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Hello and welcome to our Flashpoint playoffs prediction featuring the upper bracket semifinals and lčower bracket round one matches. Four matches and four picks in total; let’s try and make the most out of this highly anticipated new CS:GO league!

Despite the fact Flashpoint and ESL Pro League were doomed to an endless battle right from the kickoff, the ongoing pandemic ruined their scores and forced them to regroup and reformat their competitions just to keep breathing. With the majority of sporting events either postponed or outright canceled, esports events seem to be the last survivors bringing forth the much-needed dose of online esports betting to esports enthusiasts worldwide.

With that in mind, our Flashpoint playoffs predictions ought to provide you with a ton of useful information you can base your upcoming wagers on.

Where to Place Flashpoint Bets | Best Esports Betting Sites

Best esports betting sites are those that offer the ultimate online betting experience on your favorite esports titles. It’s as simple as that! But, how can you assess the overall quality and user satisfaction levels of bookmakers you’ve never used before?

Well, the easiest way would be to check out our comprehensive guide on CS:GO bookmakers. Not only does it feature a list of the most popular CS:GO betting sites, but it also explains their key characteristics and things to keep in mind before putting a ring on a betting platform.

If you’re too lazy to check that piece out, here’s a short rundown of the key characteristics that make good esports bookmakers:

  • Fluid website
  • Responsive Mobile-Friendly site/app
  • Quality customer service
  • Decent odds
  • Plenty of available esports bets
  • Plenty of available esports markets

With that out of our way, let’s focus on Flashpoint playoffs predictions and see how we can cash some money out in these wicked, trying times!

Flashpoint Playoffs Predictions

First things first – two of our Flashpoint playoffs predictions revolve around upper bracket semifinals featuring four teams that won the upper bracket quarterfinals matches. The remaining two matchups feature teams that lost in the initial round and are now one loss away from elimination. Keep that in mind as that’ll greatly affect our Flashpoint playoffs predictions.

Furthermore, you should know that all four matches are played online, just like all remaining matches of the competition. Upper bracket semifinals kick off on Easter (April 12th), while lower bracket round 1 matches start a day before (Saturday, April 11th). Make sure you get your bets in on time!

MAD Lions vs. Cloud9 Betting Predictions

Let’s kickstart our Flashpoint playoffs predictions with the upper bracket semifinals! The first match features MAD Lions going up against Cloud9. MAD defeated FPX in the first round without too many issues other than a map-one scare that almost went the wrong way. Cloud9, on the other hand, barely squeezed through Gen.G in what was a tightly contested match from start to finish.

Obviously, MAD Lions are still the toughest team in this competition. They were the leading favorites since day one and are yet to lose an important match. That defeat against HAVU doesn’t count as an important match! That said, it’s no wonder they are considered as the favorites here. The majority of good CS:GO bookies have them at around -200, which is kind of what I’d come to expect knowing both teams’ forms and their in-game approaches.

The Danes (MAD Lions) are the rightful favorites here, having lost only a single match in the event thus far. Yes, I know Cloud9 has just one additional loss, but their overall presentations just didn’t seem all too good. Don’t get me wrong, this new C9 roster is looking good… but I have to admit MAD Lions is still among the biggest (positive) surprises of 2020.

For that reason, I have to go with MAD Lions here. Once again, Mad Lions to win at -200 seems like the perfect choice. If you’re feeling frisky, you can go with MAD Lions to win 2-1 at cca +130 to +160, depending on your bookmaker. But, knowing the map pools of both teams, I really can’t tell if it’s going to be an over or an under scenario. So yeah, long story short – MAD Lions match-winner at -200 will have to suffice for this one.

Flashpoint Playoffs Predictions
MAD Lions to Win at -200

HAVU vs. MIBR Betting Predictions

HAVU was one of the best-performing teams in the group stage. They narrowly lost the phase 1 finals against MAD Lions and went all the way in phase 2, beating Copenhagen Flames, Envy, and Cloud9 on their way to the top spot. The tenacious Finns, led by in-form ZOREE, are aiming to become the next big Scandinavian esports sensation­. In other words, they are aiming to become the next ENCE. Will they succeed?

Well, a win against MIBR, which would then grant a chance to win the inaugural season of Flashpoint, would definitely be a good start for ZOREE and the Finns. But the experienced Brazilians won’t give up without a fight, you can bet on that right now! But, who will step up for the occasion?

Thus far, fer and FalleN were the crucial factors for MIBR. They keep giving their everything in both ESL Pro League and Flashpoint. But, now that they’re out of the ESL PL competition, they got everything to play for on Flashpoint… and that could be a major danger for the tenacious Finns.

At the moment, we still have no concrete odds on this particular matchup. Nothing surprising really, considering the fact MIBR vs. Orgless finished less than half an hour ago. Despite that, I already know where I’ll put my money!

Even though MIBR isn’t exactly in the greatest of forms, I still think the individual superiority of their roster combined with a ton of experience of players like fer and FalleN ought to be enough to glide past HAVU. I’m not trying to belittle HAVU – they’ve been great thus far… I just think MIBR has what it takes to reach the upper bracket finals.

Flashpoint Playoffs Predictions
MIBR to win

FunPlus Phoenix vs. Gen.G Betting Predictions

Now that I’ve shared my Flashpoint playoffs predictions for the upper bracket semifinals, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and focus on the bottom end of the table. The first match we have to dissect here is FunPlus Phoenix vs. Gen.G Esports. Two teams that barely made it through to the playoffs are now fighting to earn their place in the lower bracket round two. A quick reminder – the losing team is eliminated, so pretty much everything is on the line for FPX and Gen.G!

Let’s start things off with Gen.G. Coming into this event, I expected a lot from koosta and the rest of the fellers. Then again, I expected even more from Dignitans and look how that turned out. Back to the topic – even though I wasn’t swept off my feet by Gen.G’s group stage performance, I expected them to put up a proper fight against Cloud9… and that’s exactly what they did. 16-13 and 19-17 were the end results, which just goes to show you what a thriller this match really was. Even though koosta had an amazing match from start to finish, his brilliant performance wasn’t enough to pull the match in his team’s favor.

FPX, on the other hand, scared the heck out of MAD Lions on that first map on Nuke. 16-14 was the end result, it could’ve really gone either way. But, RoeJ and the rest of the MAD Lions roster pulled themselves together and wiped the floor with FPX with astonishing 16-2.

Map pool depth is on Gen.G’s favor. The same goes for pretty much everything else, including team cohesion and individual qualities. Best of all – the odds aren’t that heavily in favor of Gen.G. For what reason? I honestly don’t know. What I do know is that I’ll have my money on Gen.G to win this, which goes for roughly -182. It’s not the greatest, I know, but well worth it either way…

Flashpoint Playoffs Predictions
Gen.G to win at -182

Chaos vs. Orgless Betting Predictions

Neither of these two teams is a household name. Come to think of it, neither of the two sets of players can be considered as household names either. Perhaps it’s a bit of a far stretch, but the likes of Wardell, FNS, and Subroza might already be sworn to a different game. Be that as it is – we’re here to focus on Flashpoint playoffs predictions, nothing more and nothing less. So, with that in mind, let’s see what sort of an encounter we can expect here!

Starting off with Orgless, they were a bit unlucky to lose against MIBR earlier. Yes, MIBR was objectively the better side, but Subroza and Infinite definitely had their chances. Unfortunately, fer and kNgV had a brilliant outing, much better than the one they had against FURIA which got them eliminated from the ESL Pro League.

When it comes to Chaos, I’m still not sure how they managed to get this far. Yes, steel is a God, we all know that… but the rest of the team is barely there. Heck, we’re talking about a team that has won just two matches thus far… was this the awesome tournament format that Thorin was so eager to brag on about?

Let’s put that aside and finish things off with a concrete pick. Obviously, Orgless is the team I’m siding with here. Even though I’m not their biggest fan, they’ve shown us plenty of tenacity and a lot more willpower than Chaos. Yes, Chaos was pretty lucky to reach this far with just two wins to their tally, but I reckon it’s about time their luck runs out…

Flashpoint Playoffs Predictions
Orgless to win

Outright Betting on Flashpoint

As far as outright betting is concerned, I’m afraid you might be too late. The majority of esports betting sites had outright betting options on the inaugural season of Flashpoint before the start of the first playoffs matches. With the first round coming to a close, most of them aren’t facilitating outright betting options anymore. You’ll either have to look far and wide to find a bookmaker that does, or just come to terms with the fact you’re doomed to bet on matches, just like the rest of us mortals…

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