IEM Katowice Major Quarterfinals Betting Predictions: Odds, Picks, and Value

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This is it, guys! The business end of the CS:GO IEM Katowice Major is right around the corner. The third and final part of the Major, AKA the Champions Stage, starts in less than 48 hours and we’re all eager to see the eight best teams in action. True, the Legends Stage paved the way to several notable surprises, but in the end, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that all these teams deserve to be in the playoffs. That said, the focus of this article is IEM Katowice Major quarterfinals betting previews. Quarterfinals, the first playoffs stage, will decide the four semifinals contestants – The four best CS:GO teams in the world that will go down in the history books. The magnificent Spodek Arena in Katowice, Poland is already set. Fans from all over the world have already arrived, and the spectacle is set to start in a matter of hours.

So, without further ado, let’s check out what’s in store for the quarterfinals’ matchups!

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IEM Katowice Major Quarterfinals Betting Preview

Natus Vincere vs FaZe Clan

Judging by the performance of these two teams during The Legends Stage, Natus Vincere should see this one through. FaZe Clan barely made it to the Champions Stage, almost suffering a defeat against the lowest ELO team, CompLexity. Even though they won 2-0 against Cloud9, they struggled to close out both maps, which is something a Champions Stage team shouldn’t have problems with.

Despite all that, I am still leaning toward FaZe Clan. Despite flamie and S1mple performing extraordinarily well, despite NaVi losing only to Team Liquid, and despite FaZe’s problems with closing out matches, I still think the European superstar team will surprise us all here. They definitely have the firepower needed to tame the Ukrainian beasts. FaZe Clan’s roster looks scary. They got NiKo at the frontline, averaging 1.25 HLTV rating. GuardiaN and olofmeister are there as well, who honestly haven’t been playing up to their standards, but that’s bound to change come the Champions Stage. That being said, I’ll bet my money on FaZe Clan. It’s going to be a tough contest that’ll definitely go to the third map. And that’s exactly where I think FaZe Clan’s superstar roster will shine.

Team Liquid vs ENCE eSports

Let’s start off the second quarterfinals match by stating that Team Liquid are the big favorites here. In fact, judging by all we’ve seen from the best NA team thus far, they are the main title favorites. I know, I know, Astralis is still in the tournament, but I strongly believe Team Liquid, boosted by Stewie2K’s prowess, can put an end to the Great Danes’ domination.

As far as Team Liquid’s match against ENCE eSports is concerned, many people think it will be a tough contest. Sure, these teams have a mismatch in terms of map pools. Their main permabans will tell a wicked tale here, which is the main reason why people think this one will go to the third map as well. However, we can’t forget that Team Liquid still hasn’t lost a single map in this tournament. ENCE, on the other hand, started their Legends Stage run with 0-2 but managed to make a comeback and surprise both BIG and G2 before slamming down AVANGAR in the decider match. But that’s about it coming from the Finnish side. Allu and the boys have shown what they’re made of, but that won’t help them against Team Liquid. They should consider themselves lucky if they managed to snatch a map here. I’m betting on Team Liquid.

MIBR vs Renegades

This one is going to be another tightly contested matchup, similar to Natus Vincere vs FaZe Clan in many ways. But, instead of focusing on the individual qualities of their top fraggers, these two teams play more like, well, teams. Their cohesion, in-game strats, attacking/defending dynamics, and positioning are all neck and neck. Coming into this tournament, no one really expected Renegades to make it this far. They were considered a middle of the pack side in the Challengers Stage, yet they’ve gone 3-0, beating AVANGAR, NiP and ENCE, all of which ended up at the top 8 finish. But, the lads from the land down under were just getting started, finishing the Legends Stage 3-1, only losing to Astralis with 2-1 on the scoreboard and creating one of the biggest surprises of this Major.

However, now they’re going up against a team that’s much closer to Astralis (we’re talking quality here, mind you) than the likes of AVANGAR and ENCE. MIBR, especially with this new roster, belongs at the very top of the food chain. True, they started out with a defeat against C9 but quickly rose to the occasion, defeating CompLexity, G2 and NiP, all in relatively quick fashion. Coldzera, TACO, and the boys are reckless. With zews pulling the strings from the coaching position, this Brazilian side already has their eyes set on the silverware. It’ll be a tough match, no doubt about that, but I’m betting the experience and individual quality of the Brazilians will be the turning point of this contest.

Astralis vs Ninjas in Pyjamas

The last match of my IEM Katowice Major quarterfinals betting preview is Astralis vs Ninjas in Pyjamas. No worries, I won’t be hating on NiP too much here. I mean, the winner here shouldn’t really be in question. Astralis, the most dominant CS:GO team for the last year or so, will surely make a quick job of the only Swedish team left in the tournament. These teams know each other very well. They’ve played 23 head-to-head matches with Astralis winning fourteen and NiP taking home nine. Their head-to-head stats aren’t that much in favor of Astralis, come to think of it. Still, that won’t matter because Dev1ce and the boys will show all their might against F0rest, GeT_RiGhT, and company.

That said, the outcome of this match will most likely be a quick 2-0 in favor of Astralis. Once again, I’m not hating on NiP, but from all we’ve seen from them so far in this tournament, it will be a proper miracle if they manage to repeat what Renegades did earlier and take one map away from the Danish beasts. They don’t have the map pool or the team play to counter Astralis. Their rotations, retakes, and aggression are not up to par with the well-oiled Danish machine. Dev1ce, dupreeh, and the rest of Astralis’ roster is well aware of this and are likely to punish every mistake the Swedes make. And you can bet there’ll be plenty of them to talk about in the post-match analysis.

IEM Katowice Major Quarterfinals Betting Preview – Recap

  • Natus Vincere vs FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan to Win 2-1 at +300

  • Team Liquid vs ENCE eSports

Team Liquid to Win 2-0 at -106

  • MIBR vs Renegades

MIBR to Win 2-1 at +190

  • Astralis vs Ninjas in Pyjamas

Astralis to Win 2-0 at -180

IEM Katowice Major Value Bets

In addition to all of the above, here are a few additional bets you should take into consideration. Some of them are not exactly the safest bets out there, but they do possess great value due to exceptionally high betting odds. Others, on the other hand, don’t have the highest odds but are bound to splash a winning ticket.

Let’s check them out, shall we!?
  • Team Liquid to Win Outright at +300
    • It’s now or never for Team Liquid. In my opinion, Team Liquid and Astralis will meet in the grand finals match yet again. After beating them at the iBUYPOWER Invitational earlier this year, I believe Team Liquid can do the same in Katowice. Now that they got Stewie2K in their roster, their “always runner-up” ways should come to a close!
  • MIBR vs Renegades – Renegades to Win at +140
    • Renegades are, alongside ENCE, the biggest surprise of this Major. The lads from the land down under have been playing extraordinarily well in both previous stages. They even took a map against Astralis, and that’s something not a lot of teams can brag about. Chances of them winning against MIBR are higher than most people think. MIBR is playing well, but they aren’t unbeatable. Cloud9 is a perfect example of this. That said, if Renegades have a good day, they might defeat the mighty Brazilians. At +140, betting on them to win seems like a good value bet to me.
  • FaZe Clan vs Natus Vincere – Map 1 Player with the Most Kills – NiKo at +425
    • Once again, the match between FaZe Clan and Natus Vincere is going to be a real treat. We’re talking about two “top 5” teams with great talent on both sides. Obviously, S1mple and NiKo stand out. They’re considered as the greatest individual talent in the world at the moment, and rightly so, if you ask me. As far as this match is concerned, I’ll place my money on the BOSSnian superstar NiKo. He showed his prowess against CompLexity and Cloud9 and will definitely perform at its best against NaVi. Still, it all depends on the map 1 choice, but at +425, this bet definitely offers great bang for your bucks.
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