Game of Thrones Betting: Who is the Promised Prince?

by Kevin Roberts
on July 28, 2017

We are only two episodes into Game of Thrones season 7 and it is starting to look like things are going to come together quite nicely. At least, we can certainly see that’s how the GOT showrunners want it to appear.

Things rarely go exactly how we think they will for very long on Game of Thrones. That notion extends to the ongoing search for the “prince that was promised”, as well. We all had seen new light shed on that narrative in episode two when Melisandre suggested to Daenerys and her trusted followers that it’s possible the old prophecy may have been taken a little too literally.

Melisandre elaborated, suggesting that what many perceived to be a male prince, could actually be a princess. Enter Khaleesi, the mother of dragons. Does that now mean Daenerys is for sure the promises Prince(ess)? No, it doesn’t. Nothing we’ve seen for sure means anything.

Game of Throne Odds – Promised Prince

While we can’t always take what Game of Thrones feeds us at face value, we do need to make sure every stone is turned over. This means considering all of the realistic options for who the prince or princess could be.

Is There One?

The first objective is gauging if this is a gigantic waste of time or not. Like most great shows, GOT generally doesn’t waste our time for no reason, so I wouldn’t count on it. Game of Thrones has spent a good deal of time at least nudging this idea for much of the series, so there is probably some substance behind it.

This means that it’s fairly likely everything we’ve seen to this point is setting us up for a huge reveal, and ultimately, a crazy ending.

That, or this was an intentional distraction. Instead of some hero being revealed, maybe we’re waiting for everyone to band together in action, realizing that they collectively are the hero. The painful reality is we just don’t really know.

Prince/Princess Criteria

Per the story, whoever is the promised prince/princess would be the second coming of Azor Ahai, who at one time saved the land from the White Walkers. Supposedly, the promised prince has certain criteria per the prophecy that suggests they are indeed Azor Ahai and that they will then again save the 7 Kingdoms from The Night King and utter destruction.

The criteria we largely want to pay attention to comes from this quote:

“When the red star bleeds and the darkness gathers, Azor Ahai shall be born again amidst smoke and salt to wake dragons out of stone.”

Oh, my goodness, that could literally mean nothing. Coming from Melisandre, especially, these outlandish words either carry an insane amount of weight, or they’re another side-stepping delusion that wastes everyone’s time.

Maybe they’re a little of both, as we suggested just a second ago.

Top Candidates

You can go either way with it, too, considering a lot of characters have interesting arguments. Daenerys and Jon Snow are the two most obvious options, while some people online have built up arguments for Jorah Mormont and others.

If we’re looking at the betting side of things, we’re down to three realistic options. At least, these are the three options the best entertainment betting sites like Bovada are willing to take money on:

  • Jon Snow (-150)
  • Daenerys Targaryen (+250)
  • Jaime Lannister (+200)

Considering all of the outs here, I’m a tad disappointed that Bovada doesn’t give us a ridiculous amount of options. We do have to note two things, though. One, that Bovada probably has to protect themselves from some completely out of nowhere character being handed +9600 odds and then ending up being the promised prince.
Jon Snow
That would be a bummer for Bovada. They’re handicapping this the best way anyone can, really, as these three picks make (arguably) the most sense). There was actually a really interesting argument made for Jorah Mormont recently and we can’t completely ignore that, nor can we truly rule out several other options.

But this isn’t simply about predicting how is or isn’t the promised prince. It’s about looking at a sweet Game of Thrones prop bet Bovada is providing and deciding which door to open.

This post by Cinema Blend does a pretty good job detailing the top options, but let’s remember something. The promised prince might not actually be a thing and for betting purposes, all of this outside speculation is just noise.

Who is the Promised Prince/Princess?

As captivating as Jorah Mormont’s story is (and let’s be serious, they keep going back to him for a reason), this show ending with him killing Khaleesi to save the realm would be a whopper of a bummer. Then again, that might simply be GOT for ya.

But let’s stay focused, shall we?

We have to make a decision based on the only three options that matter. The idea here is to both follow along with this awesome show, but also make some cash when we finally reveal the answer.

Jaime Lannister could be fitting for a few reasons and he does carry sweet +200 odds. For one, he literally looks like a prince, he’s done a lot of slaying with swords and there has been a lot of chatter that he may have to kill the woman he loves.

If Lannister is already shaping up as the guy who has to take out Queen Cersei, then why not make that impact double the fun by making him Azor Ahai? That takes a little of the pain out of him murdering his sister/lover and also brings extra meaning to it. Besides, Jaime is a fan favorite and to see him being an even bigger part of the GOT pie than we initially expected would be all kinds of awesome.

Then again, how dare the Game of Thrones showrunners take this role from Jon Snow? Snow was once regarded as the promised prince by Melisandre (then again, she did say it was Stannis first), he’s risen from the dead and he’s one of the greatest warriors in Westeros.

Snow never asked to be a great leader, but here he is. Could he come to the realization that he’s meant for greatness and that it could require him killing someone he loves to save the world? Maybe, but as promising as Snow is here, he offers very little value.

As predictable as it seems to be, all roads inevitably lead us back to Daenerys Targaryen. Nobody has better odds (+250) than the Queen of Dragons, and it’s impossible to refute that this show has heavily been about her and her journey.
Daenerys Targaryen
Game of Thrones is unrelenting in the way it casts aside key characters, but it only does so when people come full circle or a storyline resolves itself. Perhaps that day is still soon coming for Khaleesi, but as things stand, there seems to be so much to be done.

What was the point of Melisandre making note of the old prophecy’s error, too? Why bring it up in front of Daenerys that it could be a woman that ends up being the promised princess? Maybe that’s just a distraction, much like the idea of one hero reigning over all others, or maybe it was meant to show us that Khaleesi really is the foundation of this entire journey we’re all on.

The quick answer is we can’t know. All we know is that Game of Thrones has handed us some very interesting theories to consider and now top betting sites like Bovada are giving us a chance to make money off of it.

The value and logic both lie with Daenerys. That doesn’t mean she’s Azor Ahai and it might not even mean there is a promised prince or princess. But if we’re looking for safety and upside, she provides the best bet. And if we’re being frank, that still makes for the best story, too.

Pick: Daenerys Targaryen (+250)
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