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Football Index

Do you fancy yourself as a football maestro? Are you, like me, always looking for new ways to cash in on your knowledge of the beautiful game? If so, you might be interested in a football betting platform I’m going to review here — Football Index.

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that I’ve made no secret about my love of trading stocks. So, when I learned there was a betting app for trading football players in the same way I traded stocks and shares, earning dividends and benefiting from capital appreciation as I went, I was keen to learn more.

When I learned that I could reclaim any losses up to the value of £500 in my first week of trading, my curiosity went into overdrive and I signed up. Here’s what I learned about Football Index — the good, the bad, and the ugly.

How Does Football Index Work?

The best way to describe Football Index is like a stock market for football players. You can buy and sell players the same way you would buy stock in Facebook, Google, Apple, Ford, or any company listed on a regular stock market.

Each player has a price determined by supply and demand in the market. The more players there are bidding to buy stock in a certain player, the higher the price goes. The same goes for the opposite. If the market is selling a player heavily, his price falls in accordance with market dynamics. For a further explanation of how it works, check out this video on the Football Index.

For example, let’s say you own 100 shares in Liverpool’s Mo Salah. Every time he scores, you’ll earn dividends. However, as other players realize they are missing out on potential dividends, they’ll want to buy his shares, creating more demand for them. They will drive the price up until someone finds it enticing enough to sell. That’s the free market at work.

Let’s look closer at the different ways to earn with Football Index.

How to Earn Money With Football Index

There are two ways to earn money with Football Index. You can do so in the same way you’d earn money on regular stocks and shares.

Capital Appreciation

If you buy stocks in a player and they start to perform well, the price of those stocks increase. Just as you could buy shares in Facebook for £150 and sell them later for £200 if they were performing well, you can do the same with the best footballers.

It seems to me that the biggest gains come from spotting talent early and buying shares in up-and-coming players. If you have sound knowledge of young players who could have a bright future, and you have a long-term mindset when it comes to trading and investing, this could be one way to go. Of course, you’ll also earn tasty dividends on these players if they perform well as you hold their stocks.

So, what about Football Index dividends? How do those work? There are a few different kinds of dividends.

Football Index Dividends

1 – Match Day Dividends

Match day dividends are paid out daily on players in the:

  • Premier League
  • La Liga
  • Bundesliga
  • Serie A
  • Ligue 1
  • Champions League
  • Europa League
  • World Cup
  • UEFA Championship
  • UEFA Qualifiers

Matches fall into “prestige” categories of bronze, silver, and gold categories. This is determined by the competition and the number of matches.

You can win dividends on top forward, top midfielder, top defender, and star player. How much you win depends on the prestige level of the games. Players earn points, and the top player is the one who finishes top of the table for that day.

The prestige level matters a lot. For example, if you win a dividend on the top forward on a bronze day, it will be £0.02. If you win the same dividend on a gold match day, that will be £0.08.

There are three other things to know about match day dividends:

  1. You have to buy your shares before 15:00 GMT on match day to be eligible to earn a dividend.
  2. In the Champions League or the Europa League, all players have their scores multiplied by 1.25.
  3. If there’s a tie between two players, the youngest player will win. This is known as the tiebreaker.

Media Dividends

Football Index monitors 25 UK newspapers for both positive and negative coverage of players. Again, players accumulate points, and if your player scores the most points, he wins.

On match days, there can only be one player crowned king. On non-match days, three players will be declared winners and dividends will be paid on them.

Football Index has a proprietary system for monitoring UK media sites and feeds. It monitors Talksport, UEFA, the FA, ESPN, FIFA, and 20 other football news feeds.

You’ll get a dividend of £0.03 if your player wins on match day. When there are no matches, and three players win, you’ll receive £0.05, £0.03, and £0.01 for first, second, and third positioned players respectively.

As with the match day dividends, there are a few rules and things you need to know.

  1. Media dividend payouts come between 00:00 and 03:00 GMT on the day immediately after the dividend was due.
  2. The winner for each day will be declared at 00:00 GMT.
  3. In the event of a tie, the footballer with the latest unique story wins.

In-Play Dividends

The third and final type of dividend pays during matches and ongoing football action. You can win these for the first 30 days after you buy stocks linked to a certain footballer. Therefore, Football Index advises you to check the fixtures for the next 30 days and assess their difficulty.

After 30 days have passed, you can renew your shares to be eligible for in-play dividends in the next 30-day window.

You win these dividends when your players score goals, get assists, and your keeps get clean sheets. Eligible contests include the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Champions League, Europa League, World Cup, and the UEFA Championship and qualifiers.

Here’s how the payouts work for the first 30-day period you own the shares for.

  • You’ll get £0.01 per goal scored by forwards or midfielders.
  • Dividends pay £0.02 per goal scored by defenders or goalkeepers.
  • Football Index pays a dividend of £0.01 per assist for any positions.
  • You get £0.01 dividends per clean sheet for any starting goalkeeper over the entire match.

Key Features of Football Index

So far, so good. This is certainly an interesting and novel way to bet on football. I thought it would be good to summarize the key features of Football Index.

  • It’s licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and uses IBAS to settle any player disputes. These are both great signs. It means this is a trustworthy operation.
  • You can both buy and sell up to 300 shares per transaction. This is the maximum. You don’t have to buy or sell that many. This gives players of different budgets plenty of room to manoeuvre.
  • There are apps for both Android and iOS devices. That means you can use Football Index on basically any mobile phone or tablet, including iPads, Galaxy Tabs, etc.
  • Football Index has an academy, forum, and blog to help you learn and make informed decisions. There are sections for both new and experienced traders to help you learn the ropes and maximize profits. It’s full of solid content which is well worth reviewing.
  • There are over 450,000 traders on the platform, and a trade occurs every second on average. This means the markets are highly liquid and trading most players isn’t a problem.
  • Cashout at any time based on the current stock price. There are two ways to cash out. You can instantly cash out for the “instant sell” price, or you can wait in line for the current buy price if you want.
  • There’s a transaction summary linked to your account. This allows you to keep track of your buys, sells, dividends, commissions, deposits, withdrawals, etc. This means your account is 100% transparent and you can monitor profits and losses easily.

Overall, I feel that this is an excellent football betting product. It has many more features than I was expecting, and it appeals to the trader in me. I’d love to see more apps like this for different sports in the future.

New Player Welcome Bonus

Like most online betting sites, Football Index has a welcome offer. It works a little differently than most welcome bonuses or free bets. The following is what you need to know.

  • This is a moneyback guarantee offer. You can get back up to £500 in losses in your first week as a Football Index trader.
  • This offer is only open to new customers, and you must make a minimum deposit of £10 to be eligible.
  • This is for UK punters only. Players from most other countries can sign up but won’t get this offer.
  • You also need to claim the refund within seven days of your first deposit.
  • To activate this refund, you have to sell your remaining shares and contact the Football Index support team to get a full refund.

Football Index gives an example to help you understand how this welcome offer works. Let’s say you deposit £2,000, and your balance after instant selling all of your shares is £1,500. They will refund you £500 to bring your balance back up to £2,000. Basically, you can’t lose on anything up to £500 in your first week.

That’s a fair deal, and after checking the terms and conditions, I didn’t spot any nasty hidden clauses. It looks to be a straight offer. This is probably why Football Index has such a high player trust rating.

Football Index Fees and Charges

Okay, so we’ve covered how it works, its key features, and how the Football Index welcome bonus works. However, there’s still one unanswered question, how does Football Index make its money? Clearly, it’s not a traditional bookmaker, so what’s in it for Football Index?

There are two ways in which this company makes money:

  • The spread – There’s a difference between the buy and sell price. This is known as the spread. For example, Ronaldo’s buy price might be £8.69, and his sell price might be £8.40. That’s the spread, and that’s where Football Index makes some money.
  • Trading fees – Each trade incurs a 2% commission and a minimum of £0.01. On a £100 transaction, you’d pay £2 plus change.

These fees aren’t bad. I’d like to see the 2% reduced to 1% since they’re already making money on the spread, but it’s not a dealbreaker. I’m happy to pay 2% fees to bet on a trusted, safe, and fun gambling platform.

Football Index Final Verdict

Football Index is incredibly interesting. After conducting this review, I’ve already decided that I’m going to continue to use this platform. I’ll start with a small deposit of £100 and see how I do over the course of a season.

You should be aware that this product is not available to US punters or in any country where it is illegal to gamble. Also, remember that the welcome bonus is only open to UK players.

Overall, I love it! It’s probably not for everyone, but if you have a thing for trading and an interest in football, this is a match made in heaven. With £450 million in trades in 2019 and a risk-free welcome bonus, it’s hard to find a reason not to give Football Index a try.

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