I promise.

FaZe Clan Recent Form

FaZe’s w/l record perfectly depicts their oscillations that began late 2018 and are still going strong. Five wins and five defeats are exactly that. An epitome of a rollercoaster FaZe Clan season. After failing to qualify for the ECS Season 7, the Europan superstar roster will make DH Masters in Dallas sort of like testing grounds for the upcoming ESL Pro League Season 9.

Luckily for FaZe fans, NiKo, rain, and GuardiaN are in great forms. NEO seems to be doing himself justice as well. If they can swing past their synchronization time, I’m sure this roster can go to greater heights than with AdreN.

ENCE Recent Form

In the last ten matches, ENCE drew five (all CS_Summit 4), won four, and lost one match. Their opponents were of the highest caliber and ENCE did pretty well. The problem is, drawing five times isn’t exactly all that good. Coming into this tournament, they’ve won three in a row and will be hoping to make it four against FaZe.

Their biggest issue could be the map pool mismatch. ENCE hasn’t been all that good on Dust 2 and Overpass, both of which have been the strongest maps for FaZe Clan during the last six months. Additionally, their performances against FURIA and G2 Esports weren’t that good either. Sure, they won both matches but haven’t looked particularly fancy doing so. FaZe, on the other hand, had lenient wins against Windigo and NiP. Plus they almost conquered Team Liquid in a tense Dust 2 overtime.

Head to Head Matches

Moving on with our FaZe vs ENCE DreamHack Masters betting tips, let’s check out the most recent head to head matches between these two teams. As far as 2019 goes, FaZe and ENCE played two head to head matches. First during BLAST Pro Series Sao Paulo and second during StarSeries Season 7. On both occasions, the Finnish team emerged victoriously. Without too much hassle, to be honest.

However, with the arrival of the Polish IGL Neo, FaZe Clan seems like a much more well-rounded team. IGL and fragger roles have finally been separated and we can all hope for them to return to the top of the food chain and contest Astralis’ top spot.

FaZe vs ENCE DreamHack Masters Betting Tips | Summary

There are several options to go with here. Once again, it’s going to be an extremely tight contest so I’d actually stay away from match-winner bets. Even though according to recent events, FaZe Clan should outperform the tenacious Finns, the odds are not that good. +110 on FaZe and -154 on ENCE. That’s why I’ve gone with three specials, only one of which states FaZe’s victory. It might not be worth it at +110 but definitely is at +270.

As for the first FaZe vs ENCE DreamHack Masters betting tips, we have Maps Total Over 2.5. This special is at -112 which might not be that high, but definitely provides great value. These teams are going to portray a neck and neck contest on each map. Win margins are going to be thin, that’s for sure. However, their map pool vetos might not align properly which could result in mismatches on the first two maps. If that happens, the third map is almost guaranteed, and having it at -112 seems pretty good. It’s a no-brainer in my books.

Maps Total Over 2.5 at -112

This is the bet I told you about in the introductory paragraph. FaZe to win at +110 is not worth your effort. However, FaZe to win at +270 yields much more value. With the addition of NEO, NiKo has been relieved of his IGL duty. This means he can fully concentrate on frags now, making him even deadlier for the opposition. However, the Finnish team should not be taken for granted here. They’ll show great resilience, that’s for sure, but according to their matches against G2 and FURIA, they seem to be lacking that final bit of quality in this tournament. And that final bit of quality will, in my opinion, cost them the grand finals in Dallas.

Correct Score FaZe Win 2-1 at +270

And finally, a high-risk high-reward special focusing on the first map. Overtimes are pretty common in CS:GO. Especially these days with the level of competitiveness on the pro scene being tighter than ever. Depending on their map vetos, these two sides could end up playing the first map on uncharted territories. Even if that doesn’t happen, their strongest maps (Dust 2 and Mirage), are known to be tricky and dynamic enough to prevent breaking the deadlock until the very end. And, because of that, Map 1 Overtime at +375 is a potent option for people wanting to invest in a high-risk venture.

Map 1 Overtime at +375
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