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The gorgeous city of Frankfurt was Dota 2’s favorite location for their ESL One tournament series. However, ever since 2017, Frankfurt got replaced with Hamburg. More precisely, Frankfurt’s Commerzbank Arena got replaced with Hamburg’s Barclaycard Arena.

Last year’s Dota 2 ESL One tournament in Hamburg was definitely one to remember. With $1 million on the line and 8 teams craving more trophies after the end of TI7, good matches were practically guaranteed. Luckily for Dota 2 fans all across the world, they got exactly what they wanted… But enough about last year’s installment of Dota 2 ESL One Hamburg, let’s focus on 2018!

This time around, the total prize pool money has been lowered to $300K which isn’t that spectacular anymore. Especially knowing the reputation of Dota 2 tournaments over the course of last 2 years or so. Also, instead of 8 teams, ESL One Hamburg 2018 will feature 12, 8 invited and 1 from each of the four regional qualifiers.

As far as competing teams are concerned, there will surely be no lack of competition.

Dota 2 ESL One Hamburg 2018 Betting Sites

Believe it or not, there are plenty of people who still aren’t used to how things work in the esports betting industry. Millennials are a crazy bunch, and I think I’m a viable person to tell you just that since I’m a millennial myself. Why am I telling you this? Well, because millennials take up the majority of active esports bettors. And with the generation Z fast approaching, there will be even more newcomers to the esports betting industry.

But what does all of this have to do with Dota 2 ESL One Hamburg 2018 betting sites? Well, since there is an influx of newcomers to esports betting, it is only logical to show them around and tell them about the greatest esports bookies currently available out there. So, without further adue, here are the best Dota 2 ESL One Hamburg 2018 betting sites you can use for betting on the group stage and playoffs matches:

Here are the top Non-US betting sites we recommend for betting on the Dota 2 ESL One Hamburg 2018:

ESL One Hamburg Dota 2 Tournament History

The first installment of Dota 2 ESL One series in Germany can be tracked all the way back to 2014. More precisely, it can be tracked to the first ever Dota 2 ESL One Frankfurt in which Invictus Gaming took the big W after defeating Evil Geniuses in the grand finals.

The following 2 tournaments (2015 and 2016) kept the same location – Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt and the same number of teams – 8, with slight changes in tournament formats. What was changing with each year was the prize pool money which kept rising ever so slightly.

In 2017, however, the prize pool took a sudden exponential rise to $1,000,000 and changed the tournament location to Barclaycard Arena in Hamburg. More valuable sponsorship offers started kicking in with companies finally noticing all the potential in the esports industry.

Let me remind you, ESL One Hamburg 2017 ended with snatching the trophy from Team Secret thanks to a great display from No[o]ne who showed his prowess on the big stage. How will the story unfold this time around? Well, I guess we’ll have to wait a few more days and see…

Betting Options for Dota 2 ESL One Hamburg 2018

Dota 2 Special bets are coming up in the world. They are, by far, the most popular options for seasoned and well-experienced esports bettors. Since there is a lot of stuff to choose from, let’s take a closer look at some of the most picked Dota 2 special bets in recent months:

First Team to 10/20 Kills

Both of these Dota 2 special bets are pretty much self-explanatory. Both of them are disregarding the final outcome of the match. In other words, if you guess which team gets to 10 or 20 kills first, you’ve won the bet. It’s as simple as that!

Team to Slay the First Roshan

Roshan is the biggest global objective in Dota 2 matches. This bet uses this to its advantage, disregarding the final outcome yet again and only focusing on the team who manages to slay the first Roshan in the given match.

Team to Draw First Blood

Just like in League of Legends, the first kill in Dota 2 matches is usually called First Blood. So, if you’re one of the people who like those thrilling high risk/high reward bets, then this is the one you should be thinking of betting on.

There are no Outright Winner bets

One thing that struck me by surprise is the fact that there are no Outright Winner bets for this tournament. Of course, it’s not that surprising at the moment since the tournament has already started… but even a few days before the tournament, finding Outright Winner bets for Dota 2 ESL One Hamburg 2018 was a rather tricky task. None of the biggest bookies featured it (not that I know of) which isn’t something we see often nowadays. Especially with Dota 2 tournaments.

The only viable reason for this (in my opinion at least) is the fact that this year’s ESL One installment in Hamburg has only $300K in prize pool money. Additionally, the team composition is pretty good, but it’s far off from the perfect one since it doesn’t feature the best TI8 team. That’s just my two cents though, I’m sure bookies had other reasons too.

Final Words

That’s it, guys! As far as Dota 2 ESL One Hamburg 2018 betting sites are concerned, I’m afraid we’re all done for today! As you had the chance to see for yourselves, there is a lot of stuff going on related to the betting portion of this tournament. Dota 2 betting is a popular niche in the esports betting industry so it’s not surprising to see a huge bookie presence.

To sum it all up – if you are looking to bet on Dota 2 ESL One Hamburg 2018 matches, the best place to do that is one of the above-featured esports bookies. They’re each great in their own right so picking one of them will definitely satisfy all of your betting cravings.

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