Here’s How to Bet on the PGA Tour in Australia in 2019

by Kevin Oldroyd
on March 18, 2019

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Australia has produced a number of top-level golfers over the years. Unsurprisingly, this country has a massive golfing fan base that tunes into each and every major event taking place around the world. Unfortunately, some of these fans are having a hard time finding the best place to bet on the PGA Tour in Australia in 2019. That’s what I’m here to help with.

There are a number of amazing online sports betting sites available in Australia. I’ve looked through nearly all of them and found the one that I feel offers the best odds, safest payouts, and most golf betting options.

Let’s check it out!

What’s the Best Site to Bet on the PGA Tour in Australia in 2019?

As I just mentioned, there are some amazing internet sportsbooks available to Australians. To me, the best option for golf betting right now is This site has grown extremely popular over the past few years thanks to its amazing user interface and the wide range of different available sports bets.

Mybookie has been growing considerably in the United States. Fortunately, they offer all of the same odds to players in Australia. So what makes this such a good golf betting site?

You’ll find a complete list of the golf betting odds here directly on the homepage. Click the ‘Golf’ tab to the left of the screen to find a complete list of odds available for different tournaments. From what I’ve found, Mybookie offers more unique betting options than any other site operating today.

Members here can bet on just about every PGA tournament taking place this year. The odds for some of the small tournament may not arrive until a few days before these tournaments are scheduled to take place. Major tournaments can be bet on months before they take place.

One of the coolest features with this site is the golf novelty betting options offered. Unlike many sites that only allow you to bet on tournament winners, allows you to bet on things like how many Majors a player will win. There is a wide range of different bets available here that offer some amazing opportunities to cash out.

Other Sports Betting Options at Mybookie Sportsbook

I feel strongly that Mybookie is the best option to bet on the PGA Tour in Australia in 2019. This site offers betting odds on a variety of other sports too. Basketball fans will find odds on every single NBA game taking place this season. This site is also an amazing place to bet on March Madness.

Mybookie provides lines on most Australian sports including rugby, cricket, and football. There are hundreds of different bets available here every single day. Members can even place bets on sports live, as they are taking place.

Payment Options at Mybookie Sportsbook

This company has gained a fantastic reputation over the years for offering quick, safe payouts for all members. There are numerous options to both deposit and withdraw money here.

Deposits can be made using all major credit cards including Visa and MasterCard. Members can also put money into their accounts using Bitcoin and direct bank wires. There are very little fees associated with deposits.

The easiest payout method available here is using Bitcoin. The fees for Bitcoin withdrawals are extremely small. Payouts will generally take less than 48 hours. Even if you’re unfamiliar with using Bitcoin for online gambling, Mybookie has a fantastic support system to walk you through the entire process.

Overall, this website is the best place to bet on the PGA Tour in Australia in 2019. They offer more odds and a better payment system than any other site available in the country. To learn a little bit more about what’s offered here, make sure to check our 2019 Sportsbook review.

Now that you know where to bet on golf this year, let’s take a look at some of the odds available for different PGA tournaments taking place.

2019 PGA Major Tournament Dates

Even the best golf betting experts are having a tough time predicting the outcomes of this year’s Major tournaments. Competition in professional golf is at an all-time high, and the odds reflect just how difficult it is to predict a winner for the different PGA tournaments taking place this year. Below are the dates for the top 4 Major PGA tournaments taking place in 2019.

  • 2019 PGA Masters Tournament – April 14
  • 2019 PGA Championship – May 19
  • 2019 US Open – June 16
  • 2019 Open Championship – July 21

There are also a huge number of smaller PGA tournaments taking place this year. It’s shaping up to be a fantastic year for golf fans around the world. Let’s look at some odds for a big tournament taking place this month.

2019 Players Championship Betting Odds

On March 17th, the PGA Players Championship will officially take place in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Nearly all of the best players in the world are competing, and the best site to bet on the PGA Tour in Australia in 2019 is offering some incredible odds. So who’s favored to win this important tournament?

2019 Players Championship Betting Favorite

Rory McIlroy: 4.00

Rory McIlroy is considered by many to be the best golfer in the world right now. He’s won 14 PGA tournaments during his career, including four Major tournaments. Rory has been winless in big tournaments for over a year, yet many feel his time for a big victory is coming soon. currently lists McIlroy as the betting favorite for this tournament. He’s currently at 67, and if he doesn’t begin improving, his odds are likely to drop. He might be worth throwing some money at with odds of 4.00.

Tommy Fleetwood: 4.50

One of the reasons why Mybookie is the best site to bet on the PGA Tour in Australia in 2019 is because they’re always spot-on with the betting odds. Tommy Fleetwood wasn’t seen as a huge betting favorite heading into the Players Championship, yet he’s currently leading on the scorecards and is a solid bet to look into right now.

Tommy is currently 7-under at 65 right now in the tournament. He’s not the most accomplished golfer in the world, yet in 2018 he showed he can hang with the best by taking second-place at the US Open. Tommy Fleetwood is a solid bet to make right now with current odds of 4.50.

Dark Horses for the 2019 Players Championship

  • Haotong Li: 12.00
  • Jason Day: 13.00
  • Jon Rahm: 15.00
  • Tiger Woods: 17.00
  • Kevin Kisner: 21.00

To find a complete list of all the different betting odds available for the PGA Tour this year, make sure to head to This site offers odds on every single Major taking place in 2019 and provides a wide range of fun novelty bets on the performances of different golfers.

Check it out today, and let me know if you think is the best site to bet on the PGA Tour in Australia in 2019 in the comment section below!

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