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Gambling at a casino can be one of the most pleasurable parts of life, and some would say there’s nothing better than sitting at a table, sipping a beer, and placing bets. For inexperienced bettors who experience some tough times at casinos, you’re most likely not taking full advantage of your time.

By following the tips below, you can make sure your next gambling trip will be better than any previous expedition. Here are seven tips to help gamblers maximize their time at the casino.

1 ‒ Read Up on the Casino

Casinos, like most places of business, can be well-reviewed or desolate wastelands that aren’t worth your time. One of the first casinos I ever went to was run down, offered terrible odds, and employed dealers who are among the worst I’ve ever encountered. To avoid a mistake like this, I advise you to read up on the casino before you plan a gambling trip.

Outside of the occasional horror story, most casinos are well kept, pleasant, and professionally-run. This tip is crucial if you’re planning on visiting a city like Las Vegas or Reno, so you know which casinos are best for you.

Specific gambling dens are preferable for more experienced gamblers, while others might appeal to inexperienced gamblers new to the casino scene.

This tip is one of the easiest to follow and simply requires a quick Google search so you can read some of the reviews. Don’t waste your time at a casino with poor reviews, instead, make sure you’re visiting a spot that other people enjoy gambling at.

2 ‒ Prepare in Advance

Walking into a casino unprepared is the easiest way to lose money and ruin your experience. Each casino game is designed to win money for the house; in other words, every game has a house edge or advantage. Refusing to research the rules, strategy, and table etiquette will set you up for failure.

Most games are simple enough to understand and only require a few minutes of preparation to understand so you can hold your own while gambling. I recommend figuring out which games you want to play before you arrive at the casino, so you know where to head and how to get to gambling as soon as possible.

Games like blackjack and real money craps are some of the most popular casino games and are a solid starting place for new gamblers. However, if you have no idea how either game works, the table will look like a foreign object. If you’re looking for a fun game that requires minimal effort, consider playing a game like roulette.

3 ‒ Skip the Line at the Bar

Casinos can be madhouses during the weekend, so if you’re planning a gambling trip, I advise going on a weekday when you can devote time and energy to familiarizing yourself with the casino. However, if you want to get the full experience and visit during the weekend rush, make sure to walk straight past the bar and towards the tables.

Not only will you waste time standing in a long line to pay for overpriced drinks, but you’ll avoid making a mistake commonly committed by inexperienced gamblers.

Casinos are known to pay for their patrons’ drinks as long as they are gambling. This is contingent on the casino you decide to gamble at, but even if the casino doesn’t foot the drink bill, it’s worth asking.

At the very least, servers will go from table to table to take gamblers’ drink orders. Even if you’re paying for your drinks, you can keep gambling while someone else runs to the bar for you. Be sure to tip generously, especially if the casino is paying for your alcohol.

4 ‒ Decide Why You’re There

People who frequent casinos can have different approaches to gambling. Some gamblers go to have fun while others go to win money. While the experience at a casino is fluid and doesn’t have to be black and white, it’s important to remember why you’re there in the first place. If you’re gambling to have fun, don’t limit yourself to just one game; there’s entertainment all around the casino that you should explore.

If you’re there for a good time, the most fun you can have is at the craps table or playing roulette. The atmosphere around a fully packed craps table is second to none, especially if you surround yourself with big spenders. Roulette is also enjoyable due to its fast pace and unpredictability. Both of these games also have some of the best odds, so you can genuinely have a blast while trying to make some money.

Gamblers who gamble for money should focus on games like blackjack or poker. Both are enjoyable but force you to grind out small victories throughout your stay. There isn’t a wrong answer for why you’re gambling, that is unless you’re trying to win rent money. But by establishing your purpose, you can make sure you’re playing the right games.

5 ‒ Consider Skipping Slots

Slots are like video games where you can make money. You might ask yourself, what’s not to like about that? I get it, slots are incredibly inviting with their colorful lights and melodic sound effects. They’re also the most popular game found at casinos.

Despite the positives, I am wholly opposed to sitting in front of a slot machine for hour after hour. I’m not saying you can’t slide a few dollars into a machine while you’re taking a break from the tables, but playing slots is lonely and boring.

The other thing detracting from playing slots is the fact that slots have poor odds compared to other table games. The jackpot seems appealing, but the chances of hitting it are microscopic. If real money slots are your game, that’s fine. But if you’ve never stood up from the slot machines to go explore other games around the casino, you’re depriving yourself of the best aspects of gambling.

6 ‒ Take Advantage of the Players Club

The first thing you should do upon walking into a casino is head straight for the front desk to sign up for a players club card. With a players club card, casinos can monitor how much money you’re gambling and will reward you with free benefits and comps.

These benefits can range from free stay at the casino’s hotel to free play on the casino’s dime. If you spend money at a casino routinely, the likelihood of receiving these perks will increase over time. I’ve taken advantage of the players card a number of times and actually saved up enough free room credits to cover an entire weekend.

When you save money on things like room and board, you can add the money you would have spent on a hotel to your bankroll, increasing the amount of time you can gamble. You can use these cards on any game to start earning rewards.

7 ‒ Handle Your Money Responsibly

Perhaps the easiest way to maximize your time gambling is to budget effectively. Your bankroll, the money you intend to gamble with, needs to be established before you arrive at the casino. Setting a number before gambling should give you a reliable indication of how much time you plan to gamble. If you’re a newer gambler with a smaller bankroll, it’s your job to make it last as long as possible.

When you arrive at the casino, scout out the table games you want to play and pay close attention to the minimum and maximum bet per table. You don’t want to be caught at a high stakes table and lose your bankroll in just a few hands.

To stay at the table longer, consider using a flat betting system. Flat betting means placing the same amount of money on each hand, regardless of the outcome of previous hands. Inexperienced gamblers are known to bet more per hand during winning and losing streaks. Gambling can be cyclical and those streaks will eventually come to an end.


Using some of the tips above will help you enjoy your casino experience as much as possible. Trips to the casino are pleasurable and a nice deviation from the norm, but they can always be better. To make sure you have the most fun and profitable time possible, be sure to keep some of these tips in mind.

Do yourself a favor and research the casino you’re going to be gambling at and the games you’re going to play. A little bit of legwork before your trip will prepare you for what’s in store. Don’t waste your money on alcohol unless the casino doesn’t pay for its gamblers’ drinks. Even if the casino doesn’t comp drinks, avoid the lines, and take advantage of the table service.

Finally, make sure to save money where you can and sign up for the players club and manage your bankroll. Gambling should always be a good time, so don’t make common mistakes that could take the joy out of your trip.

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