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I’m sure many of you know about Intel Extreme Masters (IEM from now on) tournament series. It’s a well-known event in the gaming and esports communities that takes place several times per year and features dashing prizes and big-stage matches. This time around, the stop is located at Chicago and aims to bring forth a spectacular CSGO tournament with only the highest tier teams ready to battle it out against each other for the grand prize.

All 16 teams that will be competing on IEM XIII Chicago are already known. They have already been divided into 2 groups with 8 teams in each. However, we’ll talk more about the tournament format down below in the dedicated Tournament Format section. For now, let’s conclude the introductory section by stating that the total prize pool for IEM XIII Chicago stands high at $250,000, $100,000 of which go straight to the winner.  So, with all that being said, let’s jump straight to the main facts regarding this tournament before moving onto the esports betting side of the deal!

IEM XIII Chicago Preview

  • As far as the location and venue are concerned, IEM XIII Chicago is going to soak in the charm and prestige of the Wintrust Arena located in Chicago. We are talking about a multipurpose arena that holds a myriad of events including concerts, sporting events, business meetings, conventions and so on. It has a total of 10,000 seats alongside 22 fully-equipped suites for the accommodation of even the most demanding guests. If you’re planning on watching IEM XIII Chicago live, make sure you plan your stay at the Wintrust Arena to avoid possible mishaps along the way.
  • As you’d come to expect from an ESL-organized CSGO major, IEM XIII Chicago is a part of the Intel Grand Slam Season 1. For those of you who don’t know, Intel Grand Slam is a special prize (which goes directly to the players) that goes to the team which manages to secure 4 wins in 10 consecutive premier events organized by either ESL or DreamHack Masters. The current IGS standings show a couple of teams ready to take the $1,000,000 prize home with Astralis being the closes ones thanks to 2 victories and 4 remaining chances. With that said, there’s no doubt device and the co will do their best to try and secure their third right here in Chicago!
  • You vs Pro is a special event that’s going to take place during this year’s IEM XIII Chicago. It will basically put 5 regular Joe’s to compete against Tarik from MIBR for awesome prizes at the end of the match. We’re talking about 4 HyperX Alloy FPS keyboards and 1 Intel Core i9 7900X processor that’s going into the hands of the winner. The registration process is quite simple – all you got to do is snap a selfie and tweet it @IEM using #IEMYOUVSPRO. 5 most creative and unique pictures will be used and their owners will be contacted directly through Tweeter messaging system. Don’t let this opportunity slip as you could be playing against one of the world’s best CSGO players at the moment!

Where to Bet on IEM XIII Chicago?

On the betting side of the deal, our IEM XIII Chicago preview will tell you all about it. First up, we are going to check out the main list of bookies that are set to feature IEM XIII Chicago bets. Afterward, we’re going to give you a closer look at the coolest special bets available for this tournament. So, let’s kick things off with our list of the top esports betting websites featuring IEM XIII Chicago bets!

Here are the top US betting sites we recommend for betting on IEM XIII:

Here are the top Non-US betting sites we recommend for betting on IEM XIII:

IEM XIII Chicago Preview | Special Bets

Here is a short list of the most popular CSGO special bets that will be active during IEM XIII Chicago. Keep in mind that the best esports bookies out there will all have these specials available so make sure you drop by and check out the odds!

Outright Winner

We are sure most of you are well familiar with the concept of outright bets. You’re basically betting on the winner of the entire tournament instead of a single match. These special bets are not just common for CSGO but for virtually any other type of competition, be it esports or regular sports. As far as the odds are concerned, all bookies have Astralis as the clear favorites with outright betting odds on them being as low as 2.00 in some places. Some bookies even offer Outright Winner Without Astralis special which could be interesting to some of you.

Players Specials – Highest ADR

For those of you who don’t know, ADR in CSGO stands for Average Damager per Round. To further explain the bet – Player Specials – Highest ADR is based around esports bookies giving you 2 players to choose from. You are supposed to choose the one which will have the highest ADR in a match. They will, for example, put NiKo vs Coldzera and you’ll have to choose which of them will have the higher ADR. This special bet might sound simple but can be really tricky to nail down every time.

Player Specials – Most Kills in a Map

In addition to highest ADR player specials, you will also find Most Kills in a Map specials. The concept is pretty much the same – the bookies will give you 2 players and you have to pick which of them will have the highest kill count in a single map. It seems easy enough, right?

Additionally, there are also specials such as highest K/D, region of the winner, group winner and so on. IEM XIII Chicago is a huge festival of CSGO so it is not surprising at all to see bookies invest so much time in the preparation of special bets.

Tournament Format

As far as the tournament format is concerned, our IEM XIII Chicago preview will give you a full picture right at your disposal. For starters, there will be a total of 16 competing teams, 10 with direct invitations and 6 that have made their way through the qualifiers and Shuffle. The tournament itself is set to be divided into 2 parts – group stage and playoffs. With that said, let’s take a closer look at each:

Group Stage

IEM XIII Chicago is set to kick off with the group stage. 8 teams will be divided into each group with only 6 of them going through to the playoffs. Instead of a conventional round-robin group stage system, IEM XIII Chicago will feature two double-elimination groups. They are also introducing a new system for team seeding. It’s the so-called Player-Selected Seeding system in which teams are required to rank teams based on their personal opinions. It’s a new system that promises great things and could even become the new standard across the CSGO competitive scene.

You can find the brackets for Group A and Group B here.


IEM XIII Chicago playoffs are set to be played in a single elimination bracket system with only 6 teams competing for the grand prize. Group winners go straight through to the semifinals while 2nd and 3rd placed teams are placed in the quarterfinals as upper and lower seeds respectively. All matches excluding the grand finals will be played in Bo3 fashion, with the grand finals being scheduled for Bo5. This will further up the pressure and will motivate the players beyond their limits, ensuring the satisfaction and entertainment of millions of CSGO fans from all over the world.

IEM XIII Chicago Group Stage Predictions

Group A Teams

As far as Group A is concerned, I am sure many of you will agree with me when I say that Astralis are the clear favorites to go straight through to the semifinals. The question now remains – which 2 teams will go through alongside them? Given the current form, I’d say FaZe is the main contestant to go through as well, with other teams having to battle it out against each other. In addition to Astralis and FaZe, I reckon we’ll either see NRG or MIBR in the playoffs with others not really showing solid performances lately.

Group B Teams

In contrast to group A, group B is going to be a lot more interesting to watch. There’s no Astralis… but there are 5 teams which are going to go neck to neck in order to go through to the playoffs. Of course, I am talking about NaVi, Fnatic, BIG, Mouz, and Avangar, all of which have solid chances of going through. Still, everyone expects NaVi to go through as the 1st place with a spectacular battle between MIBR and Mouz for the remaining spots. Will Fnatic, Avangar, and others manage to spoil the fun for the big guys? I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

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