IEM XVI Cologne Playoffs Betting Preview and Predictions

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We’re enjoying a short pause in competitive CSGO. Don’t worry; Intel Extreme Masters Cologne isn’t over just yet. We still have five matches left, two of which are coming this Friday! Clear your weekend schedule, lads, because this is going to be the final pinch of CSGO action before the summer break… and with a million dollars on the line, IEM XVI Cologne Playoffs betting demand ought be off the charts!

So far, nothing about this event was way out of the ordinary. We all expect a straightforward, upset-free LAN with proper CSGO action delivered by some of the world’s best teams. And, I, for one, truly believe that’s exactly what IEM XVI Cologne delivered so far. It was one good match after another, with no major upsets “ruining” the playoff brackets.

With that in mind, let’s start dissecting the quarterfinals’ matchups and see which IEM XVI Cologne Playoffs betting opportunities you should pursue!

IEM XVI Cologne Playoffs Betting Predictions

Six teams and five matches separate us from the finish! We’re set for two quarterfinals (yep, two, that’s not a typo), two semifinals (with G2 and NaVi patiently waiting), and the grand finals’ best-of-five. Who’s going through, who will be the key players, and should you explore IEM XVI Cologne playoffs betting options?

All that and more in the following couple of paragraphs!

Astralis vs.

CSGO betting enthusiasts will love this one! It’s the Great Danes going up against one of the most tenacious CIS teams out there. In an era of Gambit and NaVi dominance, (and Team Spirit, to an extent) are doing their best to stay relevant… not just in their own region but on the international stage too.

I, for one, doubted their displays on IEM XVI Cologne would amount to anything. They looked flimsy, insecure, and outright silly at times. But, here we are – YEKIDNAR and the boys are in the playoffs and are set to play what has to be the most lethal LAN team of all time. Sure, they don’t have their star player anymore, but the LAN brilliance is still there – they’ve displayed plenty of it throughout the group stage!

Which of these two powerhouses are going to play against G2 Esports in the semifinals?

Well, CSGO betting sites favor Astralis. And why wouldn’t they – Astralis is known for their LAN superiority and have won two group stage matches quite comfortably. They did lose to NaVi in the UB finals, but it’s NaVi… come on!

YEKINDAR and Jame will have to bring their A-game forward if they are to beat Astralis. It’s going to be a real test of their patience and dueling abilities, a test I’m afraid they won’t be able to overcome. That’s right, I’ve said it. We’re going with Astralis to win here, which means G2 vs. Astralis is going to be our second semifinal clash!

Astralis vs. –Astralis to Win at -154

Gambit vs. Faze

Gambit started off from the group stage. They played just three matches thus far, winning two and losing one. And while they are the best team in the world right now; judging by consistency, players’ form and overall results, they haven’t been that good on the first post-COVID LAN event. Sure, they defeated Mousesports and NiP, but both matches could’ve gone either way.

Especially their opener against Mousesports in which ropz and the co had a significant lead at the start of the second half on map 3. As for NiP, device couldn’t be the leader of man on Inferno and Dust 2. Gambit was the better team and deservingly went through to the upper bracket finals. Now they’re going up against Faze Clan for a spot in the semifinals against Natus Vincere… and esports bookies seem to be fancying their chances.

We Could Say a Lot of Things About Their Match vs. G2, but We Have to Give Both Teams’ Credit Too

It was a spectacular match, one that will be difficult to repeat for both of them. But, we have to emphasize that G2 is a much stronger team than Faze Clan… and that’s something you should keep in mind for your IEM XVI Cologne playoffs betting slips.

Yes, Faze Clan went through a proper run in the lower bracket following a 2:0 blowout in the opener, courtesy of Astralis. However, they’re now going up against the best team in the world right now. Defeating Spirit, Vitality, and Heroic (and eliminating all three of them) is a great intro for this clash… but I doubt it will matter in the end.

Gambit vs. Faze Pick –Gambit to Win at -270

Semifinals Predictions

G2 vs. Astralis is going to be a proper match to lo and behold! The two most attractive European contenders. One side boasting impeccable LAN performances before the online era, the other in superb form and showing exceptional consistency over the last couple of months. Who will come out on top this Friday?

Bookies are likely to have Astralis as the favorites, since Astralis will have another big win to their tally. But, I reckon NiKo and the boys will secure the grand finals with style. A straightforward match-winner is what I’d go with for this one, no doubt about it!

As for NaVi vs. Gambit, it’s best to simply avoid it. I’m not even kidding – these two have been going back and forth for a while. Yes, Gambit is the superior of the two this year, but the way NaVi have been playing makes me not want to bet against them. So yeah, long story short, stay away from this one.

Grand Finals Predictions

As for our IEM XVI Cologne predictions for grand finals, I’m confident we’re going to see G2 play there. However, I have no idea who their opponent will be. Like I’ve said earlier, there’s just no way of guessing the outcome of NaVi vs. Gambit. It’s one of those 50/50 types of matches, no doubt about it.

However, what I can say is that NiKo and the company will be cheering for Gambit. They’ve already beaten them in the group stage and I see no reason why they couldn’t do it again in the grand finals. Plus, G2’s track record against NaVi is awful. Not a single win in more than a year tells you all you need to know.

Interesting IEM XVI Cologne Props

Believe it or not, several bookies (including BetOnline) still feature outright winner odds for IEM XVI Cologne playoffs betting tickets. NaVi is the favorite at +200, followed closely by Gambit at +250 and G2 at +300.

The great Danes are the next in line with +900, with VP and Faze Clan being heavy outsiders at +1400 and +2100, respectively.

As for match-related props, bookies are going all-in with this one. It’s an important event, so proper props’ coverage is understandable.

In addition to the readily available outright winner odds and moneylines, bookies also allow you to bet on total maps, total rounds, correct score, and half-based bets. I hoped we’d see more player-related stuff being thrown in the mix, but I guess that sort of stuff will be available during the PGL Major.

Anyways, that leads us to the end of our IEM XVI Cologne playoffs betting preview. I hope you’ve found what you were looking for!

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