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New gamblers have the odds stacked against them. Not only do they not know which games to play, but they don’t know the best ways to play them.

This is why most beginning gamblers quickly lose their bankroll. But it’s not that hard to find a good game that has a high rate of return and find the best strategies to use.

Here’s a list of five gambling activities that give new gamblers a realistic chance to win. You’re not going to win in the long run, but with a little luck, these games can produce a short-term win.

Blackjack With Simple Strategy

The first four gambling activities in this article require the use of strategy to have the best chance to win. But don’t let this scare you off. The strategies that you need are easy to find and use. In fact, for baccarat and craps, this guide provides the entire strategy you need for each game.

Blackjack is almost always the best game in the casino. Blackjack games tend to have a higher return to player percentage than other games, as long as you use the best strategy.

You Can Easily Play With a Return of 99% or Higher When You Play Blackjack

This means that in the long run, you’re going to lose 1% or less of the money you bet. But this also means that blackjack is the game that gives you the best chance to get lucky and win sometimes.

Blackjack is also fairly simple to play in comparison to other casino games. And when you use strategy like I suggest, all of the plays that you need to make are clearly listed. This means that all you have to do is follow the strategy, and when you get lucky, you’re going to walk away from the table as a winner.

Blackjack strategy can be listed on a small chart or card. You need to get a blackjack strategy chart or card to use when you play.

Just find your hand listed on the left side of the card and the dealer card listed along the top. Where these two things meet, it will list what you need to do. You either stand, hit, double down, or split your cards.

Once you learn how to use blackjack strategy, spend a little time researching how each rule changes the return to player percentage. Some rules are better than others, and when you find a good mix of rules, it improves your chance of winning.

Jacks or Better Using Simple Strategy

Jacks or Better is another game that has a high return to player percentage and is easy to play. But just like blackjack, you have to use good strategy in order to have the best chance to get lucky and win. And there’s one other thing you need to know.

Not only is using strategy important when you play Jacks or Better video poker, but you also need to play on a machine that has a good pay table. The good news is that it’s easy to see if the machine has a god pay table, and these machines are fairly common.

How to See if the Jacks or Better Machine Has a Good Pay Table:

Look in the column under a five-coin wager. If the royal flush pays 4,000 coins, the full house pays 45 coins, and the flush pays 30 coins, you’ve found the right pay table. Find the machine that offers the lowest amount per coin and always use the five-coin wager. Get a Jacks or Better strategy card, which lists the best way to play every hand that you can get, and you’re playing with a return to player percentage of over 99.5%.

You can get a strategy card for other video poker games, but you need to learn about the right pay tables for each game before you play. I also play Deuces Wild video poker sometimes because it offers a slightly higher return than Jacks or Better with the right pay table.

Baccarat and the Banker

If you’re looking for a casino game that gives you a good chance to win that’s easy to play and has a simple strategy, baccarat is by far your best choice. The reason why I list it third is because the return to player isn’t quite as high as you can get playing blackjack and Jacks or Better.

The proper strategy for playing baccarat is to make a bet on the banker hand. This is all you need to know, and the only bet you should ever make. The return is 98.94% on the banker wager.

Just like blackjack and Jacks or Better, you’re not going to win in the long run. But with such a high return number, you’re going to win some of your baccarat gambling sessions.

The banker wager has a commission when you win. Don’t worry about this, because the dealer takes care of it. And the return number I listed above already takes the commission into account.

Craps Using Smart Bets

Craps is a good game to play for new gamblers as long as they know what the best wager options are. Craps tables have many different wager options, but you only need to know about two of them.

When you play at a craps table, you need to make a bet called “don’t pass.” This is a bet on something called a come out roll, and it has a return to player of over 98.5%.

The other craps bet you need to make is called an odds wager. You can place an odds wager after you place don’t pass and a point gets set. The odds wager has a return of 100%. This means that you’re going to break even on your odds wagers over time.

The odds are the only wager in the casino that offers a true 100% return to player number.

Sports Gambling Point Spread Wagers

The first four gambling activities on this list require the use of strategy in order to play with the highest return. When you play with a high return percentage, it increases your chances of getting lucky and winning.

Gambling on point spread wagers doesn’t require any strategy. Look at the games that are available to bet on, pick a team, place a bet, and either get points or give points. You have a 50/50 chance to win.

If you have a 50/50 chance to win, how do the sportsbooks make money?

The sportsbooks make money because even though you have a 50/50 chance to win, they don’t pay 1 to 1 on your bets. You have to bet $11 to win $10, or $110 to get $100.

When you win, you get your bet back and you win the amount on the right. So, if you bet $11 to win $10 and win, you get $21. But when you lose, you lose the amount you had to risk, which is $11. Risking more than you can win on a 50/50 wager gives the sportsbook a profit on every losing wager.

Here are a few tips that can slightly improve your chance of winning:

  • Pick a team that’s playing at home. Home sports teams have a better chance to win in most cases than the visiting team. If you can find a home team that’s getting points, it’s even better.
  • The way to see if a team is getting points is if they have a plus sign before the number on the spread. Some sportsbooks list games in a different way. If one team has a negative number and the other team doesn’t have a symbol, the other team is usually on the positive end of the spread.

So, if a team is listed at -7, and the other team doesn’t have a number listed, they’re at +7 by default.


You’re not going to win as a gambler too often, but when you participate in gambling activities that have a high return to player percentage, you have the best chance to win. As a beginning gambler, you need to avoid the games with lower returns.

The five gambling activities listed in this article yield a high return. These games give you the best chance to get lucky and win. You have to use the best available strategy for each game, but these strategies are easy to find.

If you’re a new gambler or need to give advice to a beginning gambler, use the five gambling activities in this article.

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