Is First Person Online Blackjack Worth Playing?

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Most online blackjack games do a decent job of recreating the land-based casino atmosphere. They offer polished graphics and close views of the table.

Even still, online blackjack doesn’t totally recreate what it’s like to play in a brick and mortar casino. This is where First Person Blackjack comes into play.

The first-person version relies on unique table views to put you closer to the action. It provides an interesting look at one of the most classic online casino games.

This page discusses more on the basics of First Person Online Blackjack. It also covers if this game is a major upgrade over the traditional version.

This Game Puts You Close to the Casino Atmosphere

Again, the view with standard real money online blackjack isn’t bad. You’ll enjoy a nice straight-on look while playing.

However, your perspective is static and never changes. Unlike at a land-based casino, you don’t get to look around and see anything other than what the gaming site provides.

First Person Online Blackjack takes a different approach to the matter. It offers views that are similar to what you’d see when sitting at the table.

Furthermore, the camera rotates at different parts of the hand so that you get to view different things while playing.

For example, the camera view begins with you further away from the table. But the perspective moves closer as cards are dealt and you’re ready to play the hand.

Multi-hand Option and Side Bets

Online blackjack has become increasingly complex within recent years. Most games now offer side bets and other frills to enhance the entertainment value.

First Person Blackjack is no different in this regard. It provides extras in the form of two side bets and a multi-hand option.

The two side bets include perfect pairs and 21+3. These wagers work as follows:

  • Perfect Pairs
  • You win this wager by getting a pair within your first two cards.
  • A perfect pair (same color and suit) pays 25:1.
  • A colored pair (black or red) pays 12:1.
  • A mixed pair pays 6:1.
  • It features a 95.9% house edge.
  • 21+3
  • You win this bet by forming a poker-style hand with your first two cards and the dealer’s up card.
  • A suited three of a kind pays 100:1.
  • A straight flush pays 40:1.
  • A three of a kind pays 30:1.
  • A straight pays 10:1.
  • A flush pays 5:1.
  • It features a 96.3% house edge.

First Person and Standard Blackjack Have Much in Common

First Person Blackjack definitely looks different than the standard online version. However, it also has some things in common with regular online blackjack. You can see all of these commonalities below.

Basic Betting Options

The betting options in first-person and standard online blackjack are the same in both types of blackjack. You begin each round by selecting your chip denomination.

Available chip denominations include $1, $5, $25, and $100. After choosing your denomination, you put your chips within the designated betting circle.

Once a round is finished, you’ll have the choice to either re-bet or change your options. The re-bet option is handy if you want to play hands quickly while maintaining the same wagers.

Virtual Setup

First Person Blackjack may look more realistic than what you’re used to with online blackjack. However, it still runs on gambling software.

Everything from the table to the cards are generated by software. This setup is similar to any other online blackjack game that’s available.

Low Stakes

You don’t need to bet much to play First Person Online Blackjack. In fact, you only need to wager $1 per hand.


This cheap minimum wager fits with the rest of the online gaming world. Almost every other internet blackjack game also features a $1 minimum bet.

Of course, you may feel like playing for higher stakes. In this case, you can wager as much as $2,500 per round ($500 per hand in multi-hand) with the first-person variant.

Same Rules Apply

Many online blackjack games feature small nuances when compared to each other. However, they generally offer more favorable rules than the average land-based game.

For starters, almost every online blackjack game pays 3:2, instead of 6:5, on natural blackjacks. This rule alone lowers the house edge by 1.4%.

First Person Blackjack also offers plenty of favorable rules, including doubling down after splitting, the dealer standing on a soft 17, and re-splitting up to four hands.

It doesn’t necessarily offer of the best RTP (99.21%). However, it’s still better than what’s seen with playing in an average traditional casino.

How First Person and Live Dealer Blackjack Compare

First Person Online Blackjack draws inevitable comparisons to the live dealer version. After all, it’s the most realistic experience that you’ll get through online blackjack.

Live dealer blackjack takes place in a brick and mortar casino studio. It uses a real dealer, table, and cards to create the perfect atmosphere.

If you’re going to play blackjack from home, you can’t get any more authentic than top live dealer casinos. The latter essentially brings a land-based casino to your smartphone.

The one thing that First Person Blackjack has over the live version, though, is the rotating views. The camera changes as you experience different parts of a blackjack hand.

Your perspective starts further away from the table. Once cards are dealt, your view zooms in to better see the card values. When playing multiple hands, your view and table/seat position switch as well.

With live dealer blackjack, the camera only focuses on the dealer and the table. It never moves to provide different views of the casino.

Overall, players who want the most realistic experience possible will still choose live dealer blackjack. But the first-person version runs a close second.

Pros and Cons of First Person Online Blackjack

First Person Online Blackjack has become fairly popular in online casinos due to its unique advantages. However, it’s not entirely perfect either. Below, you can see the pros and cons to this game.


The first and most obvious benefit to First Person Blackjack is its unique views. Unlike with a regular online game, you actually get to look around and see different parts of the table.

You’ll especially enjoy this effect when playing multiple hands. Your view rotates as you switch positions to play a new hand.


First Person Online Blackjack also gives you the ability to control the game speed. You decide when to play hands and take breaks—not a dealer.

This game doesn’t cost much to play either. Like other blackjack games online, the first-person variation features a $1 minimum bet.
Finally, First Person Blackjack makes for a nice transition to the live dealer version. In fact, it offers a “live” button that takes you directly to the live dealer blackjack tables.


Most online blackjack games offer a demo mode. Unfortunately, the first-person variation doesn’t. With that said, you must play this game for real money or not play at all.

Secondly, Evolution Gaming is currently the only developer that offers first-person blackjack. Evolution doesn’t serve every country or state (e.g. most of the US). Therefore, you might not even be able to play this game.

One more potential problem is that First Person Blackjack doesn’t perfectly replicate the live dealer atmosphere. While the rotating camera views are nice, it still offers software-generated graphics rather than the real deal.

Should You Play This Game?

If you enjoy regular online blackjack, then you should definitely give the first-person variation a try. The latter works just like typical online blackjack but with a twist.

Rather than staring at the same perspective of the cyber table for an entire session, you get to see different views of the table.

First Person Blackjack doesn’t completely replicate what you get from the live dealer experience. But it brings something new to the table if you’re used to the standard version.

It also allows you to play for just $1 per hand. If you feel like playing for much more, though, then you can wager as much as $2,500 per round ($500 per hand).

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to sample this game because no demo mode is available. Even still, First Person Online Blackjack is worth trying for at least a few hands or more.


Traditional online blackjack has entertained gamblers for over a quarter century. But newer variations that have come out over the years now give players more options to choose from.

First Person Blackjack was born out of these new variants. Rather than having you stare at the same spot on the table, you get different views while playing.

This game isn’t completely revolutionary and won’t suddenly transport you to a brick andmortar casino. However, it does offer a certain charm that’s missing with regular online blackjack. With that said, you should give the first-person variation a try if you’re looking for something different from your online blackjack experience.

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