Intel Extreme Masters Katowice Major 2019 Legends Stage Betting Predictions

Now that the IEM Katowice Major Challengers Stage is all done, it’s time to turn our heads toward the upcoming Legends Stage. We’ve already seen some huge surprises. Well, one huge surprise in particular – EU giant, Fnatic, has failed to qualify for the Legends Stage, making it the second EU flop for this Major. Right after Mousesports who haven’t even managed to reach the Challengers Stage. That said, our IEM Katowice Major Legends Stage Betting Predictions will tackle the upcoming set of matches, hopefully helping you guys not just with Pick’Em options, but with proper CS:GO betting too.

Even though there’s no Mousesports or Fnatic in the remainder of the tournament, EU still has solid contestants to write home about. Astralis is still the main favorites, followed by FaZe and NaVi which will be looking to take their chances from the shadows. NA, on the other hand, rests their biggest hope with Team Liquid and NRG, both of which have turned into proper powerhouses in recent months. MIBR shouldn’t be taken out of the equation either, especially now that their all-Brazilian lineup is back in action.

Enough with the small talk though – there’s no point in beating around the bushes when there’s a whole heap of info to go through here. But, first things first, let’s check out the best bookies to use for betting on IEM Katowice Major!

Where to Bet on IEM Katowice Major Legends Stage – Best Esports Bookies

As far as this short list of the best CS:GO betting sites goes, they’ve proven themselves to be at the top of the food chain at the moment. During the Challengers Stage, each of these bookies had a plethora of betting options available, and that’s worth a lot. That includes match-winner bets as well as a ton of specials to cater toward the neediest of CS:GO betting enthusiasts. And, for those reasons, I just couldn’t help but list them here.

Furthermore, their betting odds are pretty solid too, and they are as reliable as they come. Fast payouts are important too, and we all know how important that is these days. All in all, if you’re looking for the best IEM Katowice Major betting experience, there’s really no need to look elsewhere!

Tournament Format

We’ll be moving onto the IEM Katowice Major Legends Stage betting predictions real soon, but first I have to take you through the tournament format. No worries, it won’t be long since we’re basically looking at a system identical to those of the Challengers Stage.

That said, IEM Katowice Major Legends Stage will feature the well-known Swiss System Format, but with a couple of twists up its tail. First off, the system will be based on a dynamical ELO rating. Second, it will also take into account player selected seeding for the first-round matches. These “slightly altered” Swiss System Formats have been proven to work well with these types of competitions, so I don’t see a reason for them to change any time soon. As for the technicalities, regular matches are set to be played as Bo1 with all deciding matches (both elimination and qualifying) scheduled for Bo3 matchups.

IEM Katowice Major Legends Stage Betting Predictions

Pick’Em is one of the most popular in-game features that come with CS:GO Major tournaments, but that’s not what we’re here for. Nope! Pick’Em is a mere children’s form of predicting the outcomes of each of the Major’s stages. We’re here for the real thing! We’re here for real CS:GO betting! We’re here for real betting predictions! So, let’s get on with them, shall we!?

At the time of writing this article, the initial player-selected seeding round hasn’t been announced yet. That said, I can’t give you guys proper match-winner betting picks. Instead, what I can do is give you IEM Katowice Major Legends Stage betting predictions in terms of the teams that’ll go through to the playoffs. To the Champions Stage, to be precise.

Below this paragraph, you can find a total of eight teams that I believe will go through to the final IEM Katowice Major stage. However, some of them have really awful betting odds to qualify for the final stage, so I had to improvise with CS:GO specials to spice things up a bit and hopefully increase your chances of winning bets. So, without further ado, let’s kick things off with the main favorites, The Great Danes!


Astralis has been the most dominant CS:GO team for quite a while now. They’ve managed to break the semifinals curse after investing in sports psychologists and are now a force to be reckoned with. This move brought their game to another level as they dominated all opposition in 2018. With the start of 2019, The Great Danes will be looking for more of the same. Their roster has remained intact without any changes whatsoever. True, they’ve lost to Team Liquid in the grand finals of the first tournament of 2019, but that was more of a honeymoon performance if anything.

That said, there’s no doubt in my mind regarding Astralis’ qualifying for the Champions Stage. Bookies think so too, setting up Astralis to Qualify betting odds at a petty -2000. Of course, this isn’t worth anyone’s while, so we got to find a way around it. If you ask me, I’d go for one of Betway’s specials revolving around Astralis’ key player, Device. Player with the fewest deaths and player with the highest ADR (average damage per round) both seem like viable choices at +220.  While I personally wouldn’t place this in a single bet, I’ll probably have both of these in my accumulators for the upcoming Legends Stage.

Prediction: Player with the highest ADR – Device at +220

Team Liquid

Team Liquid is our second team here, a proper NA powerhouse with huge ambitions for this Major. Just like Astralis had a semifinal curse back in the days, Team Liquid seems to be having a grand finals curse. And it’s all because of Astralis. This isn’t exactly fresh news, but I still deem it worth mentioning here. In Team Liquid’s defense, they’ve finally managed to defeat Astralis in a grand finals Bo3. It happened last month during iBUYPOWER Masters IV and will hopefully serve as Team Liquid’s jump board to success.

As for their chances of going through to the next stage, I’d say they’re as safe as Astralis. Their consistency, map pool, and firepower are absolutely brilliant. Especially now that they’ve brought in Stewie2K, who is bound to flourish under his new colors. At the moment, Team Liquid to Qualify stands at -1000 which is as awful as it can be. Don’t waste your time or money with this one. Instead, I’d say go with Stewie2K to be the player with the highest headshot percentage. The young NA prodigy will have to prove his worth on the first Major for Team Liquid, and we all know what sort of performances he can provide. Just remember how he made C9 fans happy with his stellar debut performances.

Prediction: Player with the highest headshot percentage – Stewie2K at +280


For those of you who are not in the know, MiBR finally made a return to an all-Brazilian lineup during this offseason. Stewie2K out, TACO and zews in; making MiBR stand true to their acronym (made in Brazil). Even though this might seem like irrelevant news, this could mean very much for MIBR’s ambitions for this Major. Now that they’ve gone back to an all-Brazilian lineup, their communication won’t rely on English anymore. Players will be able to speak their native language, and that’s a huge plus in the competitive, fast-paced world of CS:GO. Even though Stewie2K is arguably a far better individual player than TACO, I firmly believe this trade will work in favor of both of these teams.

MiBR’s IEM Katowice Major ambitions will be sky high, no doubt about that. They’ll be looking to get their hands on some silverware, although it won’t be an easy task among the likes of Astralis and Team Liquid. On the bright side, the odds for them to advance to the Champions Stage are pretty generous, standing at -455 at the moment. Sure, these aren’t exactly the greatest odds out there, but I really can’t see them ending up without a playoff finish here. That said, -455 is a treat for all you looking for a safe bet for your accumulators.

Prediction: MiBR to qualify for the Champions Stage at -455


Natus Vincere can never be taken out of the equation. This Ukraine-based team is always up there with the best of them even though they haven’t had a stellar track record in recent months. Still, they have S1mple, which is arguably the world’s best player and that alone can lead them to great heights in Katowice. However, my opinion is that NaVi will either dominate or be dominated during the Legends Stage. Why do I think that? Well, there are several reasons. Let me elaborate:

First of all, NaVi players didn’t have a boot camp ahead of the Major. Second of all, they keep relying on S1mple way too much, which can easily backfire on them in case he gets in a three-match slump. The lack of a boot camp can be a double-edged sword too, even though many suggest this is a huge minus. I don’t want to draw to conclusions that fast. After all, talents such as S1mple don’t necessarily need boot camps to be at their best. All that in mind, I reckon NaVi will earn their spot in the Champions Stage but will have a difficult time doing so. NaVi to qualify stands at -358, which, in all honesty, isn’t worth the risk. Instead, I’d suggest doubling up on S1mple’s fragging ability and placing him as the highest ADR NaVi player throughout the Legends Stage.

Prediction: Player with the highest average damage per round – S1mple at +155


Continuing on with my IEM Katowice Major Legends Stage betting predictions, we have NRG as our next team to digest. Let’s face it, NRG has been the most consistent team throughout the Minors and Challengers Stage. Their stellar track record is backed up by awesome teamwork and skillful executions on a wide number of maps. If it wasn’t for a brilliant Team Liquid roster, NRG would be crowned as the best NA team at the moment, no doubt about it.

After having a walk in the park on the Minors, and a repeat of the same in the Challengers Stage, I actually think NRG can do a 3-0 in the Legends Stage too. It’s an unpopular opinion, but FugLy, daps, and the boys certainly have the firepower and composure to deliver. However, going through in a 3-0 fashion will require a Bo3 win against one of the top teams, which won’t be an easy task. Still, NRG to go 3-0 betting odds stand at +220, which is great for a mid-stake single bet.

Prediction: NRG to qualify with 3-0 score at +220

FaZe Clan

Even though their performances have been a proper rollercoaster in the last couple of months, FaZe Clan is still arguably among the top 5 CS:GO teams out there. Despite their not so good track record, their roster talent cannot be taken for granted. The likes of NiKo, olofmeister, and GuardiaN can snatch rounds without too much of a hassle. The problem is other teams know their strengths and are likely to play a bit safer knowing the fragging potential of this EU side.

That said, I believe FaZe Clan will most likely end up in the Champions Stage, but with much more difficulty than most people think. In fact, FaZe to qualify at -667 just isn’t that good of a deal in my books. Instead, I’ll probably bet on NiKo to have an outright blast out there. I’ve gone through all of Betway’s specials and have to say +220 for NiKo to have the highest ADR seems like a proper steal. True, olofmeister, GuardiaN, and even AdreN have solid shots at this title too, but realistically, the Bosnian superstar should confirm his status as one of the best CS:GO players at the moment.

Prediction: Player with the highest average damage per round – NiKo at +220


Ninjas in Pyjamas almost ended up without a spot in the Legends Stage. After poor performances against Renegades and Winstrike, GeT_RiGhT, F0rest, and company managed to pull themselves back together and secure their spot. They had to defeat Vega Squadron and ViCi, both of whom put up great resistance with 2:1 being on the scoreboard twice.

Coming into the Legends Stage, I expect NiP to continue their winning streak. Tougher opponents await, so things won’t be looking good for the Swedish side. However, with the sheer amount of talent and experience they have on their roster, I believe they can continue their winning ways and snatch a 3-2 qualification once again. The most popular CS:GO bookies have them at roughly +155 to qualify. It’s kind of a risky bet, I know, but I’d risk it with a small to medium bet on either a single or one of those “risky to qualify” accumulators.

Prediction: NiP to qualify at +155


Smooya is out, that was the main story regarding BIG in recent weeks. While this is going to be sort of a minus for the German side, I still believe they have enough firepower to beat the likes of G2, Vitality, and ENCE as one of the last spots to qualify for the final stage of IEM Katowice. Sure, BIG hasn’t been the most consistent team out there, but their individual skills are not to be taken for granted. As is the case with all other EU sides, playing in Katowice will feel close to home, and that’ll matter a lot during the crucial Bo3 matchups. As far as betting odds are concerned, BIG to qualify stands at -143, which is great considering their actual chances of going through. If you like your bets with a little bit more risk to their tally, I’d say go for BIG to qualify.

Prediction: BIG to Qualify for the Champions stage at -143

IEM Katowice Major Legends Stage Betting Predictions – Complete Breakdown

And now, the complete breakdown of my IEM Katowice Major Legends Stage betting predictions. There are no real surprises in the upper portion of the table, at least if you ask me. It would be a real surprise to see Astralis and Team Liquid fail to qualify for the Champions Stage. In fact, we could put MIBR, NaVi, and NRG in the same basket too. The bottom three, however, could be questionable picks. All three bottom-tier teams have quite the firepower in their roster, but consistency and roster alterations could mess up their plans of going through.

Anyways, here’s the complete breakdown of my IEM Katowice Major Legends Stage Betting Predictions:

  • 3W / 0L – Astralis, Team Liquid
  • 3W / 1L – MIBR, NaVi, NRG
  • 3W / 2L – FaZe Clan, NiP, BIG

Yup, I believe these are the eight teams that will go through to the final stage of IEM Katowice Major 2019. Once again, many of them aren’t that viable for betting since betting odds on them to qualify to the Champions Stage are outright ridiculous. Still, if you’re aiming for a big accumulator, perhaps some of them can boost your winnings at least to a certain extent. That said, let’s finish things off with a quick look at the bottom part of the table.

  • 2W / 3L – Renegades, ENCE, G2 Esports
  • 1W / 3L – Vitality, AVANGAR, Cloud9
  • 0W / 3L – HellRaisers, compLexity
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