IEM XIV World Championship Katowice 2020 Betting Predictions

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It’s official – the final piece of the Intel Extreme Masters XIV puzzle is just around the corner. The biggest occasion is, once again, scheduled for the sports capital of the world, Katowice, with sixteen top tier teams preparing for another brilliant CS:GO event.

Today, though, we won’t be talking about the event itself as much as the betting shenanigans surrounding it. This piece is meant for everyone looking for IEM XIV Katowice betting predictions since it features interesting facts about the event, participating teams, format info, and comprehensive sections dedicated specifically to IEM XIV Katowice betting.

So, if you’ve come here looking for proper CS:GO tips, you’re in for quite the treat!

But, before venturing into IEM XIV Katowice betting predictions territory, let’s examine the best esports betting sites that possess wagers for this particular event!

CS:GO Betting | Where to Find Good IEM Katowice 2020 Betting Sites

Finding good esports betting sites is not as straightforward as most people think! Sure, you can try and Google your way through this mess, but oftentimes you’ll find your esports betting experience isn’t at an optimal level.

What’s the best place for finding good esports betting sites and platforms that are both reliable and secure?

Unfortunately, there’s not a one size fits all answer here. Esports bookmakers come in all shapes and sizes, but most of the time, we’re talking about already well-known online betting platforms that became popular thanks to vast sports betting markets.

If you have nowhere to start, our CS:GO betting sites guide poses as a great starting point. It starts off with a short list of the best esports bookies currently available and moves on with a plethora of useful information. And mind you, not just useful for total esports betting noobs but more experienced bettors too. In essence, it’s a must-read for everyone interested in IEM XIV Katowice betting predictions (or CS:GO betting in general), so make sure you check it out!

IEM XIV Katowice Preview | Interesting Facts

  • The final event of Intel Extreme Masters XIV season kicks off on Monday, February 24th. However, the group stage is going to be held behind closed doors. In other words, the Spodek Arena bound spectacle starts on Friday, February 28th.
  • There are half a million dollars on the line in Katowice. As usual, the winner goes home with $250,000 with other participants receiving smaller shares of the prize pool cake. It’s still a hefty prize pool, especially considering the fact Starcraft II IEM event is played alongside CS:GO and it features another $400,000 in prize money.
  • IEM XIV Katowice is a part of the third Intel Grand Slam season. It’s one of the designated Masters Level CS:GO events meaning it bears more importance than standard IGS events. With five teams currently holding one IGS event win, the third Intel Grand Slam season ought to be the most thrilling one yet!

Tournament Format

There’s nothing surprising as far as the event format is concerned. IEM XIV Katowice kicks off with the group stage before moving onto the playoffs. Traditionally, the group stage features two double-elimination groups with eight teams. The top three teams advance to the playoffs. Group winners advance straight to the semifinals while upper bracket losers and lower bracket winners advance to the quarterfinals.

IEM XIV Katowice 2020 Group A Teams IEM XIV Katowice 2020 Group B Teams

All matches on this event are Bo3 except the grand finals, which are scheduled for a proper best of five spectacle. The playoffs feature a single-elimination bracket leaving no room for errors after the group stage.

All in all, we’re looking at the typical CS:GO event system with no real surprises other than the fact there are no upset-heavy Bo1s in the group stage. As far as IEM XIV Katowice betting predictions go, the lack of group stage Bo1s means we don’t have to worry about potential upsets that much.

IEM XIV Katowice Betting Predictions

You’re an avid CS:GO esports fan, and you’re finally ready to cash in on your knowledge. However, you’re a smart man and you’d like to see other people’s opinions and fact-based information too. If that’s really the case, you’ve come to the right place because the following IEM XIV Katowice betting predictions possess all that and plenty more!

Astralis vs. Cloud9 Betting Picks

We’re starting our IEM XIV Katowice betting predictions journey with the first-round matchup in group A featuring Astralis and Cloud9. Astralis, the greatest CS:GO team of all time, had a fair share of issues on BLAST Premier Spring 2020, suffering a surprising loss to Complexity right off the bat. In Katowice, they’re going up against another up-and-coming NA side that could pose as a prolific threat.

This all-new Cloud9 roster (former ATK) definitely has plenty of potential. It packs three young US stars (motm, oSee, and floppy, all 20 year-olds) nicely poised with South African trio, JT, Sonic, and T.c (coach). They showed plenty of tenacity from the very start, doing great on IEM XIV NA qualifier, where they beat Complexity and MIBR on two separate occasions.

Considering Astralis’ BLAST Premier Spring 2020 struggles, I would never go with that -1000 in a million years! On the other hand, +475 on Cloud9 feels too good to be true. If you love taking risks and believe Cloud9 can make an upset against the Great Danes, be my guest and take that sweet +475 home. If, however, you’d like to take a slightly safer approach, total maps over 2.5 at +160 is a no-brainer!

Astralis vs. Cloud9 – Total Maps Over 2.5 at +160

Natus Vincere vs. FaZe Clan Betting Picks

Next up on our bucket list is Natus Vincere vs. FaZe Clan. Both these sides started their 2020 journey with a great outing on BLAS Premier Spring 2020. They both snatched tickets to the finals by winning three of their group stage matches. A quick reminder – FaZe beat NiP and Team Liquid (twice); NaVi beat Astralis, Vitality, and complexity, but lost to vitality in the opening round.

The last time these two played against each other was during BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen when FaZe won 16-9 on Nuke. As far as the latest Bo3 head to head goes, it dates back a whole year. The occasion was IEM Katowice Major when NaVi eliminated FaZe and ventured into the semifinals. Of course, those were completely different lineups so I’m pretty sure that one doesn’t even count.

If you’re looking for outright winner IEM XIV Katowice betting predictions here, I’m afraid I don’t have the guts to tell these two apart. They’re both in excellent forms, having beaten the likes of Astralis, Vitality, and Liquid, all within the last twenty days. Map pool wise, there are certain discrepancies which ought to take this match to the decider map… and that’s exactly what I’m going with here. What can I do, I love total maps over/under bets…

NaVi vs. FaZe – Total Maps Over 2.5 at -112

100 Thieves vs. G2 Esports Betting Picks

100 Thieves are going up against G2 in the first-round match of group B! While these two aren’t directly in the primary playoffs’ discussion, the team that wins this match might even go through to the Spodek Arena.

Realistically speaking, G2 has a much superior roster. Yes, the French side opted for Nexa and HuNter, which angered their fanbase, but the switch turned out fine in the end. The Bosnian/Serbian connection has been doing wonders after a short syncing period in which they looked like massive flops.

100 Thieves, on the other hand, haven’t had that much exposure ever since their fine performance following the acquisition. They are yet to show their teeth in 2020, and I honestly doubt they’ll show up for the occasion in Poland. That said, a straightforward match-winner on G2 at -155 ought to do the trick here.

100 Thieves vs. G2 Esports – G2 Match-Winner at -155

Team Liquid vs. Betting Picks

The last of our IEM XIV Katowice betting predictions refers to Team Liquid vs. matchup. Obviously, the best NA side is the favorite coming into this one. However, the boys in blue had a pretty rough start to 2020. Yes, they ended up clinching a spot in the BLAST Spring Finals, but their overall performance wasn’t particularly good.

On the other end, we have the new roster. The legendary Polish CS:GO organization finally said their goodbyes to their Polish roster and acquired AVANGAR in December 2019. Unfortunately, the new roster led by the brilliant 21-year-old Russian AWPer Jame failed to deliver. Thus far, there hasn’t been a good, stand-out campaign to talk about.

However, I expect Katowice to be exactly that! needs a strong push in the right direction, and reaching the playoffs in Katowice would make for a strong start. They have the much-needed individual qualities, that’s for sure. Plus, if they can capitalize on Liquid’s poor start to 2020, they might even reach the semifinals right off the bat. It’s a long stretch, I know, but at +375, I’ll definitely have my money on for this one!

Liquid vs. – Match-Winner at +375

Outright Betting on IEM XIV Katowice 2020

There are several teams that could rise to the occasion and take the IEM XIV World Championship Katowice 2020 title home. Unfortunately, I can’t make up my mind and go for a single team here, so I’ll list the ones I’m thinking of and let you decide which one to go with.

IEM XIV Katowice 2020 Logo

First up, we have Astralis. Even though the Great Danes didn’t start 2020 off with style, they are still the best team in the world. As such, they deserve everyone’s respect and are rightfully dubbed as the main favorites to take the IEM XIV Katowice trophy. Bookies fancy their chances too, having Astralis to win outright at roughly +175.

However, betting on Astralis to win outright might not be the best option value-wise. If the value is what you’re looking for here, you should go with either FaZe or Mousesports. They’re both sitting at +600 which is far superior to pretty +175 on Astralis. Plus, both teams are in great forms, have excellent rosters and have either kicked 2020 off or finished 2019 off with some style.

If neither of the three outright winner bets suits your desires, perhaps one of the following long-term specials will be right up your alley!

Interesting Long-Term Specials

The first long-term special I’d like to emphasize here is the Region of Winner. It’s pretty straightforward – you’re supposed to choose one of four regions from which you think the IEM Katowice 2020 winner will be. Obviously, Europe is the heavy favorite with teams like Astralis, FaZe Clan, Mousesports and Vitality leading the charge. Even at -400, this one is a safe bet since it will take something extra special for NA teams (EG or Liquid) to make a proper stance in Katowice.

IEM XIV Katowice betting predictions

Region of Winner Europe at -400

In addition to Region of Winner, BetWay also features a plethora of additional options, some of which are based on players’ performances throughout the competition. For example, there are 2-player and 3-player highest HLTV rating options, highest headshot percentages, highest ADR, and similar.

I’d like to emphasize 3-player highest HLTV rating featuring ropz, Xyp9x, and Niko. The Bosnian star, NiKo, sits at +155, which brings our IEM XIV Katowice betting predictions to a close!

IEM XIV Katowice betting predictions

3-player highest HLTV rating 2.0 NiKo at +155

If you don’t have an account on BetWay, and you’d like to know more about it, feel free to check out our honest Betway Review! It features all the information you need to make your decision.

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