iPhone 7 Buzz: 5 Reasons Why You Need to Get One

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The newest edition out of Apple is coming, with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus soon set to to be made available to customers this week. Fans of the iPhone can look to purchase the new Apple product or upgrade from their existing phone when the launch goes official on Friday, September 16th.

While the new iPhone 7 will surely be exciting to grab ahead of the weekend, you may color yourself lucky if you actually get it. That’s right, a giant bummer was dropped on the tech world this week, when we learned that there would be an iPhone 7 shortage on launch day.

That doesn’t mean you can’t get the new iPhone 7 when it launches on September 16th, but it may mean you’ll need to act fast to make sure you do. That’s one negative in the “should you get an iPhone 7?” debate, but don’t let it deter you completely.

We took a look at the iPhone 7 chatter and found plenty of good reasons why you should get one as soon as possible – even if it means actually waiting a little while:


The new iPhone 7 has a ton of features, but arguably the best one may be that it comes completely waterproof. The new design finally kills those fears about dropping your brand new iPhone in the pool, toilet or sink.

You can’t leave it under water forever (30 min to an hour, tops), but you won’t have to take the same extra precautions around small bodies of water you may have in the past.

Similar Look & Feel

A nice aspect about the new iPhone 7 is that it physically doesn’t look much different than the previous iPhone models. It’s still sleek and glossy and easy to hold and operate in one hand – unlike some other phones (we’re looking at you, Samsung).

Battery Life

The new iPhone 7 will apparently come with a better battery life. All phones seemingly say this and we still don’t forgive Samsung for that “battery power saving” lie. Still, at first glance, the battery life talk around the new iPhone 7 is not just positive, but believable.

Dual Camera

If you’re one to use your camera to take selfies or document fun events, you might give a care or two about the awesome camera on the new iPhone 7.

The iPhone camera has always been great, but the new iPhone 7 probably takes the cake here, as you get a wider picture, far more zoom power and in general, one hell of a picture. The versatility and features are the best we’ve seen with an iPhone camera to date and it’s unlikely you’ll come away unimpressed.

Better Processor

The iPhone 7 is looking to be the most powerful and impressive iPhone yet, should their new processor live up to the hype. The expectations are naturally pretty high after how strong the iPhone 6 was, but a new processor could push them through the roof.

The iPhone 7 processor  dubbed the A10 Fusion – is said to be 40% faster than the one in the iPhone 6. Needless to say, if all works as it should, the new iPhone should produce a faster, more efficient service and also help save battery life.

It all depends what you’re using your new iPhone 7 for, of course. Checking emails and looking through your phone should use a separate core – two are used for high-performance and the other two for efficiency. That should mean that watching a movie or playing a game could drain your battery, but the new processor should make the experience better than ever from a graphics and display perspective.

Not all Good?

While there are plenty of reasons to buy the new iPhone 7, it doesn’t come without a few cons. Here’s a quick-hitting list of things we didn’t love about Apple’s latest device:

  • Lack of design change
  • No more headphone jack
  • Where are the upgrades?

This is where we might usually say, “there’s the rub”, but the iPhone 7 not having a headphone jack was a planned happening. In fact, you can still hook up standard headphones to the Lightning port (adapter comes in the box) and not having the headphone jack is a result of Apple putting extra focus and emphasis on fixing issues with Bluetooth.

This isn’t going to be something everyone cares about and the lack of a headphone jack can surely be a pain, but ultimately it’s a step in the “let’s be wireless in every possible way” direction.

As for the lack of upgrades or design change, that’s a matter of opinion on one hand and caring on the other. For one, the lack of a design change is actually good for two reasons: you can remain familiar with an amazing product and the iPhone is identified by many by how it, you know, looks. Don’t fix what isn’t broken, and all that jazz.

As for a lack of upgrades, we really don’t see the point. From the battery life to the camera and from the processor to the waterproof and dust protection, there are plenty of upgrades in the new iPhone 7 and it’s arguable that there is so much more to be uncovered.

The reality is the iPhone is better, safer and most importantly new. You don’t need to be a tech or iPhone nut to fall in love with it. One way or another if you check out the new iPhone 7, chances are you’ll fall in love with it and buy it or upgrade immediately.

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