Finally! Aztec’s Millions Jackpot Hits – $4.5 Million Prize to the Winner

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Aztec's Millions Jackpot

Developed by RealTime Gaming (RTG), Aztec’s Millions is one of the most popular progressive online slots. It features a massive progressive jackpot that can instantly make you a millionaire.

The Aztec’s Millions jackpot was recently worth over $4.5 million. Nobody had ever won this game’s top prize until now.

One gambler is now celebrating their multimillion-dollar payout as well as being the first player to win the elusive Aztec’s Millions prize.

I’m going to discuss the details behind their big win. First, though, I’ll provide more info on Aztec’s Millions in case you’re interested in this game.

Overview of Aztec’s Millions Slot

Aztec’s Millions is a five-reel, 25-payline slot. It revolves around Aztec culture and their precious artifacts.

This game differs from many other online slots in that it has a fixed betting structure. You must wager $0.20 on each payline—nothing higher, nothing lower. The betting structure works out to a fixed $5 bet per spin.

If you’re somebody who enjoys playing real money slots for low stakes, you may be shocked at this large bet. Then again, this game’s jackpot didn’t grow to be worth millions of dollars by people continually placing dinky $0.10 wagers.

Other than the relatively big wager size, Aztec’s Millions works like many other five-reel mobile slots. With that said, you should have little trouble playing this game.

How Do You Win the Aztec’s Millions Jackpot?

In order to win the progressive jackpot, you need to land five game logos in a payline. Such an occurrence will guarantee you a seven-figure prize.

Aztec’s Millions is exciting because it also offers other huge payouts. Assuming you land five game logos in a line, instead of five, then you’ll still collect 2,500 credits.


The Aztec princess delivers a large payout, too. If you get five princesses in a payline, then you’ll receive 5,000 credits.

Of course, the real prize in this game is always going to be the progressive jackpot. But even if you fall short of becoming a millionaire, you’ll at least enjoy a chance at other big wins.

Some People Wondered If the Aztec’s Millions Jackpot Was a Scam

RTG launched this slot in 2009. Therefore, Aztec’s Millions and its jackpot have been available for over a decade.

12 years is a long time to go before a jackpot finally pays out, even if it’s worth millions of dollars. With that said, some people were suspicious of that the Aztec’s Millions jackpot wasn’t programmed to pay at all.

RTG has been in the online gaming business for over two decades. Therefore, I didn’t personally feel that they were running a rigged game.

The recent $4.5 million jackpot win proves that Aztec’s Millions is legitimate. It just took longer to deliver its top prize than most other big progressive slots.

This game draws lots of play in comparison to the average online slot. However, it doesn’t necessarily get as much play as other progressive heavyweights like Microgaming‘s Mega Moolah.

The latter also takes a long time to deliver its jackpots versus the total betting volume. Mega Moolah, however, attracts more betting action in a shorter time span.

Therefore, it has delivered its multimillion-dollar progressive prize many times. Aztec’s Millions would’ve also paid its jackpot many times if it drew as much play as Mega Moolah.

$4.5 Million Jackpot Finally Hits

Few details are available on the person who recently hit the massive payout. However, some information is out on the anonymous gambler.

The winner is a 49-year-old woman who started with a €27 ($33) deposit at Golden Euro. She took advantage of a 100% match bonus, giving her €54 ($66) total to play with.

€54/$66 isn’t exactly a large starting bankroll when considering the $5 spin cost. Nevertheless, she felt confident in her chances of winning.

The player spun the reels a few times and lined up five game logos in a payline—good for a €3,746,291 ($4,501,636) jackpot. The lucky lady didn’t offer any details on what she intends to do with the money.

What’s the Jackpot Worth Now?

RealTime Gaming seeds the Aztec’s Millions jackpot at $1 million. At the time of this writing, the top prize was just recently hit and is worth $1.01 million right now.

If the past is any indication, though, then this jackpot should rapidly increase over time. It could very well rise to be worth millions of dollars again within a year or more.

The progressive payout might especially accelerate quickly due to the fact that players know it’s legitimate. Again, some gamblers wondered if the Aztec’s Millions jackpot was even capable of paying. With one player now $4.5 million richer, it’s obvious that this jackpot is as legit as any.

Should You Play Aztec’s Millions?

If you’re somebody who dreams of getting rich through online slots, then you should no doubt appreciate this game. Aztec’s Millions offers one of the gaming industry’s biggest jackpots.

Few progressive prizes are seeded at $1 million. This game is one of the few that features such a massive starting jackpot value.

However, you also have to take the downsides into consideration. Aztec’s Millions is dated when compared to many other mobile slots.

Gambling Money

The graphics are somewhat timeless, meaning this game isn’t totally ugly by any means. But having launched in 2009, it doesn’t exactly look modern either. You can find more polished Aztec slots throughout the gaming world.

One other issue is the cost to play. At $5 a pop, this game gets expensive rather quickly—especially if you’re not raking in frequent wins.

Of course, popular jackpot slots are typically expensive to play. But most of these games don’t require you to bet $5 per spin. If you can stomach the cost, then Aztec’s Millions is a decent game that thrives due to its jackpot potential.

How to Get Started Chasing the Aztec’s Millions Jackpot

Despite being just won, the Aztec’s Millions progressive prize is still huge. You should consider the following steps if you’re interested in chasing this giant payout.

Prepare Your Bankroll Accordingly

Again, Aztec’s Millions isn’t a cheap game to play. It truly puts your bankroll to the test with a fixed $5 spin cost. You should put some work into bankroll management.

You probably won’t be able to play this game very long if you’re only depositing $20. Instead, you’ll need to make a more significant investment.

Of course, if you just want to take a few shots at the seven-figure prize, then you can make a small deposit. The aforementioned winner only deposited $33 and played with $66 total due to the bonus.

However, this lady definitely presents an exception to the norm. You’ll probably need more money in order to last on this game.

Find a RealTime Gaming Casino

Aztec’s Millions is available at RealTime Gaming casinos. As long as you can find an RTG casino, then you’ll be able to enjoy this game.

RTG offers its software to nearly every country and state, with only limited exceptions. Even if you’re from a nation with tough online gambling laws, like Australia, the US, or South Africa, you’ll still be able to play at RTG gaming sites.

Sign Up and Deposit

As with any online casino, you’ll need to register for an account and make a deposit. RTG casinos are similar to other gaming sites in that they only require basic information on the registration form.

They don’t accept an abundance of deposit options. However, you should at least be able to fund your account via Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, and/or bank transfer.

Take Advantage of a Bonus

RealTime casinos are well-known for their massive bonuses. You should capitalize on one of these deals if you’re going to play Aztec’s Millions.

You simply need to register for an account and enter the relevant bonus code. Afterward, you must satisfy terms and conditions before collecting your bonus.


Aztec’s Millions has now delivered one of the biggest online slots jackpots in history. Its first jackpot payout was one to remember! A lucky 49-year-old woman is now celebrating after winning $4.5 million through this game.

RTG isn’t ready to retire Aztec’s Millions anytime soon. It has already seeded the jackpot again at $1 million.

With that said, you can take your chances at this famed prize. Just be sure that you come prepared with a large enough bankroll. After all, this slot requires you to bet $5 on each spin.

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