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Political betting is growing more popular every single year. Many of the best online sportsbooks in the world now offer political wagering options across several different countries. I looked at nearly all these sites to find which one offers the best odds to bet on European general elections online.

After considerable research, I concluded that Betway Sportsbook is the best overall option for political betting right now.

There are a number of European elections scheduled to take place over the next few years. Some may come even sooner than expected. It’s an exciting time for politics in Europe, and you can make it even more exciting by putting money on the outcomes.

Why Choose Betway Sportsbook to Bet on European General Elections Online?

In my opinion, Betway Sportsbook is one of the best online sports betting sites currently operating. This site has gained a massive fan base around Europe, particularly the UK, for offering a wide range of betting odds across a variety of different sports. In recent years, this site has also grown popular for its different political betting options.

The majority of online sportsbooks today will allow you to bet on major political events including the US Presidential Election and big UK elections. Betway, on the other hand, allows members to bet on some of the political events in smaller European nations. They even offer random novelty political betting options on things like whether or not there will be a no-deal Brexit.

There’s no doubt that Betway is the best option to bet on European general elections online right now. At the moment, this site is allowing members to place bets on the results of the Swedish, Danish, and UK general elections. Not many sites provide these kinds of wagering odds.

Betway is also well-known for its safe payment system. Making deposits here is extremely easy. This site allows deposits to be made using all major credit cards including Visa and Mastercard. They also accept e-wallet deposits and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Withdrawing money is simple and quick here as well. Members can choose to withdraw their winnings via bank transfer, e-wallets (including Skrill and Neteller) and Bitcoin. The money will be credited to your account within a few days.

I can’t say enough good things about Betway Sportsbook. This site offers more political bets than any other online gambling site in Europe right now. To learn a little bit more about what you can expect here, check out our 2019 Betway Sportsbook review.

Now that you know where to bet on European general elections online, let’s take a look at some of the betting odds currently available for these important political events!

Bet on the Next UK General Election Results

Under UK law, a general election should take place every five years. The most recent one took place in 2017. It wasn’t supposed to take place until 2020, yet Prime Minister Theresa May called for an early snap election. It was made in an attempt to strengthen her hand during Brexit negotiations.

May wanted to ensure she (and her Conservative Party) held a majority when Brexit talks officially began. Most betting analysts predicted the Conservatives would continue to hold their majority of the House of Commons. As the election date got closer, the Labour Party began gaining some steam.

The results eventually ended with the Conservatives holding 317 seats. Incredibly, they lost control of their majority in the House. The Labour Party ended with 262 seats. It was the closest result between two major UK parties since 1974. Theresa May’s gamble didn’t pay off, and there are now talks that another snap election may take place in 2019.

What’s Likely to Happen Next?

Many people are claiming that another snap election is highly unlikely. More likely, it seems, is for Parliament to take control over the Brexit process. Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is actively calling for the UK to enter into a customs union with the EU. He’s also pushing for the UK to hold another Brexit referendum, a move that Theresa May is firmly against.

To say the UK’s political landscape is chaotic would be an understatement. Fortunately, that’s giving online sportsbooks the opportunity to throw out some amazing odds for what may happen. Betway Sportsbook is currently allowing its members to bet on what will come first, Brexit or a General Election.

The odds of Brexit happening first are higher right now. A few months ago, another snap election seemed very possible. With the Brexit official date getting closer, it now seems more likely that the UK will leave the EU without holding another election. The odds of Brexit taking place first are currently set at 1.33.

That doesn’t mean another UK general election is out of the question. Nearly all of the UK Parliament agreed to ask for an extension if the only available option by March 29th is a no-deal Brexit. If that’s the case, we could see a snap election take place. The odds for this happening are currently set at 3.25.

If indeed another UK general election takes place, members of Betway can bet on the results. The odds for which political parties will be holding the most seats can be seen below.

  • Conservatives: 1.72
  • Labour Party: 2.37
  • Liberal Democrats: 81.00
  • UKIP: 101.00
  • Green: 501.00

This is one option to bet on European general elections online. Betway is offering a large number of UK political bets right now. Check them out to see what’s available.

Bet on the Danish General Election Results

Obviously, the Danish general election isn’t taking up the news space the same way that the UK’s political situation is. Still, 2019 is the year that the next general election will take place here. It’s scheduled to happen sometime before June 17th, after either the dissolution or the expiration of the current Parliament.

The Prime Minister of Denmark has the ability to call for the general election at any date as long it falls within four years of the previous election. It gives the sitting government a unique advantage to hold elections while their polls are favorable.

Not long ago, mock general elections were held here. These help to give a better idea as to how the real elections will unfold. Based on these polls, it looks as if the ‘Blue Bloc’ Conservative party here will struggle to hold onto their majority. Online gambling sites like Betway seem to agree.

Which Parties Are Favored to Win?

One of the betting options here is on which party will earn the most votes during the general election. At the moment, the social democrats are the massive betting favorites with current odds of 1.10. The Venstre Party sits next in the betting odds to earn the most votes at 7.50.

This is one of the best opportunities of all to bet on European general elections online. There are three separate betting options for the Danish election, all of which offer some fantastic odds.

Another betting option here is on who will be the governing party or coalition after the election. Once again, the Social Conservatives are the significant favorites with odds of 2.37.

Denmark’s Social Democrats have gained popularity due to their strict anti-immigrant policies. Interestingly, the Social Democrats promise to form a single-party government if they win the general election. They’ve maintained a center-left political stance over the years aside from their take on immigration issues.

If you want to bet on European general elections online right now, the election taking place in Denmark this summer might offer the best odds.

Other Political Bets Available Through Betway Sportsbook

I touched on the trouble surrounding Brexit earlier. There may be no bigger political event taking place in the world right now. Betway is offering some amazing betting options for the different scenarios that may come from the UK leaving the EU.

Placing a bet on European general elections online is great, but I believe there are no better political bets available right now than on Brexit. One of these bets is on the results of a second UK referendum.

As I said earlier, it’s pretty unlikely that the UK will call for a second Brexit vote. Theresa May has claimed it would undermine the UK’s entire democracy.

For better or worse, the UK majority voted to leave the EU.

If this vote somehow happens, the results of a second vote would be hard to predict. At the moment, the odds to leave and stay are exactly the same at 1.83. It’s impossible to know whether or not the UK would change their vote a second time around.

Another fantastic Brexit bet available right now is on whether or not the UK will actually leave the EU on March 29th of this year. It’s beginning to look like Theresa May will need to call for an extension. No deal has been made yet, and a no-deal Brexit would be devastating to the UK economy.

The odds that the UK doesn’t leave by March 29th are the highest at 1.16. Betway seems to realize how unlikely it is that Brexit takes place on time. The odds that the UK doesn’t leave by March 29th are set at 3.25.

If you want to bet on European general elections online this year, make sure to head to Betway Sportsbook and head over to the ‘Political’ bets located to the left of the homepage. Here, you’ll find a complete list of the different political betting options available.

Do you want to bet on European politics this year? If another UK election takes place, which party do you think earns the most seats? Make sure to let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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