How to Maximize Your Gambling Excitement Without Risking More

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People gamble for one reason: It’s exciting. Sure, some players will tell you it’s to hit a huge payday, but there are much more effective ways to get paid.

The problem some people have is that good old hard work isn’t nearly as exciting as casino gambling. Of course, the excitement of casino gambling also comes with some significant risks.

Let’s look at how to maximize your casino gambling excitement while minimizing your risk.

Blackjack for the Win

Blackjack is one of the best games you can play in the casino. Your ability to make decisions on every hand keeps you engaged in the game.

Some people may not consider blackjack all that exciting. There aren’t any dice rolling across the small semi-circular table, and lights and bells aren’t triggered when you get a blackjack. However, there are several ways that you can up the excitement while playing blackjack.

The first way is by playing a basic blackjack strategy on every hand. You may think that basic strategy takes some of the fun out of the game. Sure, using a basic strategy chart largely leaves the decisions you’ll be making up to math. Still, if you’re anything like me, you love to win.

No matter what game I’m playing inside or outside of the casino world, I love to win—the thrill of winning releases endorphins that my brain chomps up like Pac-Man.

The most solid way to ensure that you’re winning more is by using a basic blackjack strategy on every hand you play. You’re certainly going to be more excited when you steadily pick up wins as opposed to slowly losing hand after hand.

I’ve seen the tables of hapless blackjack players in the midst of a terrible losing streak. It’s bleak, to say the least. Conversely, a few wins in a row, suddenly have players smiling and laughing.

That energy can be contagious; it spreads across the table. I’ve even seen dealers get in on the fun.

Card counting adds an entirely different level of excitement to playing blackjack. The anticipation builds as you wait for your moment to strike, but you must stay cool and collected.

There’s also hardly a better way to get one over on the casino. However, if you’re caught, you’re headed straight for the door. I would say card counting can offer maximum excitement, but it comes with some serious risks.

Texas Hold’em’s Exciting Competition

Real money Texas Hold’em can be incredibly exciting for even the novice players. Unfortunately, you’ll have a hard time finding a table reserved for beginners.

So, unless you’ve got some experience, the risk factor is pretty high when you walk into the poker room. In fact, some savvy poker players will camp on the $1/$2 tables preying on the weaker players.

I’ve watched a player sit down at one of these tables. And within about four hours, he had made over $800. Over the course of an hour, he told me that he believed most beginners head in with expectations of winning big. They may have won a few local games and suddenly think they’re ready for the casino poker rooms.

Sniping fish on the low-blinds tables probably isn’t very exciting, but it pays the bills. This player did confide in me that newer poker players would be much better off playing in tournaments.

Most casinos with a decent poker room will offer tournaments on a weekly or daily basis. Many of these casinos host more than one tournament a day.

By sticking to tournaments, aspiring poker stars can maximize their excitement while simultaneously minimizing risks. Tournaments have a single, usually small, buy-in for the players. This small buy-in gets you a shot at winning hundreds or very often thousands of dollars.

The minimal investment paired with the thrill of tournament poker makes Texas Hold’em one of the ultimate adrenaline-pumping endeavors in the casino.

You don’t even have to win the whole thing to get some decent cash. Usually, the top of the field all receive a piece of the prize.

Slow playing a tournament might seem boring at first, but when you are suddenly placed at the final table, don’t be surprised if the hands begin to shake a little.

Baccarat Is Beginner-Friendly

Baccarat tables can be enjoyable for newbies and casino veterans alike. In fact, the baccarat table has been the stage for some of the most memorable Bond moments of all-time.

You may be surprised that baccarat is on the list. The players make no real decision other than where to bet, the banker or the player. The dealer does all of the work, but baccarat is exciting in the same way that baseball is exciting.

Anticipation is what gets the heart pumping. Of course, it would help if you were trying to save the world from the latest calamity, and the mastermind of the devious act was sitting across the table from you.

You don’t have to be a super spy to enjoy the baccarat table. It’s one of the simplest games in the casino to win.

The banker bet has a house edge of around 1%, which is about as close to even as you’ll find on the casino floor. The player bet is only slightly worse, but it’s enough of a difference to stick with the banker. The tie bet is a straight sucker bet, and you should avoid it altogether.

Baccarat is wonderful for beginners because you only need to guess which hand will win. High rollers favor the game because of the low house edge and decent payouts.

Try baccarat the next time you’re in the casino, and you’ll soon see your excitement levels grow while minimizing your risks almost completely.

Craps Tables Can Be the Epicenter of Fun

Craps tables are the heart of the casino action on most nights. Players crowd around the busy table, cheering on the shooter and jeering in unison when they crap out.

It’s this excitement and energy that scares many casino gamblers away from the craps table. The table is littered with betting options, and they have little to no idea what any of them mean.

I’ll Let You in on a Casino Secret:

Most of the players having the time of their life couldn’t tell you what half of the bets mean or how to win them.

Luckily, they know there are only two bets you need to know to have a blast and win some money playing craps. Those are the pass and don’t pass bets.

The pass bet is betting with the shooter, and it has a slightly higher house edge. Still, you get the benefit of teaming up with fellow players against the casino.

I’ve won a decent amount of cash when a shooter gets on a hot streak. Remember that while it’s exciting to let it ride during a run, taking those wins off the table will extend your bankroll and allow you to stay on the tables longer.

Even the hottest of win streaks must come to an end sometime. If you roll those wins over one roll too far, they can be wiped out immediately.

Craps also offer some outstanding prop bets when you’re ready to expand. Odds bets in craps are among the best betting options in the casino. When you bet the pass line and the shooter sets a point, you can slide an additional bet behind your original bet.

If the shooter makes the point, you get paid odds on the second bet. They range in value, but these bets have a house edge of below 1%.

Go for Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is a fantastic game for the beginner casino gambler. The combination of a relatively low house edge and the slow development of hands works to keep that bankroll intact as long as possible.

Ensuring that there are no huge swings is great for minimizing risks, but what about the excitement factor? Well, to begin with, Pai Gow Poker is the only casino game that comes to mind where the jokers are in play. Having the potential to draw a wild card is always an exciting proposition.

Furthermore, players are tasked with building two hands in Pai Gow Poker. You need to establish both a five-card hand and a two-card hand when playing the game.

So, the action may produce slowly, but there’s plenty of it as you make your hand. You’ll have a night of excitement and keeping your chip stack flush playing Pai Gow Poker.


These tips on how to maximize your casino gambling excitement while minimizing your risk will keep you gambling longer and winning more often.

You may not hit one giant score, but you aren’t going to suffer any devastating losses either. There are ways to minimize risk on any game in the casino.

So, if you’re favorite game isn’t on the list, research the best strategies. There’s no point in playing casino games if you aren’t getting excited.

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