IEM Beijing-Haidian 2020 (Online) – CSGO Betting Tips and Predictions

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Intel Extreme Masters XV Beijing Online

Intel Extreme Masters XV Beijing 2020 – another set of important CSGO events that will help teams test out new strats and rosters and allow fans (and bettors) to enjoy a couple of weeks of grandiose competitive action. Of course, we’re here for IEM Beijing betting info, which means the rest of this article will be, more or less, oriented towards betting.

Let’s start with the basics, shall we!?

Where and How to Bet on IEM XV Beijing?

CSGO betting is far more popular than most people think. It’s the ultimate thrill of the chase that esports fans all across the globe can’t get enough of. It’s basically the new age sports betting; modern, simple, and absolutely exciting!

Even though big names in the industry are doing their best to emphasize user-friendliness, non-tech-savvy beginners still can’t seem to find their bearings. The biggest questions are related to where and how to bet on CSGO… so let’s try to answer them real fast!


The best places for online betting on CSGO and other esports titles can be found here!

Yep, that’s a link towards our beginner-friendly guide on how to find good bookmakers and what sort of criteria to use. It brings forth a lot of info, but don’t let the quantity scare you away. Take some time, brew some coffee, and try to understand how bookies work! You’ll need that if you’re looking for long-term profit.


“I’ve found a good bookie, but I still don’t know the whole process of placing an online bet on CSGO!”

Worry not, my friend! We have another awesome guide you should check out; another beginner-friendly piece that’s both informative and easy to read. This time around, the focal point isn’t related to the bookies. Instead, our esports betting guide talks you through the history of esports betting, the most popular esports titles, and detailed betting tips on leagues, events. There’s a ton of other stuff too, all beginner-friendly, which is why it’s a must-read for people who are experiencing teething issues.

IEM XV Beijing 2020 Preview – Interesting Facts

IEM XV Beijing is set to feature four separate events with thirty-two teams in total. Here’s the official team count for each event:

  • Europe – Sixteen
  • North America – Eight
  • Oceania – Four
  • Asia – Four

The starting date for the two biggest regions (NA and EU) is Friday, November 6th. Asia and Oceania events start a week later, but they all end on the same day – Sunday, November 22nd.

Prize-pool-wise, the total across all four events amounts to $230,000. Obviously, the European event has the biggest share of the prize pool cake because it sports the largest number of teams. $150,000 goes to the old continent, $50,000 goes to NA, and $30,000 is evenly divided by Asia and Oceania.

More importantly, the winners of EU and NA events get a direct invitation to the upcoming LAN event in December. Yep, IEM XV Global Challenge tickets are on the line here, meaning motivation won’t be an issue for any of the competing sides.

As far as IEM Beijing betting opportunities are concerned, major online bookmakers already allow betting on the opening matches. We got the official matchups yesterday, and bookies didn’t waste time bringing forth the odds. Everything seems to be ready for a proper CSGO festival!

Interesting Storylines

There are several interesting stories about teams that’ll be competing on IEM XV Beijing. Some of them are important for our IEM Beijing betting campaigns, so let’s go through them real fast and see what sort of value they possess!

G2 with NiKo Onboard

Here’s the transfer that everyone who knows a thing or two about the CSGO esports scene just can’t get enough of. Yep, Nikola “NiKo” Kovač has signed for G2 Esports. This move finally joins the Kovač cousins and is on the path to create one of the most frightening rosters in 2020! Niko, hunter, nexa, KennyS, and AmaNEk – this roster looks to be set to take control over Europe!

BLAST Premier Fall marks NiKo’s official debut for G2. From all we’ve seen thus far, the Bosnian star is doing excellent. G2 has topped the group at BLAST with NiKo leading the way in the majority of the statistical categories.

What matters, though, is the fact that G2 defeated MIBR to get their BLAST Premier Finals’ tickets. The match against Astralis was just a chance to earn extra money and BPS points… and to get those sweet bragging rights, of course.

JKS Will Want to Impress

Complexity had to let oBo return back home to the States, even though that cost them a lot. Fast forward a few weeks and they got themselves a proper replacement. The 24-year-old Australian rifler JKS is their new signing, following 100 Thieves’ disband. The negotiations didn’t last for too long, as both Complexity and jks were eager to get things rolling in upcoming online (and potentially offline) events.

JKS arrived to Complexity hoping for a more competitive environment. Complexity brings forth just that, having been a proper threat in the European region on several top-notch online events in 2020. They’ll be hoping for more of the same, and IEM XV Beijing seems like the perfect opportunity to do so.

oBo’s departure was a massive hit to Complexity’s gameplay and composure. Their stand-in players couldn’t cope with the pressure, but the experienced Aussie ought to settle in just fine. He’s been okay on his BLAST Premier Fall debut, but I expect a lot more from him. I expect him to start shining like the bright Aussie star he is. We all know what he’s capable of, and I reckon it’s only a matter of time before he showcases all his might!

EG’s Return to NA

Evil Geniuses had a wonderful run this summer, having won three consecutive events. Later on, they faced issues against FURIA, but that wasn’t such a massive heartbreak that could’ve announced what followed. As many of you know already, EG went to Europe to compete in the first international event since February. BLAST Premier Fall was the occasion, and EG traveled 4,000 miles only to lose two matches and by the narrowest of margins.

Two disheartening defeats and what must’ve been a painful flight home will definitely take a toll on Evil Geniuses. Their return to NA won’t be an easy one. Luckily, the only real threat they’ll have to play against on IEM XV Beijing is Team Liquid. The boys in blue haven’t made a proper statement against EG and will have to give their best if they are to get the title.

Everything’s possible for Evil Geniuses, but the recent heartbreak in Europe will definitely leave a dent in their morale. It’s nothing Brehze and the boys can’t deal with, but considering the fact the opening match starts in less than 48 hours, they don’t really have that much time to forget about it.

IEM Beijing Betting – Picks and Predictions

Of course, this piece can’t go on without proper match predictions. The opening round matchups were revealed last night. Here are five CSGO tips promising solid value:

MAD Lions vs. Natus Vincere Tips

Natus Vincere have won just two events thus far this year – IEM XIV World Championship and WePlay! Clutch Island. Most recently, they had another unsuccessful, drama-packed CIS campaign which showed off their biggest weaknesses – CIS teams. Luckily, there are no other CIS sides on IEM XV Beijing, besides Team Spirit, of course. That means NaVi should pose as a title contender here!

MAD Lions emerged as the winning team on Flashpoint Season 1, snatching $500,000 in prize money and going down in B Site’s history books. However, fast forward half a year and they’re struggling to keep their footing against what are mostly tier-B teams. Losses against X6tence, Wisla, Forze and Nexus tell a lot about MAD Lions’ form.

In short, it’s nowhere to be seen which is why NaVi match-winner is at -348. That alone offers great value. But, if you want an even better return, you can go with Natus Vincere to win 2:0 which is at -125. I know, I know… -125 isn’t exactly great for a correct score wager. However, when we account for all the facts regarding both teams, the situation becomes loud and clear.

Pick: NaVi 2:0
Odds: -125
$100 Could Win You...$180.00

Complexity vs. Fnatic Tips

Jks and the boys have a great opportunity to show their worth in the opening round of IEM XV Beijing. They’re going up against Fnatic, a fallen giant that’s also looking to win a few matches and perhaps get their team morale back to admirable heights. Needless to say, Complexity is the favorite here! At -182, there’s really no need to look further than that. It’s a great value considering jks’ arrival and general form of the NA organization.

The folks involved with Fnatic are still reluctant to mix things up. They still believe their roster has what it takes to reach the top of the world… and I for one just can’t see it. I mean, sure, the core is as experienced as they come… but the experience can only get you so far these days. Mechanical skill matters too, and quite frankly, that’s just not present in this Fnatic roster.

Everything following ESL Pro League S11 triumph was absolutely devastating. The legendary Swedish side just can’t get a grip on the game. Despite being reluctant to changes at the moment, I feel something big is coming. If Fnatic fails to reach well into the playoffs here, and I honestly expect a group stage blowout, we could see a few roster alterations in preparation for 2021.

Pick: Complexity
Odds: -182
$100 Could Win You...$154.95

BIG vs. Mousesports Tips

The last of our IEM Beijing betting predictions for the European event revolves around two German organizations. BIG vs. Mousesports, two top-tier rivals going head to head for a shot at taking down Astralis (or ENCE) in the next stage. Whoever wins this match will have one heck of a match to play the following day.

Which of these two teams has a better chance here? Well, even though Mousesports’ online campaigns have been absolutely awful, I fancy them to take this one. They got rid of woxic and bymas seems to be doing pretty good. Ropz is on another level at the moment – he’s probably going to be the key figure in mouz roster, assuming they conquer BIG.

It’s not going to be easy, that you can bet on! No, I mean that literally – total maps over 2.5 at +100 is the perfect bet here. The map pool is pretty tight, with easily noticeable discrepancies, which makes total maps over bets a no-brainer.

Pick: Over 2.5 Maps
Odds: +100
$100 Could Win You...$200.00

EG vs. Rebirth Tips

Can Evil Geniuses get over their European mishap and turn a new page? Well, it’s not going to be an easy task, not after the way they’ve been treated on the other side of the pond. Remember, EG went through not one but two heartbreaking losses that saw them pack their bags and travel all the way back to the States with nothing but pocket change.

As stated earlier, that must’ve been a really hefty shot to their morale, and that’s something you as a bettor need to vary of. If you’re looking to cash out by betting EG to win this one, I’d like to advise you against it. It’s just not that smart, really!

Yeah, EG is probably going to win this one, but there’s this feeling in the air that they might bottle it. It wouldn’t be a huge surprise considering their European excursion. If you’re already keen on betting on this particular match, there are far better (read more valuable) options. For instance, Rebirth to win is at +700! That’s huge, even as a low-stake single! If you’re all about high-risk high-reward betting opportunities, Rebirth to win 2-1 at +1850 is a viable choice. Yeah, it probably won’t happen… but if it does, you’ll be one happy lad!

Pick: EG
Odds: -300
$100 Could Win You...$133.33

Liquid vs. Rugratz Tips

Liquid to win against Rugratz is at -1250. Yep, -1250 – and it’s not even that bad considering the quality of both sides. Yeah, I know Team Liquid isn’t exactly in their greatest-ever form, but they’re playing against a tier-B team; team with no experience in top-flight competitions… A team that probably won’t know what hit them as soon as the first round starts clocking down on the server.

And you can bet Team Liquid will go all-in right from the start. They need the extra confidence boost; they need a quick win… and they’ll do everything they can to secure it. EliGE and the boys are going to give 120% of themselves just to start off with a 2:0 win here.

And yep, you’ve guessed it – correct score 2:0 in favor of Team Liquid is what I’m going with here. Another correct score wager within my IEM Beijing betting tips. Should you follow through with it? At your own risk, of course!

Pick: Liquid 2:0
Odds: -270
$100 Could Win You...$137.04

CSGO Betting in 2020 – Answering the Most Common Questions

We’re not done yet! There are three questions we keep getting; it’s about time we answer them:

When is the Next CSGO LAN Event Scheduled?

If you’re not a fan of betting on online CSGO events and you can’t wait for the next big LAN tournament, I’m happy to inform you the wait isn’t that long anymore. IEM XV Global Challenge is the name, and there’s just a little over a month separating us from the start. It’s set to feature eight teams, $500,000 in prize money, and is a part of the Intel Grand Slam. It’s going to be a massive event in every sense of the word, so betting demand will surely be there too.

Is Betting on CSGO Online Legal in 2020?

Even though most countries are generally leaning towards the liberalization of online gambling on esports, the best practice is to check with local governing bodies before you invest your hard-earned money. Betting laws vary from state to state, from country to country, so it’s up to you to double-check the facts.

Where Can I Find Outright Winner Betting Odds?

Unfortunately, outright winner betting odds for this particular event are not available. And we’re not just talking about the current situation – IEM XV Beijing outrights probably won’t be available at all. It’s a new trend that has taken over the CSGO betting scene. Bookies avoid outrights for online events, and that’s something we have to get used to.

Luckily, the next LAN event isn’t too far away!

That’s all for today, folks! I sincerely hope your IEM Beijing betting campaign kicks off on the right foot.

Fingers crossed!

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