Is Ivanka Trump a Good Sleeper Bet to Win the 2024 Republican Nomination?

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Donald Trump may have lost his bid for re-election to Joe Biden last November, but it’s fair to assume that we haven’t heard the last of the Trumps. Since then, the former POTUS has continued to trumpet the false claim that the election was unjustly stolen from him after Democrats somehow managed to rig the proceedings.

10 months have passed since Election Day, but the Republican Party still belongs to Trump. Whether the 75-year-old decides to launch a third bid for the White House in a couple of years is arguably the biggest storyline in advance of the 2024 election. The senior Trump isn’t getting any younger, though, and he may have certain legal hurdles to clear before he decides whether to make another run for the presidency.

If Trump Does Decide to Run Again, One Thing Is for Certain

Mike Pence won’t be his vice president again. The bridge between Trump and Pence was set on fire after the January 6 attack on the Capitol, during which hundreds of Trump supporters could be heard chanting “Hang Mike Pence!” I know politicians are inherently weird people, but I seriously doubt Pence would be too thrilled to latch back onto Trump’s coattails after that.

Ivanka Among GOP Frontrunners for 2024

Instead of opting for the boring white guy from Indiana, Trump is reportedly considering the idea of running with a Black or female vice presidential candidate. South Dakota governor Kristi Noem, who emerged as a vocal advocate of Trump’s during his presidency, is a natural choice to join the 45th president on the ticket if he does secure the Republican nomination.

Noem is popular among Republicans, but we know where Trump’s loyalty lies. While you can debate just how much Donald cares about the likes of Don Jr., Eric, Barron, or Tiffany, there is no questioning his love for his first daughter, Ivanka. Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, played vital roles in the White House during the senior Trump’s first and only term.

Trump himself has not only become the face of the Republican Party, but his entire family has become a political brand in and of itself. Both of Donald’s older sons were useful surrogates on the campaign trail during both of his previous runs for the White House, and Ivanka reportedly has higher political aspirations of her own.

Ivanka’s Political Future

Earlier this year, Vanity Fair reported that Trump would seriously consider running alongside Ivanka if he decides to throw his hat back into the ring for 2024. The magazine added that Ivanka sees herself as “the obvious choice” to join her father on the ticket. It was Ivanka that introduced Donald ahead of his acceptance speech at last year’s Republican National Convention, which is seemingly an indication that the Don thinks highly of her future political prospects.

BetOnline has had prop bets for the 2024 election posted since the 2020 election was called in favor of Biden. As of now, Trump Sr. is the heavy +150 favorite to win the Republican nomination for the third consecutive election cycle. That puts him well in front of Florida governor Ron DeSantis (+500), former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley (+800), and Pence (+1200).

Interestingly enough, Ivanka is also among the frontrunners to secure the nomination at +2000. Ivanka has never said publicly that she plans to seek higher political office one day, but the writing’s on the wall. There’s a reason Ivanka and Kushner pushed for lofty positions inside Trump’s administration, and she has never shot down claims that she could launch a bid of her own one day.

During a campaign rally just last year, Trump said,

“I want to see the first woman president also, but I don’t want to see the first woman president get into the position the way [Kamala Harris] would do it, and she’s not competent. They’re all saying, ‘We want Ivanka!’ I don’t blame them.

Could Ivanka Be VP?

Ivanka may have her sights set on the presidency eventually, but her best path to that ultimate goal may come via the vice presidency first. Vanity Fair added that Ivanka likely sees the vice presidency as a “stepping stone” to the Oval Office. Michael Wolff, who wrote a number of different books on the Trump family during Donald’s presidency, even reported that Ivanka and Kushner made a deal that Ivanka would be the first of the two to run for the White House one day.

Wolff wrote, “The first woman president, Ivanka entertained, would not be Hillary Clinton; it would be Ivanka Trump.”

Some friends close to Ivanka have even said that she has mentioned the idea a time or two in the past.

If Don Sr. decides to run again in 2024, his path to the nomination is likely clear. Trump is still the single most popular Republican among GOP voters, and any other prospective candidate would have a very difficult time gaining enough of a following to beat him to the nomination.

Of course, winning the nomination itself isn’t Trump’s primary goal. In order to actually win a general election, he’s going to have to try and win back some of the voters he lost between 2016 and 2020. One way of doing that may be to run alongside a female vice presidential candidate.

Last year, 57 percent of women voted for Biden, while just 42 percent went to Trump. Women have voted in higher numbers in recent elections, so winning the female vote is absolutely crucial when it comes to winning the general election. If Trump wants to keep it within the family, tapping Ivanka to run as his VP is a logical choice for a variety of reasons.

Can You Bet On Ivanka in 2024?

As of now, most political betting sites will only let you wager on which candidates may earn their parties’ respective presidential nominations ahead of 2024. Once the election starts to get closer, however, you will start to see those same sites open themselves up to vice presidential wagers.

Is Ivanka a good bet to win the Republican nomination herself in 2024?

That all depends. While I have no doubt whatsoever that she will eventually make a bid for the presidency, whether it happens three years from now depends entirely on whether her own father decides to run himself.

If Donald runs in 2024, Ivanka will not. She’s not going to run against her own dad, of course. If he declines to enter the race, though, that opens things up considerably. DeSantis may emerge as the likely favorite, but Ivanka has the obvious inside track to her father’s coveted endorsement.

So, Ivanka’s viability as a betting option depends on whether you think the elder Trump will give it another go. I tend to think Trump’s days of running for president are over with, which makes Ivanka a very, very interesting wager at the current +2000 odds.

If you think Don Sr. will make another run, then wait for political betting sites to start accepting bets on potential VP nominees. Ivanka will be involved in some capacity in her father’s prospective campaign. Who’s to say she won’t emerge as his top choice for vice president?

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