Intel Extreme Masters Season XIV Sydney 2019: Best Betting Sites, Betting Options, and Predictions

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With the last ESL Pro League Season 9 matches finished, the ESL World Ranking list was updated and we now know of all first-round matchups taking place next Tuesday. There are a few neck and neck fixtures that could go either way, but the majority of them have heavy favorites. With that in mind, let’s focus on the IEM XIV Sydney betting aspects right off the bat and see how we can profit from this upcoming Premier CS:GO tournament!

Where to Bet | Best IEM XIV Sydney Betting Sites

Every Intel Extreme Masters event is a true festival of CS:GO. Only the world’s best teams get the opportunity to participate and show their strengths on the biggest of stages. For that reason, IEM XIV Sydney betting craze has already started, with the best CS:GO betting sites already offering a great deal of betting options. Nothing unusual, though. ESL-based tournaments always have the highest priority with esports bookies simply because of their huge significance, especially in the competitive world of CS:GO.

As for the betting sites themselves, please visit our page that lists specific websites that feature esports betting.

IEM XIV Sydney Betting Preview |Interesting Facts

As is the case with all other prominent CS:GO tournaments, IEM XIV Sydney also has a fair share of interesting facts. If you want your betting slips to be successful, it’s good to know the ins and outs of tournaments you’re betting on, IEM XIV Sydney included.

With that in mind, let’s go through the most interesting facts regarding the upcoming CS:GO spectacle in Australia!

  • There will be a total of sixteen teams competing at this event. Three of them are Australian teams, Chiefs Esports Club, Grayhound Gaming, and Renegades. While they’re not exactly considered favorites in any way, home turf advantage will definitely come into play. Especially for Renegades which are coming into this tournament with the wind in their sails after solid StarSeries S7, ESL Pro League S9 and IEM Katowice performances.
  • Talking about teams, it has to be noted that the best team in the world, Astralis, won’t be competing in Sydney. They decided to skip this tournament to get some rest after a pretty tight schedule involving two BLAST Pro Series events alongside ECS and ESL qualifiers. That said, the likes of Team Liquid and FaZe Clan will be hoping to capitalize on Astralis’ absence and snatch another trophy for their collection.
  • As mentioned in the introductory paragraph, all major esports betting sites were quick to include match-winner and tournament specials, right after the first-round seeds were announced. This means you can already start exploring your options and try to come up with a winning accumulator that’ll allow you to spoil yourself for the annual Labor Day celebrations.
  • At the moment, Team Liquid and FaZe Clan are topping the Outright Winner betting odds with +300 and +425, respectively. They are followed by MiBR (+550) and NRG (+600). The crowd favorites, Renegades, are sitting at +650, a pretty decent catch considering their home turf advantage. More about outright winner predictions later on.
  • There are no surprises as far as the format of this tournament is concerned. It still sports the standard format consisting of a group stage and playoffs. The group stage takes place during the first three days of the tournament. There are two double-elimination groups with eight teams in each. Group winners advance to the semifinals while second and third place teams advance to the quarterfinals. The event continues in a single-elimination Bo3 bracket with the grand finals match featuring a Bo5 fixture.

Prize Pool Distribution

Here’s a quick look at the prize money tiers:

1st $100,000
2nd $42,000
3rd to 4th $20,000
5th to 6th $10,000
7th to 8th $6,000
9th to 12th $5,000
13th to 16th $4,000

IEM XIV Sydney Betting Predictions | First Round

Team Liquid vs BOOT

This one doesn’t really need any lengthy analysis. Team Liquid, an absolute force to be reckoned with and currently the second-best team in the world shouldn’t have any issues with BOOT. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to belittle the other side, but the mighty boys in blue ought to take this one home without too many issues.

Despite their recent heartbreak in Miami, Team Liquid will be looking to impress in Sydney. With Astralis out of the equation, TL players are bound to have their eyes set on the trophy. And the $100,000 in prize money, of course.

Unfortunately, the odds on Team Liquid to win are nicely portraying the difference in quality, currently sitting at -1429. If you want something that’s actually viable, go for Rounds Under 22.5 at -118. Knowing Team Liquid, they’ll come into this tournament fuming with confidence, so I expect a quick and efficient blowout.

Rounds Under 22.5 at -118

Mousesports vs BIG

Here we have the real beauty among all first-round IEM Sydney matches. Mousesports against BIG. Two European powerhouses will go up against each other to keep themselves in the upper bracket for as long as possible. So, which of these two teams is coming into this match with a better track record and a more positive mindset?

In the last fourteen matches, BIG has won just four. On the other hand, this brand-new Mousesports roster won four of their five matches, losing only to Vitality in the ECS S7 EU Week 2. So yeah, as far as track records go, Mousesports seems to have a slight edge.

When it comes to individual performances, BIG heavily relies on TabseN and XANTARES. These two players are doing all the hard work at the moment, something that will have to change if BIG wants to be a serious contender in the EU region. Mousesports doesn’t have such issues. All five of their starting players are racking in excellent stats. Ropz and frozen are leading the charge, but others aren’t too far behind either.

All in all, Mousesports definitely has a slight advantage over BIG here. But, in all honesty, it’s a rather slim margin. Bookies have noticed this too. -112 on Mousesports and -125 on BIG is as close as it gets. That said, this one could really go either way, but I have to go with ropz and the boys here. With karrigan on their side, their team cohesion and in-game strats are bound to decide this one.

Mousesports at -112

Ninjas in Pyjamas vs eUnited

After a catastrophic turn of events at the European ESL Season 9 group stage, NiP is out of the competition before it even began. But that’s going to serve as an extra motivator for the team to get themselves back together and make a stance in Sydney. But it won’t be an easy task…

eUnited has already shown us that they’re no pushover, beating Renegades and INTZ in ESL Pro League S9 Americas. But that alone won’t do them any good when they go up against f0rest, REZ and the rest of the mighty Swedes.

In spite of eUnited’s recent success on the domestic level, I doubt they’ll be able to put out a proper fight against Ninjas In Pyjamas. Don’t get me wrong, eUnited and NiP have similar track records in recent months, but I just can’t go against the mighty Swedes here. In fact, I expect great things from them in this tournament. They might even venture into the playoffs. If everything aligns correctly, that is.

So, for all you IEM XIV Sydney betting enthusiasts searching for proper picks, I think I’ll go with a clean match-winner bet on NiP here. They are the superior team, and I don’t think they’ll make a mistake right off the bat. At -358, it isn’t exactly the greatest value bet but will suffice in a small to medium stake accumulator.

Ninjas in Pyjamas at -358

MVP PK vs Renegades

MVP PK has just two defeats in their last sixteen games. That alone might be enough to put shivers down the spines of Renegades players. However, we’re talking about an Asian team here, and we all know the Asian CS:GO scene isn’t as robust as the likes of NA, EU, and even Oceania.

Renegades’ track record seems great too with six wins in the last eight games. And, mind you, we’re talking about wins against the likes of TYLOO, MiBR, FaZe, and NRG, all of which are considered at the top of the CS:GO food chain.

In MVP PK’s favor, XigN and xeta are looking godlike out there. Others aren’t far behind either. Their individual strengths combined with traditionally-perfect South Korean discipline make up for a pretty strong team. The might cause trouble to the Aussies, but nothing that jks and jkaem won’t be able to deal with.

Combine all of that with an electric set of fans in the Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney and you’ll understand why I’ll go with Renegades here. The standard match-winner bet doesn’t possess a lot of value so I’ll be turning my attention to the rounds over/under bets. More precisely, I’ll go for Rounds Under 26.5 at -154 which seems like the perfect balance for my IEM XIV Sydney betting accumulator.

Rounds Under 26.5 at -154

FaZe Clan vs Chiefs

Now, this is a particularly tough match to predict. Chiefs are playing at home and have won four out of their last five matches, be it against easier opponents. FaZe Clan, on the other hand, is coming into this tournament driven by recent BLAST Pro Series Miami triumph. The wind will definitely be in their sails, but Chiefs won’t go down without a proper fight. There’s no doubt about it.

Texta and tucks have been on a proper roll during the last few months. With close to +400 k/d ratio, they are a frightening duo even for the likes of FaZe Clan. Despite that, I doubt these Australian talents will be able to provide their fans with more of the same in Sydney. Against FaZe Clan, that is. NiKo, rain, and GuardiaN are all top-quality players that can decide matches in a whiff. So, if we’re talking about individual strengths, FaZe Clan takes this one home without too much hassle.

However, home turf advantage could play a huge factor here and should not to be taken for granted. But then, come to think about it, FaZe Clan just won the BPS Miami trophy against Team Liquid, so the whole home turf advantage deal crumbles to pieces.

What I’m trying to say here is that Chiefs Esports Club will come into this match with nothing to lose. With the crowd at their side, and with the likes of Texta and tucks in excellent form, they’ll be a great match for FaZe. But yes, there’s a but here… NiKo and the boys will not succumb to pressure in the first-round match. They have the quality, the teamwork and the experience needed to see this one through. They do have problems with closing out matches (something they’ve been struggling with for a while now), so that’s something I’ll use to my advantage when making my IEM XIV Sydney betting slip.

Since FaZe Clan to win sits at -1000, it just doesn’t offer enough value to be worth your while. But worry not, I have two great options for you to consider. First one – Rounds Over 24.5 at -105. Second one, for those of you looking for high-risk high-reward type of bets – Overtime at +1200.

Rounds Over 24.5 at -105 or Overtime at +1200

ViCi vs NRG

With five defeats in last seven matches, it’s safe to say ViCi isn’t in the greatest of forms. NRG, on the other hand, is looking stronger than ever, despite a surprising IEM Katowice exit earlier this year. On the bright side, NRG came back stronger than ever and managed to qualify for both ESL and ECS Finals. A pretty notable feat, mind you.

With all that in mind, I really don’t want to drag this any further. NRG is the heavy favorite here and I can’t see them losing against struggling ViCi. However, the odds on NRG to win are currently at -667. They just aren’t worth your while unless you’re slapping together a dozen matches in a single accumulator slip. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a bit riskier bet, then going for Under 26.5 Rounds at -167 seems like a high-value compromise.

Rounds Under 26.5 at -167

Fnatic vs Heroic

Fnatic’s 2019 didn’t start the way KRIMZ and the boys wanted. They had a poor performance at the Katowice Major followed by a lackluster WESG spell and rounded off with the StarSeries S7 heartbreak. Fnatic roster needs to find their pace and step up their game, otherwise we might see huge changes in that department.

However, many IEM XIV Sydney betting enthusiasts are expecting great things. They’re predicting a great tournament for the Swedes, who have a history of performing well on IEM events. IEM XII WC first place, IEM XIII Sydney 5th/6th, and IEM XIII Chicago 3rd/4th. Pretty stellar performances, right?

The first hurdle they will have to overcome comes in the form of an up-and-coming Danish team, Heroic. With friberg setting the pace, and in-form blameF, Heroic might be a worthy contestant that could push Fnatic to the lower bracket right off the bat.

The bookies have noticed this too. They’re giving a slight advantage to the Swedes but are keeping Heroic’s odds at bay, currently listed at +130. If blameF continues with his excellent run of form, he could take the wind out of Fnatic’s sails after the very first IEM Sydney match. I, for one, think this is likely to happen. Fnatic is a slightly stronger team (on paper), but Heroic’s motivation and team cohesion are not to be taken for granted.

Heroic at +130

Grayhound vs MiBR

And lastly, another awesome treat for everyone wanting to get a good piece of CS right off the bat. MiBR against Grayhound. Out-of-form Brazilians up against in-form Aussies with nine consecutive wins. True, these wins were all (more or less) against tier B teams, but they’ll still provide that extra bit of win to their sails, which is something they’ll need against MiBR.

Esports betting sites are still heavily favoriting the Brazilians here, having them at -450 at the moment. True, even with Coldzera not playing up to his potential, MiBR still has enough firepower to take Grayhound down. However, I wouldn’t bet a lot of money on MiBR here, and here’s why. First, MiBR has been going back and forth in form, so they’re not really a valuable asset to have in your betting slip. Second, Grayhound is on a huge winning streak plus they’re playing in their home country. Third, the betting odds on MiBR are rather small and not really worth your time considering the risk. With that in mind, I’d either skip this one or bet a small amount on Grayhound. +280 seems pretty decent, don’t you agree?

Grayhound at +280 or pass

Outright Betting on IEM XIV Sydney

We’ve already talked a bit about the outright winner betting odds, but let’s broaden our approach here. Starting off with Team Liquid, the BPS Miami heartbreak has surely left a sour taste in their mouth. Twistzz and the boys will be hoping to make it up to their fans here, but it’s going to be quite difficult. Especially with out-of-form Stewie2K who hasn’t been up to par in Miami. Despite that, Team Liquid are still the favorites to win this one, sitting at +300.

They are followed by FaZe Clan whose performance rollercoaster is soon to become legendary. Their ups and downs are all over the place, and we’re likely to see them again in Sydney. That said, they’re sitting at +425 at the moment, but I really wouldn’t advise you to bet your money on them. Why? Well, they’re still heavily relying on the sheer individual brilliance of NiKo and GuardiaN. If they have a single poor match, especially in the later stages of the tournament, FaZe Clan will be in a world of trouble.

So who am I trying to emphasize here? Well, in all honesty, if it isn’t Team Liquid, then it will surely be either NRG or Renegades. NRG, because of their excellent ECS and ESL qualifiers, and Renegades because of all-around great displays across the last couple of tournaments. And because of the home turf advantage that the electric Aussie fans are likely to showcase when their favorite team steps onto the main stage.

At the moment, NRG sits at +600 and Renegades at +650. To be honest, both of these seem like great value bets, so it’s up to you to decide which team you fancy more. The reckless Americans led by Brehze or the up-and-coming Australian team driven by a fine mixture of Scandinavian composure and Australian teamwork.

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