Game of Thrones Betting: Who Will Kill Cersei Lannister?

by Kevin Roberts
on July 20, 2017

Season 7 of Game of Thrones arrived last Sunday and delivered more questions than answers. How far will Arya’s revenge tour go? What does the ferocious march of the White Walkers mean for our beloved characters? Will Daenerys Targaryen take over the Iron Throne?

There’s even more to ponder on than that, but those could be the biggest questions we hope to have answered at some point in season seven. Even better than gauging and debating these Game of Thrones narratives, though, is the opportunity to bet on them.

Betting on Game of Thrones

Entertainment betting sites like Bovada have already given us three different bets to take advantage of and they’re actually all still ongoing – who will end season 7 on the Iron Throne, who will be the first to die and who will kill Queen Cersei?

The “first to die” bet is an odd one, seeing as technically we saw Walder Frey’s people get murdered in the opening scene of episode one. You should still be able to find that bet online, however, as those deaths weren’t a listed option at Bovada and other sites ahead of the first episode of the new season.

Regardless, the Iron Throne bets lives on and while the odds could (and will) shift based on character death and plot movement, this is a bet that could be up at Bovada and other betting sites for virtually the enter season.

Cersei Lannister currently holds down the fort at King’s Landing and is still favored (-200) to keep that post when season 7 concludes, but there’s some pretty sound logic that supports her demise at some point.

Who Will Kill Cersei Lannister?

If that’s the case, we should be taking advantage of other value bets for the Iron Throne and placing wagers on who or what will be the death of Cersei Lannister. I still think Daenerys Targaryen makes the most sense to sit on the Iron Throne at the end of this season. The story has been trending that way for so long and while it would be totally up GOT’s alley to toss us a curveball, it’d be a little too cheap and overly shocking to rip the rug out from under us at this point.

Betting on Khaleesi to take over the 7 Kingdoms makes good sense, especially since there is a whole different battle we need to worry about once the politics surrounding who will rule gets played out. There are other value bets to consider there, of course, but logic prevails and ultimately, Cersei probably will not.

That leads us to a troubling and possibly startling (yet also completely necessary) reality that Cersei is going to have to die. As Cersei puts it, just two Lannisters remain (the ones that count, she says) and it’s them against the world. She lost her children and really just about everything she’s cared about and it’s taken her being progressively ruthless and reckless to get back to the top.

The problem is she’s got a house of cards situation brewing, as she already had enemies stacking miles high before she blew up half of King’s Landing. Needless to say, the legit candidates are endless. That doesn’t mean Bovada and other entertainment betting sites don’t have some front runners. Here are the odds for who will kill Cersei that we can attack at Bovada:

  • Jaime Lannister (-300)
  • Tyrion Lannister (+450)
  • Any Other (+300)

Things got really interesting in episode one, as we saw Jaime return home to see yet another one of his kids is dead and his beloved sister is worse off than ever. With Jaime starting to see Cersei go off the deep end and realizing he’s quickly found himself on the losing side of this war, it looks like he’s potentially beginning to change his tune.

But can Lannister kill the woman he loves? The story is trending that way and that’s the obvious bet, but it might be too predictable. It might be just as likely for Game of Thrones to send us down that road, only to have Jaime killed before he can act on it, or have someone beat him to the punch. The GOT community knows the Lannisters are a dying breed and maybe outside of Tyrion (who seems to have aligned with the right side), aren’t long for this world.

The exact order in which they die may not matter, but we get no value betting on Cersei going down by the hands of the only man she’s ever loved. She’s power hungry and out for blood, too, so we can’t really put it past her that once she catches wind of Jaime plotting against her, she’d have The Mountain or someone else take him out.

We could very easily be headed down a borderline boring path in Game of Thrones season 7. Well, if not boring, at least predictable. I’m not sure anyone would be too upset with it, though. Jaime killer Cersei, someone else killing Jaime and Daenerys Targaryen taking back her rightful throne all seems outlined and prepped for us, but even once it arrives in a perfect, neat little package, it not only won’t be ho-hum, but it’ll still feel like it’s just setting us up for something bigger.

That line of thinking puts betting on Jaime Lannister very much in play, but I dare us to dream bigger. I’m not sold on Tyrion Lannister at +450, either. He’s done enough killing for one life and while he probably wouldn’t mind taking out his sister, the line for that right is long and competitive.

The best play here is taking the field and counting on the sea of potential killers beating out Cersei’s two remaining family members. There are just too many people that would make sense here.

Olenna Tyrell would love to take out Cersei after seeing her grandchildren wiped from her world and Ellaria Sand wants vengeance for her lover’s death at the hands of The Mountain. Arya Stark is specifically headed to King’s Landing to kill the Queen, while Daenerys Targaryen and her army have to take over the kingdom somehow. Sansa Stark wouldn’t mind paying back the Lannister family, either, while Petyr Baelish could win favor back with Sansa by taking the Queen out. Jorah Mormont could prove his worth by recovering from grey scale and helping out his one true love and Jon Snow can be filed among the long list of complainants, as well.

It truly doesn’t even stop there, but the reality here is we have strength in numbers by taking the “someone/something else” bet at Bovada and we still get killer value at +300. Maybe a dragon gets Cersei, maybe she’s done in by her own wild fire, perhaps The Mountain gets turned on her.

Who knows? The point here is Jaime and Tyrion make sense and are fine tries, but we’re getting way more outs and tapping into endless creative possibilities by leaving the door open to someone else doing the deed.

Pick: Someone/Something Else (+300)
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