Game of Thrones Season 7 Rumors: Potential Death and Alliance Spoilers

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We never know what to expect when it comes to HBO mega hit, Game of Thrones. All we know for sure is that Jon Snow probably still knows nothing and that the nights are still dark and – we assume – still very much full of terrors.

Assuming gets you in trouble in just our plain, old regular world. But assuming anything on GOT can be deadly. That’s largely because this is one of the scariest shows on television right now when it comes to getting close to your favorite characters or diving head first into a gripping storyline, seeing as Game of Thrones has no qualms with killing off star characters or dropping a twist in our unsuspecting faces at a moment’s notice.

Game of Thrones has taken us on a wild journey, but no part of the bumpy ride has been as chaotic as the last two seasons. Game of Thrones season 7 promises to be just as intense, just as bold and quite possibly, even more deceitful.


There, it’s out there. You clicked on a Game of Thrones spoiler article, so we really shouldn’t have to warn you. But there it is, anyways. We’ve got some Game of Thrones spoilers and they’re pretty darn big.

We’ve found two massive ones out there so far, with one showing what seems to be a battle to the death and the other showing what figures to be a new alliance.

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Okay, you’re still here, which means you’re a GOT nut and you can’t wait until season 7 to know all of the possibilities that come with a new installment.

So, let’s get to breaking down the latest findings:

Someone is Going to Die

Duh, right? This is Game of Thrones we’re talking about here. Someone dies in pretty much every single episode. We even saw a good amount of death to close season six, so it’d only make sense for more stories to resolve a bit.

But who can we safely bet on dying early on? Probably someone from the Iron Islands. Thanks to Game of Thrones set photo leaks, we are privy to some hand on hand combat between the neutered Theon Greyjoy and his devious uncle Euron.

Thanks to TMZ, we get to see the two go at it pretty good, with Theon bleeding from his mouth and for at least a portion of the fight, getting the heck beaten out of him. It does look like Theon gets some good licks in on his uncle, too, but there isn’t a clear indication here of who actually could die.

Uncle Euron firmly stated his claim to the Iron Throne last season, and with the young Greyjoy’s being in his way of ruling, he’ll undoubtedly have to kill Theon in this fight if he’s to remain king. That could happen and we could finally drop the curtain (mercifully so) on Theon Greyjoy, who has had a truly brutal run through the great game.

Of course, this would be impressive vindication if Greyjoy somehow emerges the victor, as he could kill his uncle and become king, as he may so rightfully deserve.

Precisely what happens is clearly open to interpretation, but at least we’re likely to get a resolution to this storyline. Our hope is Theon prevails and maybe he can join forces with Jon Snow down the line, but we know better than to dream of happy endings in this brutal world of fantasy, ice and fire.

Major Alliance Spoiler

While Theon Greyjoy prevailing and reaching an alliance with Jon Snow would be swell (and hey, it might still happen), that isn’t the big Game of Thrones alliance we’re really pining for.

There has been chatter for a long while now about Jon Snow and the great Daenerys Targaryen joining up, but before we get that far, TMZ reveals that Jon Snow may first meet up with Tyrion Lannister.

Okay, this is a spoiler article, so we’ll just flat out tell you. They totally meet up, they shake hands and by all accounts, an alliance is born.

It’s a truly full circle event, as Jon Snow of old would undoubtedly want nothing to do with the Lannisters, but Tyrion is out on his own and has teamed up with Daenerys. Snow will naturally discover this and the fact that teaming up with his new alliance would give him a great, powerful army.

Part of joining up with Lannister could also bring us the much anticipated joining of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, who we’ve learned are related.

We can’t be sure if this set video of the two meeting up actually means the two meet and team up in season seven, or if it could simply be the actors having a chat:

While the latter is of course possible, we believe the former, seeing as the two are on the same set at the same time.

It’s going to be a weird moment, as we probably hoped for and expected this all along, but actually getting it and seeing it happen will be pretty powerful.


Game of Thrones will probably set the stage for serious disappointment in the end, but so far these latest Game of Thrones spoilers at least give us the illusion that the good side of this ongoing battle is getting stronger and possibly much closer to delivering a fatal blow to the opposition.

Only time will tell and we’ll surely see more leaked Game of Thrones photos, but here is another thought: what if this leak was planned?

Usually shows like Game of Thrones go to great lengths to cover up what their stories are going to be and who will live or die, so what if both of these leaks make us think one thing, but something else entirely different ends up happening?

Perhaps Jon Snow pretends to make an alliance with Tyrion and then kills him, or it’s the reverse and the wise Lannister holds Snow captive. Or maybe Theon Greyjoy kills his uncle, only to have his uncle’s loyal soldiers kill him, anyways. Or maybe Jon Snow and Daenerys don’t meet up at all this season and that video was just a big tease.

We don’t mind these spoilers, ultimately. They don’t reveal anything we didn’t think was going to come eventually and we don’t even know for sure who dies (if anyone). We hope Theon prevails and Snow and Tyrion join forces, though, and we can’t wait to see how it all plays out.

But wait, we all shall, as Game of Thrones Season 7 doesn’t hit HBO again until possibly next summer.

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