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Netflix has produced a few hit TV series over the years, but not many of them have taken the world by storm in the same way Tiger King did. A wave of betting on Tiger King occurred during the show, and while much of that has passed (for now), I’m going to give you my own odds on what I think might happen next in this unfinished story.

If you want to gamble on Tiger King, let me be your guide.

Please note that, for now, most of the Tiger King prop bets have closed. I did find a few and have listed the current odds on them below. However, as potential new episodes are released, and the real lives of characters develop, new bets may become available. Some of the odds given herein reflect my views on the probabilities of future events and are not reflective of real Tiger King action.

Who Will Play Joe Exotic in the Movie?

It’s almost certain that a TV series as action-packed as Tiger King will make its way onto the silver screen within the next couple of years. Rumors are already floating around about who will play Joe Exotic, the Tiger King himself.

I’ve seen articles floating the idea of Kevin Bacon or Edward Norton playing Joe Exotic in the movie.

One of the sites offering odds on who will play Joe Exotic is

Here are their current odds:

Actor Odds
Kevin Bacon +100
Edward Norton +200
David Spade +300
Billy Bob Thornton +400
Ben Stiller +600

However, I’ve also seen credible reports that Orlando Bloom might play the part of Joe Exotic. Be aware that it’s early days, and none of the above might end up playing him. Gambling always carries some degree of risk.

What About Carole Baskin?

We can’t have a Tiger King movie without Joe Exotic’s archenemy, Carole Baskin. She was a larger-than-life force in the documentary and was one of the linchpins of the story, so you can be sure an A-list actress will be playing her in the movie.

So far, the reports I have read include Laura Dern and potentially Kristen Wiig. offers odds on both of these ladies and a few others.

Actor Odds
Wendi McLendon-Covey +150
Allison Janney +200
Kristen Wiig +300
Laura Dern +300
Jennifer Coolidge +700

One of the other betting sites I know of that offered betting on Tiger King during the series. may offer odds on this again closer to the time. I’ll keep you posted about that.

Who Will Play Other Important Tiger King Characters?

If you’ve watched Tiger King, you already know that there are several larger-than-life characters. They’ll all require highly talented actors to play them on the big screen. I’ve focused on a few key characters here and have listed the odds on various actors playing them.

Doc Antle

Let’s talk Doc, a.k.a. Bhagavan Antle. These are the latest odds on who will play Doc Antle in the Tiger King movie.

Actor Odds
Tim Robbins +150
Will Ferrell +200
Jim Gaffigan +300
Matt Damon +300
Louis C.K. +600

John Finlay

Who could forget John Finlay and his infamous teeth (or lack thereof)? Who will play him in the movie?

Actor Odds
Shia LaBeouf +100
Leonardo DiCaprio +200
Tom Hardy +300
Channing Tatum +350
Anthony Cavalero +500

Travis Moldanado

And, of course, Joe Exotic’s other young husband who…*spoiler alert* tragically died.

Actor Odds
Rami Malek +150
James Franco +200
Michael Cera +250
Jesse Eisenberg +500
Pete Davidson +750

Lauren Lowe

Lauren Lowe, Jeff Lowe’s wife, certainly caught the attention of many of the men watching Tiger King. Who will play her on the silver screen?

Actor Odds
Amy Adams +200
Isla Fisher +250
Alyson Hannigan +300
Emma Stone +350
Uma Thurman +450

Rick Kirkman

Rick Kirkman lost hundreds of hours of documentary footage when Joe Exotic’s crocodile pen burned to the ground. Who will play this rugged adventurist in the Tiger King film?

Actor Odds
Gary Oldman +100
Ben Mendelsohn +200
J. K. Simmons +300
Ed Harris +400
Billy Bob Thornton +500

Now, let’s move into the realm of the hypothetical. I’ll give my own odds on the probability of the next events.

Did Carole Baskin Murder Her Husband?

One of the most serious accusations Joe Exotic made in the Tiger King series was that Carole Baskin murdered her ex-husband and fed him to her tigers. Her husband, Don Lewis, mysteriously disappeared and was never to be seen again.

Obviously, I’d never dream of making an accusation like that without extremely compelling evidence. But many Tiger King gamblers feel that the odds deem it likely that she did.

Why are they so convinced? Because the disappearance of Baskin’s husband is extremely mysterious. Here are a few key points.

  • He was a multi-millionaire, and they were in the process of a marital breakup.
  • He told several friends that he was planning to fly down to Costa Rica in his plane. There are no recorded stopovers for refueling, and it would have been impossible for him to make the journey without stopping.
  • He literally was never heard or seen from again. Not one credit card transaction, contact, or anything else ever occurred, and if he did die, his body was never found.

Of course, all of this evidence is circumstantial. It certainly would not be enough to convict Carole Baskin in a court of law, and it’s entirely possible that her husband just ran off and ended up someplace exotic.

Lots of Tiger King fans aren’t buying it, though. For some reason, most people are convinced she did it. They’ve speculated that a tiger rescue facility is the perfect place to get rid of a corpse you don’t want anyone to find.

I’m not so sure, and I personally don’t think she did it. I’ll place the odds of Carole Baskin being convicted of her husband’s murder at close to zero (+3200). I may be wrong, though, and if she is hiding anything, there are now an army of armchair detectives trying to find the smoking gun! Not to mention that the disappeared man’s lawyer is calling on the local sheriff to re-open the case.

Will Joe Exotic Get a Presidential Pardon?

While almost every viewer agrees that Joe Exotic is/was one crazy son of a gun, he was undeniably likable in his own insane way, and many people feel that the 22 years he got for allegedly attempting to have Carole Baskin murdered was a setup.

Many of the early Tiger King bets made on sites like MyBookie were on whether he would receive a pardon thanks to the spotlight the show put on his case.

I would have put this at borderline impossible a few weeks ago, but there’s now a slight possibility for two reasons.

First, I learned that Kim Kardashian West is interested in the case, and we know she has influence with Donald Trump and has petitioned him on justice issues before.

Second, a reporter from the New York Post flat out stood up in the middle of a press conference and asked the president of the United States if he would consider pardoning Joe Exotic, informing him that his son Don Jr. believed that Joe Exotic was innocent.

Here’s a clip of the exchange:

I think Donald Trump probably has bigger fish to fry in the coming months, but if he wins a second term and people with access to him care enough to push the issue, you never know. I wouldn’t rule this possibility out, although it’s still unlikely. I’ll give it odds of +1900.

Betting on Tiger King – A Summary

Of course, the odds on if Carole Baskin murdered her husband and if Joe Exotic will get a presidential pardon are my own thoughts on how likely these certain events are to happen. But you can place bets on entertainment betting sites on who will play who in a Tiger King movie right now!

Also, this is far from over. With a spinoff series already in the works, and a Hollywood movie highly likely, you’ll have more chance to gamble real money on Tiger King. When the betting sites release the bets, I’ll be the first to let you know!

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