The NBA Needs to Fix Its Weird Trading Policies, and THIS is How They Should Do It – To The Point

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One of the weirdest things in the “Big 4” sports leagues has to be the way the NBA handles offseason trading. Trades that are agreed to and publicly known about will technically sit without being finalized for weeks, all because teams are trying to avoid Luxury Tax penalties.

However, there’s a very easy solution to this very strange problem, and that’s the focus of this edition of our “To The Point” series.

During the 2019 NBA Draft alone, 11 first-round picks were traded away. But unlike in other leagues, the picks technically remained the property of the original team. This is all because the agreed-upon trade wasn’t going to process until July. So 11 players that heard their name called as first-round picks of the 2019 NBA Draft were selected by a team that they would never play for. Instead, weeks later, they were finally traded to the team that picked them.

It’s a complete mess, especially when looking at examples like De’Andre Hunter. Hunter was technically drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers with the fourth overall pick in the Draft and even handed a Lakers cap when he went up on stage. What makes it so weird is that the Lakers had agreed to trade that draft pick to the New Orleans Pelicans nearly a week prior to the Draft.

Even stranger is that the Pelicans had then dealt that pick to the Atlanta Hawks the morning of the Draft, meaning that the Lakers were not only not the team picking Hunter but that the rights to that pick had already been traded away since the Lakers moved it!

I believe that I have the solution to this unnecessary problem, and you can find out more by watching the video at the top of this page!

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