Showtime Boxing Betting Preview: Hammer vs Shields, Undercard Odds

by Rick Rockwell
on April 9, 2019

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On Saturday, April 13th, Showtime boxing presents an action-packed card live from the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The main event of the night is a unification fight between two middleweights looking to make history as Claressa Shields takes on Christina Hammer in a highly anticipated showdown. In addition to the main event, two rising heavyweight prospects Otto Wallin and Jermaine Franklin will be in action. Both future title contenders will participate in 10-round bouts as Wallin takes on Kisner and Franklin takes on Booker.

These three fights will make up the main card and the Showtime televised portion of the event, which begins at 9 PM ET. In total, there are 8 fights scheduled for this events. Let’s take a look the latest odds available from the best boxing betting sites and see if there’s any betting value as we KO our picks.

Nick Kisner (21-4-1) vs Otto Wallin (20-0)

  • Nick Kisner (+1060)
  • Otto Wallin (-1900)

Otto Wallin is a relatively unknown commodity in the United States, but not with the oddsmakers. It’s clear that these online betting sites believe in Wallin’s potential, and it helps that he’s going up against a beatable opponent. Otto is one of the biggest betting favorites of the night. Unfortunately, he doesn’t offer any betting value. As for Kisner, he doesn’t offer any value either. Additionally, Kisner isn’t worth a flyer.

Kisner vs Wallin Preview

Boxer Nick Kisner Otto Wallin
Age 28 28
Height 5’11” 6’5.5”
Reach 69”
Total Fights 26 20
Record 21-4-1 20-0
Knockouts 6 13

Nick Kisner has a professional resume that includes 26 bouts and 136 total rounds. However, many of those fights came as a cruiserweight. He will be fighting in the heavyweight division this weekend and it might too big of a step up for Kisner.

Kisner has won two straight fights and a regional cruiserweight belt. He’s gone 5-2 over the last 3 years and hasn’t taken on anyone of Wallin’s potential. 19 of Kisner’s 26 total fights have gone the distance, which tells me that he doesn’t have the power to threaten Otto in this matchup.

For Wallin, this fight is another step in his journey from a small town in Sweden to New York and bigger stages in boxing. Otto is very excited about this next stage of his career and proclaims it’s a dream come true as he now fights and trains in the United States:

“Coming to the U.S. for the second part of my career is very exciting. I’ve accomplished a lot in my career in Europe but this is a new beginning. This is the moment I’ve been dreaming of since I first laced up mitts and I can’t wait to introduce myself to the fans here.”

Wallin loves training in New York as he states that he feeds off the energy of the city. Otto believes that he will put on a great performance this weekend in his US debut fight:

“Training here in the U.S. and fighting here is going to help me put on the best performance of my career. The fun begins on April 13 and I’m not stopping until I am champion.”

Wallin has 13 KOs in 20 pro fights. He last fought 12 months ago and won via UD. Prior to that, Wallin had KO and TKO victories in consecutive fights.

How Will Wallin Perform in His Debut?

Wallin’s promoter Dmitriy Salita has lined up an easy fight for Otto in his first bout on US soil. Kisner isn’t even a true heavyweight. Wallin is taller, has a longer reach, and will be the heavier fighter as well. Kisner might put up a fight in the beginning, but Wallin’s power should turn the tide and eventually take out Nick. The only question is whether or not Wallin will stop Kisner.

I believe Wallin is going to get the TKO in this one. With such a size advantage, Wallin is going to want to impress in his debut. Eventually, he will go for the finish and get it.

Boxing Bet: Otto Wallin (-1900)

Rydell Booker +500 vs Jermaine Franklin-700

  • Rydell Booker +500
  • Jermaine Franklin -700

This heavyweight fight is closer with the sports betting sites considering Booker’s talent level and the rising success of Jermaine Franklin. However, Franklin still has to prove that he’s better than Booker, which is why these odds are closer than the previous fight. If Franklin was fighting someone like Kisner then he would’ve been a much larger betting favorite. I do see some small value in Franklin. As for Booker, if you are a risk taker then consider taking a flyer on Rydell at +500 odds. He has a puncher’s chance at upsetting Franklin.

Booker vs Franklin Preview

Boxer Rydell Booker Jermaine Franklin
Age 38 25
Height 6’3” 6’1”
Reach 81”
Total Fights 26 17
Record 25-1 17-0
Knockouts 12 13

Rydell Booker was once a rising contender in the heavyweight division. His ascension was derailed in 2004 when he lost to James Toney. His life was derailed after that fight as Booker went to prison for possession of cocaine with the intent to sell. He spent over a decade incarcerated before becoming a free man. Upon his release, Booker looked to get back into boxing. That dream became a reality when he fought for the first time in 13 ½ years when he defeated Rondey Moore 14 months ago via UD. Booker fought two more times in 2018 and won both of those by UD as well.

Now, Booker is taking a big step up in competition from the previous three opponents. However, he isn’t new to this level of competition and he certainly won’t be intimidated. This man spent a dozen years in prison.

For Jermaine Franklin, he sees Booker in the way of where he wants go:

“Booker is in the way of where I’m eventually trying to be. I’m part of that next generation of heavyweights and I’m working hard to end up as the heavyweight champion when the dust settles. I always find a way to win and I’m going to show it on April 13.”

Franklin is a very confident fighter looking to become the next big face for the American heavyweight division. Jermaine believes that his balance is what makes him different from other fighters:

“I already believe that I am the best heavyweight in the world. There are a lot of big, strong heavyweights, but I’m a balanced athlete, which makes me different. I’m strong, fast, athletic and getting better with each fight.”

Franklin has fought 8 times in the last two years, and continues to outclass his opponents whether it’s by decision wins or knockouts. Out of his 17 pro fights, only two opponents have had losing records when he fought them. So, Franklin has definitely faced some decent competition along the way. With that said, he’s not facing a young prospect like himself. Instead, Jermaine is facing a grizzled vet looking for redemption.

Will Franklin Continue to Rise or Will Booker Get Redemption?

As much as I like a good underdog story, it’s hard to pick Booker to win this fight. From being out of boxing for 12 years to being 13 years older than Franklin, Rydell would have to turn back the hands of time to 2004 to win this fight. However, I still give him a puncher’s chance, which may be worthy of a flyer for some of you risk takers.

For Franklin, with a few more wins this year, he could really start making some noise for big fights in the heavyweight division. I’m picking Franklin to win via UD in this bout.

Boxing Bet: Jermaine Franklin (-700)

Christina Hammer (24-0, 11 KOs) vs Claressa Shields (8-0, 2 KOs)

  • Christina Hammer (+300)
  • Claressa Shields (-360)

In the main event of the night, we have a tight contest between two champions looking to make history. And, the oddsmakers view this as a close matchup. I feel like Shields’ betting odds are little high considering how well Hammer has fought in her career. I don’t believe Shields offers much betting value, but I do believe that Hammer offers value at +300 odds. I believe these odds should be closer.

Boxer Christina Hammer Claressa Shields
Age 28 24
Height 5’11” 5’8”
Reach 71” 68”
Total Fights 25 8
Record 24-0, 1 NC 8-0
Knockouts 11 2

The press and promoters are hailing this as the biggest women’s boxing match in many years. Yet, nobody will say when the last real big women’s fight was. Nevertheless, this 10 round bout should deliver on the excitement, which we can’t always say about main event fights. The winner of this contest will hold all four major titles in the division, which has only been done 5 times in any weight class for both genders.

Claressa Shields, a former 2 time Olympic gold medalist, comes into this contest holding 3 of the 4 titles: the WBA, WBC and IBF belts. She last fought in December and easily cruised to a UD win. Shields has shown the ability to outwork her opponents as she’s won 6 fights via UD compared to just 2 via KO.

Claressa is very confident in defeating Hammer and believes she is going to change the game for women boxers:

“I always seek the biggest challenges and set the highest goals. Nothing will stop me from becoming undisputed champion and continuing my journey to carry women’s boxing to never-before-seen heights. I want to be the greatest of all time and change the game forever for all women in sports, and Apr. 13 is an important step on that road to history. I will be ready like never before and will defeat Christina Hammer on Apr. 13.”

Christina Hammer has 3 times as many professional fights under her belt than Shields. She’s also taller and has a longer reach than her opponent. In other words, Hammer will be the bigger fighter this weekend and she will need to use that size difference to her advantage if she wants any shot at winning. Christina last fought two months ago and won via TKO. It was more of a “keep busy” fight than a realistic competitor. With that said, Hammer believes her experience as a champ will pay off against Shields:

“I have waited a long time for this moment. I am bigger, stronger, and more experienced than Claressa Shields. I am undefeated and have been a champion for over eight years. I can’t wait to show the world that I am the best and undisputed middleweight champion of the world.”

Like with the two heavyweight prospects on the card, Salita is also the promoter for both of these champions.

Who Will Be the Queen of Boxing?

Hammer certainly has the advantage in size, reach and experience. She has also been a champ for 8 years. But, one could poke holes in the resume of her opponents over these last few years. Additionally, Hammer’s first ever US fight was last year when she beat Tori Nelson.

Shields is the better athlete and appears to have better overall boxing skills inside the ring. Her amateur career speaks volumes and the success she’s had in just 8 pro fights proves how talented she really is.

For this fight, I believe Shields will take the UD as she out-boxes her opponent. Claressa has the skills to outwork Hammer and I believe that’s exactly what will happen. I think Shields can put on a technical masterpiece and that will give her the majority of the rounds on her way to a Unanimous Decision win and boxing immortality. With that said, I do still give Hammer a puncher’s chance and I do think she has some betting value.

Boxing Bet: Claressa Shields (-360)

Showtime Preliminary Fights

The following preliminary bouts have listed betting odds courtesy of 5Dimes. Unfortunately, not all of the preliminary fights have odds.

Marcus Bates (8-1-1) vs Jesse Angel Hernandez (12-2)

  • Marcus Bates (+180)
  • Jesse Angel Hernandez (-240)

Both fighters come into this contest having lost their last fights. For Bates, it was the first loss of his career as he fell via UD to Aleem one year ago. Hernandez suffered the second loss of his career as it snapped a 9 fight unbeaten streak.

Bates is the underdog in this fight as he will be the smaller of the two fighters in addition to not having that impressive of a resume. His toughest opponent was Aleem and he lost. Hernandez has faced tougher opponents and came out of those contests having won a few of them.

With that said, neither fighter has a major advantage over the other. That’s why the oddsmakers have these betting odds so close. I believe Bates offers betting value as he could pull off the upset. But, the smart play is Hernandez to win via UD. He has the size advantage and a better overall pro resume.

Boxing Bet: Jesse Angel Hernandez (-240)

Vicente Alfaro Martinez (9-4) vs Jarico O’Quinn (11-0-1)

  • Vicente Alfaro Martinez (+425)
  • Jarico O’Quinn (-610)

This fight is all about the evolution of Jarico O’Quinn. Jarico is a rising prospect who continues to improve with each fight. He’s scored 8 KOs in his 11 wins and has 3 straight TKO victories including his last fight which was two months ago against Alex Rangel. O’Quinn has taken on tough competition throughout his career including more seasoned fighters. His opponent isn’t more seasoned and isn’t more talented either.

I expect O’Quinn to win this fight via TKO as Martinez has gone 5-4 in his last 9 fights and suffered two losses via TKO. He’s a step down in level of competition for O’Quinn and I don’t see Martinez winning at all. He isn’t worthy of a flyer either. I’m actually surprised that Jarico’s odds aren’t higher. I wouldn’t be surprised if O’Quinn’s odds go up by fight night.

Boxing Bet: Jarico O’Quinn (-610)

Mario Heredia (15-6-1) vs Samuel Peter (37-6)

  • Mario Heredia (+1100)
  • Samuel Peter (-2000)

Booker isn’t the only 38 year old boxer looking to continue his comeback. Samuel Peter returned to action in February after a 2+ year hiatus. It was the second time Peter has come back from a “hiatus.” Peter is a former world champ who has fought 5 times in the last 8 years. He lost to Wladimir Klitschko twice and Vitali Klitschko once in his career, but also beat James Toney twice. Peter’s two stints of retirement, multiple losses later in his career, were due to poor conditioning. But, he appears to be back on track with his health and should win this fight easily.

Mario Heredia has gone 2-5-1 in his last 8 fights and is a slight step up from being a sparring partner. Heredia shouldn’t be much of competition for Peter, but more of a stepping stone to bigger fights if his health holds up. I’m taking Peter to win this fight via TKO.

Boxing Bet: Samuel Peter (-2000)

Final Thoughts on Showtime’s Boxing Event

I’m really intrigued with the women’s fight as I appreciate the history at stake here. But, the biggest storyline for me is how Rydell Booker holds up against Jermaine Franklin. Although I picked Franklin to win, I would like to see Booker be competitive. Samuel Peter has me interested as well, due to his comeback attempt. But, the success of this event is all predicated on the women’s championship fight. I also believe that the main event offers some betting value with Hammer in addition to the entertainment value.

With that said, I’m more excited about this boxing card than the Lomachenko vs Crolla card on ESPN+ this weekend. Showtime will is giving us a historic championship unification bout, two rising heavyweight prospects, and two fighters in the latter stages of their careers trying to make a comeback. To me, that’s quality sports entertainment.

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