How to Gamble for Fun and Profit

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I write a lot about ways to have fun while you’re on a casino vacation. I also write a substantial amount of content regarding the best tactics to sneak away from the casino with a profit.

Rarely do the two mix. That stems from this prevailing logic that you must choose what type of gambler you want to be, and you can never be both.

I’m here to let you know that you can. Many of the advantage gambling techniques and basic strategies will diminish your risk, which acts as an element of fun.

However, you can have your cake and eat it, too. Here are a few keys to gambling for fun and profit.

A Lot of “Experts” Claim You Can’t Have Both

Many gambling pundits will shock you into believing that you can never play for fun and play for profit. But that’s total hogwash.

The notion that you can’t have a great time while playing a severe strategy is fundamentally flawed. These experts are likely from the same population segment that thinks baseball is boring.

That stems from a lack of basic understanding regarding how you can make a profit having fun or, for that matter, having fun while playing for a profit.

No Matter How You Slice It, The Theory Doesn’t Carry Much Weight

Indeed, many of the best gambling strategies will possibly become monotonous over a long enough period. Still, there’s an entire world of games available where you can play the best strategy and have a blast doing so.

On the flip side of the fun/profit equation are the bets themselves. Many of the wagers that some experts consider to be the most fun are simply the highest risk.

I’m sure most casino gamblers would agree that merely betting it all on Double Zero doesn’t sound like the most fun way to gamble. This fact blows a hole in the side of these expert’s theories.

Here’s Why You Can

I know you can gamble for fun and profit because I’ve done it myself for decades. Sure, there were some bumps and bruises in the early days, but I overcame them.

I’m not some miracle of the gambling gods either. The fundamental theories and approaches I take to gambling have been passed down by much more competent and far more savvy gamblers.

My point is, anyone can do it. The casinos would love for everyone to believe that you have to pick having fun over making a profit. That would make losing a much easier pill to swallow. In fact, this is why so many players completely abandon the idea of making a profit in the casino.

They figure that they’re doomed to lose, so they may as well enjoy themselves. I agree with this approach, but only partly.

You should always have fun when you walk into the casino, sportsbook, race track, or wherever you do your gambling. Otherwise, gambling may not be your cup of tea. Imagine that you’re using an online sportsbook after you’ve done months of research that is all culminating in the divisional playoffs of the NFL.

You’ve put in hours per week watching games and dissecting trends. You have executed flawless diagnosis of key match-ups, and you’re within moments of cashing in huge on all of that hard work.

The cocktail server drops, and the beverage and a plate of nachos as the games unfold. Are you having fun? That’s right. Now, sit back and begin thinking about how to spoil yourself with all of that cash.

Making a Decision Based on Goals

Look, you don’t need to make a choice on whether you’ll be profitable or have fun. The fact of the matter is that you won’t always make a profit when you gamble.

There will be ups and downs that are entirely out of your control. So, you’ll need to roll with the punches.

The very best advantage gamblers on the planet only win a small percentage more than they lose. That’s the way the randomness of gambling works out.

What you can control in the casino is whether or not you have fun. The easiest way to do this is by choosing a gambling activity that appeals to your interests.

Players who enjoy strategy-based games should probably stay away from the slot machines. However, if you’re a hardcore baseball fan, sports betting could be perfect.

I might even suggest focusing on baseball. You’ll be making a run at serious profits in a game you sincerely enjoy.

The key is to align your gambling habits with your interests as closely as possible. If you’re not having fun, you have no one to blame but yourself.

Let’s Look at the Top Ways to Have Fun and Still Profit

The best way to enjoy your gambling while working towards a profit is to evaluate what fun means to you.

That may sound difficult, but it can be broken down fairly quickly. Let me give you an example from two different perspectives.

You hit Las Vegas with your buddies. Several of you are serious poker enthusiasts, so you hit the poker room after dinner. At the same time, other friends head to the club.

You lightheartedly joke with your friends and share some laughs while enjoying drinks. Deep within your soul, you yearn to crush your friends and anyone at the table.

To the casual passerby, you seem like a group of goofballs poised to be eaten by the bigger fish. This is actually an extremely favorable position to be in if you can focus on your game while playing.

Other players will assume that you’re easy pickings and play you aggressively. This presents the perfect opening for you to devastate stacks.

On the other side is the attention you’ll be receiving having the time of your life with close friends. It’ll pull in sharks looking for easy pickings.

These players may or may not be having fun, but they are focused on making a profit. Which would you prefer to be? I opt to be the gambler that’s looking for a profit, but not at the expense of fun. Fortunately, the two are not mutually exclusive.

The Best Forms of Gambling to Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too

When it comes to how you gamble, there is a lot to be said for potential profitability. There’s no doubt that games like craps, roulette, Pai Gow Poker, and slot machines can be enjoyable.

However, it doesn’t matter what angle you take; short of cheating, they’ll never net a long-term profit. That’s because the house edge can’t be overcome on these games.

The good news for gamblers looking to profit is that there are ways to beat the casinos at their own game. However, it requires a tremendous skill set.

Luckily, blackjack, sports betting, and poker can all be profitable to the tune of millions.

Blackjack card counting teams have taken the casinos for tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars. I can’t speak about the potential fun they have during sessions. Still, I imagine Ocean’s Eleven scenarios, and it seems fun.

I’m sure the realities are much different. I do know several card counters that have confided in me that fleecing the casinos for any sum of money is a grueling task.

Poker can be wildly profitable as well. This will require you to hone your poker skills to a fine edge, then play in games with less skilled players.

I can tell you from years of casino experience that when I visit a poker room, I am looking for two things—the potential to have fun and the ability to make profit. I thoroughly enjoy sitting down at a table with a loud-mouthed bully and knocking him or her off the table.

Sports betting is the most profitable venture in gambling if you can break the code. That’s as simple as finding a system for picking games that work and preparing to take some risks. Sports bettors like Billy Walters have built empires on the backs of their prowess when finding the best bang for their buck.

What to Do When the Fun Disappears and Profits Vanish

So, there isn’t much argument for the idea that you must choose between fun and profit in the casino. Still, an important question remains. What do you do after the fun is long gone, and the money begins to vanish?

That’s a question with several correct answers. You may simply be due for a break; it’s incredible what can happen with a bit of time away from the casinos.

However, that may not do the trick. Sometimes, the money just vanishes before your eyes, and the more you try to catch up, the deeper the hole becomes.

In These Instances, It’s Imperative That You Stop Your Gambling Activities

If that proves to be difficult, you may have a gambling problem. Seek help from the appropriate sources and right the ship, not the gambling ship, but the vessel of life.


The hard truth of the matter is that you can have your cake and eat it, too. Gambling for fun and profit goes together like peanut butter and jelly.

You’ll have plenty of other choices to make when it comes to casino gambling. Don’t let the focus on profit keep you from enjoying yourself, but don’t let a good time erase your gains either.

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