In-Depth IEM XVI Summer 2021 Betting Preview

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Intel Extreme Masters is one of the most iconic CSGO series. It’s the longest-running esports series in the world, with the first iteration dating all the way back to 2006. The show is currently going through its sixteenth season, and its popularity and overall importance are still at an extremely high level, just like the quality of its participants.

What about the betting side of things? Well, IEM XVI Summer betting opportunities are everywhere! You don’t have to worry about finding options to bet on. They are available left, right, and center. But, the best practice is always to take things slowly and explore your options… especially if you’re just starting out!

Where to Bet on IEM XVI Summer – Best CSGO Bookies

Yep, people who are just starting out need to be extra careful! There’s so much false information and inadequate betting platforms out there that it’s becoming increasingly more difficult for newcomers to get a grasp on things quickly. Worry not, young one, for our esports betting guide has all the info you need and is presented in a beginner-friendly manner.

If you don’t have time to read through our in-depth guide, but you still want a good online esports bookmaker, a quick look at the table below ought to be of service.

Intel Extreme Masters XVI Summer Preview

Let’s start off slowly with a few interesting facts surrounding the event!

  • The Summer event is a brand-new installment in IEM’s list of ongoing series. It’s a direct response to the current online gameplay trend, with Fall and Winter events to follow by the end of the year. It’s basically just new nomenclature for the online environment, the good old IEM charm is still there!
  • There’s $250,000 in the prize pool here! On top of that, this event is also a part of both the ESL Pro Tour and BLAST Premier circuit. In other words, its importance far exceeds that of monetary value.
  • Let’s talk broadcast talent! Frankie is going to be our desk host, with YNk, kassad and Maniac as the analysts. The commentating team consists of SPUNJ, Machine, JustHarry, Hugo Byron, and Anders. It’s the names one expects when looking at such an important event!
  • IEM XVI Summer action starts on Thursday, June 3rd and runs through Sunday, June 13th. The start times of matches might not be perfectly suitable for NA fans. Not all of them, though – we’re mostly talking about first group stage matches of the given day.

Tournament Format

This event starts with two double-elimination groups featuring eight teams each. Yep, sixteen teams are fighting for the biggest share of $250,000 in prize money. As you’d expect, the entire event is going to pan out in an online environment, with opening-round matches set bot bo1 contests.

All remaining group stage matches are bo3s, which brings forth a more straightforward IEM XVI Summer betting experience. In other words, I can’t really recommend investing large sums of money on bo1 openers. Yes, I know there are two nicely poised matches, but given the current circumstances, any team could come out victorious.

Back to the format – the top six teams, three from each group, advance to the single-elimination playoff bracket.  But, they’re not on equal terms there. Group winners go straight to the semifinals, skipping the quarters thanks to their unbeaten group stage record. Both quarterfinals and semifinals are bo3. The grand final match, however, is a best-of-five. Considering the list of participants, this is going to be a marvelous contest.

IEM Summer 2021 Team Overviews

First things first – no, we haven’t picked a single NA team here. Liquid isn’t participating, and the likes of Extra Salt, Complexity, and EG aren’t likely to put up a proper fight on this tournament. That said, let’s have a look at the most exciting EU and CIS teams that have concrete title aspirations!


Let’s start off with what’s certainly the most hyped-up team at the moment, Ninjas in Pyjamas! Yessir, now that device is in the starting lineup, everyone wants to see what NiP are capable of achieving. They now have a sizeable following, but a fair share of extra pressure on their shoulders too. Failure is not an option anymore, and I reckon all five Nip players are fully aware of that.

What awaits NiP on this tournament?

Should they be one of your go-to options for the upcoming IEM XVI Summer betting campaign? While I wouldn’t advise you to bet on their opening match against OG (the same goes for all opening-round bo1s), if device and the NiP boys pick up steam in the opener, they’re bound to be the team to beat in the remainder of group B!


Next up we have Vitality. Even though the Frenchmen don’t have good results to show off, they’re still in the title discussions… because ZywOo. But, I feel like Vitality needs a change; an urgent one, for that matter! Kyojin’s performances just aren’t up to par. If Vitality are serious about remaining in the top ten, they’ll need to find another solution quickly.

The thing is, we probably won’t see anything soon enough! Vitality players want to keep team comms in French, meaning the pool of eligible first-team quality players is relatively slow. Only a few come to mind, with the most notable name being KennyS.

For that reason, I can’t recommend opting for Vitality on your IEM XVI Summer betting slips… especially considering the fact they’ll be going up against Gambit Esports. If they manage to overcome Complexity in the opening-round bo1, that is.


Let’s say a few things about Astralis too! I know many people aren’t that interested in the Great Danes anymore, but they still have a highly competitive roster, a roster that could very easily contest for the title here!

Of Course, Device’s Shoes Are Going to Be Difficult to Fill

Luckily, Bubzkji has been around the team long enough to know what he’s supposed to do. He’s properly synced up with the rest of Astralis’ GOAT roster, and I see no reason why he couldn’t continue developing into a world-class player.

Astralis’ Flashpoint S3 campaign wasn’t ideal, but it wasn’t disappointing by any means. But, they’ll want more from IEM XVI Summer, that’s for sure! Can they achieve something noteworthy? Well, it all depends on how they kick things off with the bo1 against FPX. If it’s an easy win, I wouldn’t want to be in G2’s or Extra Salt’s shoes cometh the UBR2.


We mustn’t forget about Gambit either! They are the best team in the world right now, and they will be fancying their chances at justifying that flattering title! How come they are at the top of the world right now? Well, it’s not by accident, that’s for sure!

You see, Gambit have been absolutely superb this year. Heck, last year too! They have won seven titles since November, two of which belong to the upper-most echelons of competitive CSGO. On top of that, they’ve also reached the semifinals on two occasions and lost three grand finals too. From the looks of things, their consistency exceeds their ability to close out key matches.

That said, I expect Gambit to kick things off on the right note here! Their opening-round match against Sprout should be nothing but a breeze… though much more difficult opponents wait in the rounds to come. Yep, as I’ve said numerous times already, IEM XVI Summer betting opportunities are looking fine!


Heroic are currently ranked as the third-best CSGO team in the world. Only two teams are ranked above them; two fiery CIS teams fighting for dominance on the grandest of stages. However, one of them (NaVi) won’t be competing on this event, meaning Heroic could move up on the ladder should they string together a few notable wins here.

Heroic’s track record is nothing but superb. They’ve clinched a top-four position on all but one event thus far in 2021. The only disappointing event for them was the IEM XV World Championship in February. Other than that, they’ve been pretty clinical.

However, don’t think they’ll have a straightforward job in group B! Sure, the first round might be a breeze, but Spirit is their likeliest second UB round opponent. The likes of NiP and are on the other end of the bracket, promising an interesting end to the group for everyone involved!


Often overlooked, Team Spirit is definitely one of the most promising dark horses on this event! They have two titles to boast with this year: Winstrike CIS Cup Spring and DreamHack Open January. On top of that, they had semifinal finishes on three occasions, most notable being IEM XV World Championship where Gambit eliminated them and went on to win the title.

Degster’s arrival in late January has done Team Spirit a world of good. He’s their best fragger, the player everyone else can rely on in times of dire need… and the type of player top-tier teams need to win crucial rounds. Spirit’s marvelous duo, mir and degster, are wreaking havoc in CIS events. But, the real question is – can they finally lift a top-tier international trophy? Assuming the odds will be pretty high on Spirit, you might as well give them a shot via a low-stake second-round bet. Once again, stay away from the opening-round bo1s! had an amazing 2020! Ever since YEKINDAR joined the team, there was a special feeling about them! They went on to win three consecutive events in late 2020 and early 2021; cs_summit 7, DH Open December, and the second season of Flashpoint.

Unfortunately, Yekindar Couldn’t Keep Up With the Good Results

Late February marked their last solid campaign, IEM XV World Championship. Since then, they’ve participated on three additional events and ended up with early eliminations from not-so-top-tier teams.

But, we have to give them the benefit of the doubt here, especially since they’re going up against out-of-form Fnatic. However, NiP is the most likely UBR2 opponent, meaning yet another fine IEM XVI Summer betting opportunity for us to explore.

However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. will have a tough bo1 ahead of them. If both VP and NiP win their bo1s, I’ll make sure to give you guys a comprehensive look into their UBR2 head-to-head clash!


G2 Esports is the final team we’re going to be checking out here in our IEM XVI Summer betting preview! They are in good form; they have solid chances of a title run here, and they should definitely be on your radar! However, they are in group A which means the likes of Astralis and Gambit will want to assert their dominance and qualify straight to the semifinals too.

NiKo has found his tempo. Finally, some will say. But, syncing up with a new roster is always difficult, even for top-tier players like him. Luckily, he has his cousin huNter and fellow Balkaniero nexa by his side. Combine that with in-form AmaNek and you’ll begin to understand G2’s untapped potential.

Their bo1 is against Extra Salt. The NA side had a slight mishap on cs_summit 8. They were eliminated by EXTREMUM following stellar performances in the group stage, which has put a massive stain on their track record. That said, Niko and the boys should have a clear path to the second round of UB. But, then again, we’re talking about a bo1 here, and I’m sure you all know just how chaotic they can be.

Wrapping Everything Up

There’s no doubt betting on IEM Summer 2021 is what’s going to be on everyone’s mind for the next two weeks or so. But, don’t splurge through your June betting bankroll on one event. CSGO has numerous additional betting opportunities too. BLAST Premier Spring Finals is the most notable specimen which starts just two days after the IEM XVI Summer grand final match.

That said, we’ll be covering both events in greater detail in our esports picks section, so make sure you stay tuned!

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