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The next time you walk into a casino, take a minute to observe everyone you see. Walk by a full craps table to see if everyone looks like they’re having fun. Then, walk by a poker table to see if anyone seems like they’re enjoying themselves. Who do you think is playing for fun or who is playing for profit?

Casinos do many things designed to make the environment seem like a lot of fun, because people who’re having fun are more likely to stay longer, gamble more, and lose more. This is one of the biggest marketing schemes that casinos use.

The reason I mentioned walking past a poker table is because it throws a bit of a wrench into the fun equation. Some poker tables are filled with players having fun, while others are filled with players who act like they’re at a funeral. What’s the difference between the two kinds of poker tables?

The poker table that looks like a party usually has a few players who’ve been drinking and are more interested in visiting and telling jokes than paying attention to the game. The table where everyone is quiet is the one where most players are paying attention to the action and looking for an edge.

If you’re a serious poker player and want to find a profitable table, find one that seems like they’re having a party. You can make a good amount of profit because you’re the only one trying to win.

Think about it. If casinos lost money, they’d quickly go out of business. For casinos to make money, gamblers have to lose money. The trick is that casinos make gamblers think they’re having fun while they lose.

Does this mean you can’t have fun while you gamble and still end up winning? This is what you’re getting ready to learn.

The Choice You Have to Make

The simple answer is you have to choose between having fun while you gamble and winning while you gamble. This is how you need to act until you learn how to win. Once you learn how to win, you can start having fun again.

Even if you’ve never thought it all the way through, you know that most gamblers lose more than they win. Casinos wouldn’t exist if this wasn’t true. But there are a small percentage of gamblers that have figured out how to win more than they lose. This is the group of gamblers you want to join.

It’s not easy to learn how to be a winning gambler, and it’s even harder to continue doing what you need to do to win. The easy way is to play the games the casino offers in the way they want you to play them and continue losing. This is how most gamblers play.

The good news is, you can make a choice about which type of gambler you want to be. It might be insulting to some people to hear this, but most gamblers are lazy. They’re too lazy to find out how to beat the casinos and too lazy to do anything about changing the way they gamble. But you don’t have to be lazy, and you don’t have to be a losing gambler.

You need to make the choice between winning and losing right now. Don’t just keep scanning this page and ignore the power you have as a gambler. If you make the choice to be a winner, I can help you get started. But if you don’t make a choice, it’s the same thing as choosing to be a losing gambler.

The ability to make a choice is a powerful thing. Making the choice to be a winning gambler tells your mind and subconscious that you can win; all you need to do is figure out how to do it.

Choosing to Win

Now that you’ve chosen to be a winning gambler, you need to forget about having fun. Your new job is learning how to win and working at it until you do. Here’s how you get started.

You’ve already taken the most important step, deciding to stop messing around and start doing whatever it takes to win. Back this up with 100% dedication and follow-through and you can’t lose.

The next most important step is finding the right vehicle to take you from a losing gambler to a winning gambler. You can’t just pick any vehicle, or pick the one you like the best, or the one that’s easiest to get in. These choices lead to failure. You have to pick the right vehicle.
In this case, a vehicle is a game or gambling activity. Some vehicles simply can’t take you where you want to go.

For Example:

Imagine facing a steep hill with ruts and mud and stones everywhere and you have the choice of a big four-wheel-drive truck or a Lamborghini. The Lamborghini is worth more, it costs more, is better looking, and in almost every way, it looks like a great choice.

But there’s no way it can get you to the top of the hill as seamlessly as the other choice. The only real option is the four-wheel-drive truck. If you wanted to get from one place to another along a paved highway, the Lamborghini is the best choice, but you’re trying to get to the top of a hill.

The list of games and gambling activities that won’t get you to the top of the hill is long. The list of games and activities that can take you to the top is small. You have to choose something from the short list or your goal is doomed before you start.

Here’s a list of casino games that won’t take you to the top:

  • Slot machines
  • Baccarat
  • Roulette
  • Craps
  • Three-Card Poker
  • Let It Ride
  • Mississippi Stud
  • Four-Card Poker
  • Bingo
  • Keno
  • Lottery

Here’s a list of casino games that can take you to the top:

  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Betting on sports, horses, or dogs

Pick something from the short list and dedicate your life to mastering it. It might take years to become a master, but once you do, the profit start flowing your way. Some players spend years trying to master their skills and still fail. They give up before they learn how to win. Don’t ever give up.

How to Have Fun and Win

One you make a choice to change, pick the right vehicle, and put in the work required to learn how to win, you can start thinking about having fun while you gamble again. It’s always fun to win, but it’s a different kind of fun than losing gamblers have.

If you want to be a winning gambler, you have to do things a certain way. This means you have to pay attention and concentrate enough to always make the best plays.

When you try to have fun like most gamblers, you start making mistakes. Mistakes cost you money, so you have to avoid them as much as possible.

You can train your mind to do two things at the same time. A master card counter can keep the count, make the right playing decisions, and carry a conversation with the dealer or pit boss or other players all at the same time.

A good poker player can watch the game, make good decisions, and talk with other players at the table at the same time. But it’s almost impossible to keep doing these things while you’re learning how to master your chosen gambling activity in an efficient way. Forget about fun until you’re a master. Once you’re a master, you can let a little fun creep back into gambling.


If you’re not a winning gambler, it’s time to make a choice. You can’t have both because being a winning gambler first requires you to develop your skills. First, you have to choose between having fun and losing or forgetting about fun and concentrate on winning. Once you start winning, then you can add some fun back into your gambling experience, just don’t go overboard.

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