Intel Extreme Masters XIV Chicago CS:GO Team Overviews, Betting Preview and Predictions

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If you plan to bet on CS:GO matches this week, the upcoming Intel Extreme Masters installment is the obvious choice.

Before you start your betting endeavors, make sure you assess all competing teams, dig through their recent forms, and most importantly, use the best IEM Chicago betting sites that can provide the optimal online esports betting experience.

Where to Place Bets | Best IEM Chicago Betting Sites

Choosing the right betting site is half the work here. Joining one that has the best odds, the biggest variety of betting options, and a responsive platform should be your top priority, especially if you’re just starting out.

For those who don’t know where to look for IEM Chicago betting sites, we’ve got a page dedicated to the top choices. Check out our best CS:GO betting sites guide, and you’ll find a list of several options that ought to provide you with a good betting experience.

IEM Chicago Preview |Interesting Facts

  • The last IEM iteration was held late April/early May in Sydney. In fact, that was Team Liquid’s first Intel Grand Slam win as well as the start of their impressive track record. This time around, IEM XIV is making a stop in Chicago with the same prize pool, the same format, but a brand-new Intel Grand Slam season. Can Team Liquid make it two in a row? Four out of four, once again?
  • As usual, IEM Chicago will feature two phases: the group stage and the playoffs. It’ll have two double-elimination groups, to be more precise, featuring four teams in each. Four best teams advance to the single-elimination playoffs for two Bo3 and one Bo1 series.
  • Astralis will not be competing at this tournament. Gosh, I feel like I’ve been writing that way too much lately. But The Great Danes won’t be coming to Chicago, missing out on another opportunity to get back to their former glory and make a stance against the superb Team Liquid. Other notable teams that won’t be competing in Chicago are FaZe, Natus Vincere, and in-form NRG and FURIA.

Here’s a quick look at the IEM XIV Chicago group stage:

1st Team Liquid 1st Team Vitality
2nd G2 Esports 2nd ENCE Esports
3rd MIBR 3rd Renegades
4th Team Envy 4th Heroic

IEM Chicago Teams Overview

Of course, before you start betting on the best IEM Chicago betting sites, first you must familiarize yourself with the event as well as all participating teams — or the notable ones, at the very least.

This is especially true if you are pursuing the popular outright winner bets.

Match-winner bettors ought to improve their chances, too, since knowing the track records of teams coming into the event can prove to be of crucial importance.

With all that in mind, I’m proud to present you with the four best contestants that will be playing in Chicago. I’m sure you know all of them, but I’m not so sure you know all about their performances in recent months.

So, without further ado, let’s see what these four teams are all about and why we’re likely to see them play in the playoffs.

Team Liquid’s Superiority Continues

I just have to start off with Team Liquid, the most dominant CS:GO team in the entirety of 2019. Sure, they failed to win the Major, but they’ve basically won everything else.

The pinnacle of their superiority was the recent Intel Grand Slam season win. That trophy was worth gold to these players, literally and figuratively. Their BLAST Pro Series triumph was the icing on the cake, beating yet another record as the first team to win a BPS event on home soil.

Coming into this tournament, Team Liquid is obviously the heavy favorite. With Astralis and FaZe Clan out of the picture, things shouldn’t be too problematic for the boys in blue.

However, they’ll still have tough contenders to face in Chicago, perhaps not right off the bat (in the group stage), but definitely in the playoffs. Assuming they qualify, of course.

Needless to say, the tough contender I’m referring to is Team Vitality, currently rated as the second-best CS:GO team in the world. Led by in-form ZywOo, Team Vitality ought to be the biggest threat to Team Liquid’s IEM Chicago campaign.

Another Underdog Story for G2

Let’s finish off with Group A before moving on to the group B teams.

After the first two matches, Team Liquid ought to secure the top spot while Team Envy will likely be packing their bags and flying home.

That leaves us with two more teams battling for the playoffs, G2 and MIBR. If this match was happening one or two months ago, MIBR would be the heavy favorite.

However, with G2 enjoying their plays and MIBR receiving shock after shock (poor campaigns and internal issues), the situation now looks completely different.

Coming into this crucial group A match, G2 Esports is the favorite side. KennyS and Shox are doing most of the hard work, with the French AWP legend finally getting back to his former glory. Slowly but surely, G2 is rising to the top of the competitive CS:GO scene, and they should overcome coldzera-less MIBR to qualify for the playoffs.

Vitality Looking to Impress

Now let’s focus on the other side of the group stage! Group B features Team Vitality, ENCE Esports, Renegades, and Heroic.

Similar to the group A situation, there’s also a heavy group favorite as well as two neck-and-neck teams that’ll battle it out for the second place.

Of course, the heavy favorite in group B is the French side Team Vitality. Their miraculous performances on ECS Season 7 Finals and cs_summit 4, as well as a solid DH Masters Dallas run, make them the opponent to play against in group B.

Additionally, ZywOo is on a roll. The guy is taking down heads like a knife through butter, ensuring his team gets all the crucial rounds. His stats are outright incredible, and he seems to be on top of his game at the moment.

I’ll even dare to say he’s currently the best the pro CS:GO scene has to offer fragging-wise.

Currently ranked as the second-best CS:GO team in the world, Vitality ought to have high aspirations for the upcoming IEM spectacle in Chicago. Group B shouldn’t be that tough for the French beasts.

Realistically speaking, they are the heavy favorites here, leaving only the second place up for grabs.

ENCE With High Aspirations

The last team we’re going to discuss here is ENCE. Yep, I believe the group B playoff contestants will be Team Vitality and ENCE.

Even though the Finnish team’s brilliant form has kind of dropped down recently, they’re still among the best in the business. ENCE was the team that kickstarted Astralis’ downfall, and that gives them enough leverage to be considered a tough team to face in Chicago.

With Vitality likely taking the first spot, I reckon we’ll see a tough battle between ENCE and Renegades for the second place if Heroic doesn’t surprise all of us and take the big W over Vitality in the opening round.

Truth be told, they looked out of touch in Cologne, but their DH Masters Dallas, cs_summit 4, and BLAST Pro Series Madrid performances are enough to make them a real threat here.

While I do believe the second-place battles will be a tough bunch, the tenacious Finns should prevail in the end.

Outright Betting on IEM Chicago

CS:GO smoke grenade game play
After finding the best IEM Chicago betting sites, exploring all participating teams, and assessing their latest performances, it’s time to comment on the matter most of you came here for.

Of course, I am referring to the outright winner betting options. These are typically the most popular CS:GO specials, especially when such a big tournament is on the line.

As far as IEM Chicago betting is concerned, the obvious favorite is Team Liquid. Once again, the boys in blue are in terrific form at the moment. They won pretty much every notable tournament they competed in except the Katowice Major and two BPS events in April and March.

IEM Chicago betting sites and their odds perfectly reflect their superiority. At the moment, odds on Team Liquid to win this event are sitting at -182.

The runner-up is Team Vitality at +300. If there’s a team on this tournament that can beat Team Liquid in the Bo5 series, then it’s definitely the in-form French team led by one of the world’s greatest fraggers, ZywOo.

ENCE and G2 are the next in line, sitting at +700 and +1000 respectively. While they do have chances of qualifying for the playoffs, I doubt they’ll be able to overcome the likes of Team Liquid and Team Vitality.

IEM Chicago Betting Sites | Group Stage Betting Tips

Finally, I’ve got two more IEM Chicago betting tips I’d like to share with you. They’re both based on the initial group stage matches and seem to possess great value.

First up, we’ve got G2 Esports vs. MIBR, the second match of group A. With Team Liquid being the heavy favorite for the top spot, G2 and MIBR are the most likely contestants for the second-place battle.

Team Envy is the obvious underdog here, and I can already see them finishing the tournament with 0-2 to their tally. As for G2 vs. MIBR betting predictions, it’s going to be a neck-and-neck match all the way through.

Despite the fact that zews will be playing instead of coldzera, which is obviously a huge hit for MIBR’s aspirations, I reckon they definitely have a chance against G2.

That said, I expect this one to go the full length. Both teams have excellent individuals capable of securing rounds with ease, so I reckon we’ll see a whole heap of comebacks throughout the match, likely resulting in the third map.

At the moment, maps over 2.5 at +125 seems like the perfect choice. Realistically, this one can go either way, so betting on the third map is an obvious no brainer!

Lastly, ENCE will play against Renegades in the second match of group B. From the looks of things, these two teams will be battling for the second spot, just like G2 and MIBR in group A.

On paper, ENCE is the stronger team with a lot more top-tier experience in recent months. Allu and Sergej are the men in charge, and I believe they’ll be the difference that pushes ENCE into the playoffs, perhaps even with a lenient 2-0 on the scoreboard.

That said, a medium stake on ENCE at -250 should do the trick here.

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