How to March into a Casino and Play like a Pro

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Most of the players that enter casinos are helpless victims. Tourists, drunk young people who want to find some thrill, and all kinds of other amateurs that are doomed to lose their money. In fact, some of them are actually ok with that thinking it only takes luck to actually win.

There is, of course, some degree of truth in such a mindset. However, there are plenty of ways to improve your chances of winning. In this article, I will provide some advice that will help you march into any casino out there and play like a real pro:

Pick a Game With an Acceptable House Edge

Most casinos offer a variety of different games. You will almost certainly have the chance to pick between classic table games like roulette, blackjack, and baccarat, try your luck at plenty of slot machines, or enjoy other options such as video poker and crabs.

A lot of people pick their poison for the wrong reasons. You might love the thrill of some particular game or get allured by the opportunity to win millions, but this shouldn’t be your top priority. Every casino game out there comes with a different house edge. The higher it is, the lower your chances to win some cash.

This is why you should always pick something that has a rather low house edge. For example, the number in European roulette is 2.70%, in blackjack it’s even lower, and there are some video poker variations where the casino barely has an edge at all.

In comparison, there are slots where the advantage of the house easily reaches double digits. Naturally, you will lose money at an incredible pace if you decide to try them. Sure, you could always get lucky, but that’s not the point.

Learn the Rules and Play with the Perfect Strategy

Even if you successfully completed the first task and have selected a game that gives you a chance, your job is not done. The theoretical house edge is one thing and the real one is another.

In games like blackjack and video poker, you make a lot of decisions that actually make a large difference at the end. Learning where to hit, double, and stand or what cards to keep is essential. If you make bad decisions, the advantage of the casino will skyrocket and you will lose a lot of money.

Simply put, to get the best possible house edge of the game you prefer, you have to play well. There is a perfect strategy for some of them. Sure, there are plenty of different variations of games such video poker and blackjack, but the basics are similar.

We highly recommend you to take your time and learn how to play well. There are plenty of guides online that could help you. Also, there are options to play the games with virtual money until you improve your overall strategy. This may sound somewhat boring, but it’s better to lose some of your time than to gift the casinos your hard-earned cash.

It’s worth noting that even games where you seemingly don’t have much choice can have a different house edge depending on your decisions.

Let’s take baccarat, for example. At a first glance, you simply place your wager and that’s it. A closer look shows that backing the banker comes with a house edge of 1.06%. If you prefer the player, this number rises to 1.24%. The more adventurous among you may also pick the tie where the casino has an advantage of 14.44%!

As you can see, your choice at the start makes a huge difference in the long run. The situation is similar in other games like roulette, for example. Make sure to study the rules, check what the house edge is, and make the best decisions at the tables.

Don’t Play When You’re Not in Your Best Shape

This one should be obvious, but a lot of people underestimate their current condition. Casino pros always play when they are in perfect shape.

The reason is simple. Every decision you make might ruin you. Here are a couple of textbook examples for situations where people should not be playing:

You’re Drunk:

Do you think it’s a coincidence that most casinos are happy to provide free drinks to all players? Sure, this helps keep people around for longer, but it also makes them reckless. Don’t be one of the drunk players that lose a ton of cash with ease and regret it on the next day;

You’re on Tilt:

Every now and then you will hit bad streaks. Lady Luck needs a break too, so you will be losing a lot and won’t be able to do anything about it. There are people who are not ready to accept that and lose their temper. I’ve seen players trying to make up for their losses by betting big all the time. It’s a certain path to destruction and you should avoid it at all cost;

You Feel Invincible:

Most people know that they should stop when losing but sometimes winning could have bad consequences too. For example, some players get the feeling they are invincible and can’t lose when they’re running hot. This could change in a heartbeat, so be careful.

There are many other spots when you just need to stop playing. As a rule, if you have any doubts about your current condition, you probably should quit.

Bankroll Management

Most professional gamblers out there, at least the successful ones, rely on a proper bankroll management. Simply put, you shouldn’t bet too much of your money on one spin or hand.

Even if you have a successful strategy, there’s always luck involved in the short term. You need enough runway to win and placing large portions of your cash at once is not going it provide that.

Always pick a max bet and stick to it. It’s hard to determine a fixed number that works for everyone, as there are different factors you should consider. What game are you playing? What are your odds to win and what is the possible variance in luck? Are you a mentally tough guy who can take a loss or you tilt easily?

I recommend you to take your time and find an approach that suits you. If you are not sure what to do, start with a more conservative bankroll management and slowly adjust.

Final Words

Obviously, a single online article won’t make you a casino professional right away. You will have to gather some experience and put the necessary effort to improve your chances. However, following the tips I described here is an excellent start. I can guarantee you that all the pro players have come to those conclusions at some point.

Some of them even lost a lot of money before realizing the importance of picking the right game and following some simple, yet effective rules. If you’re smart, you could learn without paying for your inexperience.

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