Is Pedro Grendene Bartelle the Biggest Roulette Winner Ever?

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Many roulette players have a hot night here or there. But how many have won a ridiculous sum of money with a single bet?

Not many roulette players enjoy dream wins. After all, this game does carry a house edge.

Pedro Grendene Bartelle, on the other hand, has experienced massive wins while playing the game of roulette, not once, but twice. The Brazilian recently made headlines for winning a $3.5 million payout!

Does this make Bartelle the biggest roulette winner of all time? I’m going to discuss this matter by sharing more on Bartelle, his huge prize, and other big winners.

Who Is Pedro Grendene Bartelle?

Bartelle is the Vice President of Grendene SA, the world’s largest manufacturer of sandals. He cofounded the company with his brother, Alexandre, in 1971.

Pedro is not a professional gambler. Instead, he helps run the day-to-day operations at Grendene SA. He also holds a 14% stake in the Sao Paulo-based company.

Aside from being a VP, Pedro is also an investor. He has even invested a significant amount into Vulcabras Azaleia, which is a competitor to Grendene.

Bartelle Wins $3.5 Million on a Single Roulette Bet

Bartelle is wealthy enough to enjoy high-stakes gambling without worry. He recently took his huge bankroll to Uruguay’s Hotel Conrad to play roulette.

At one point, Pedro became bold enough to start betting $100,000 each round, including some chips on the number 32. As you may know, a single-number wager pays out at 35:1. He was looking at a massive profit if this bet hit.

Sure enough, Bartelle struck gold when his wager on 32 came through. What ensued was a massive celebration between him and his friends, as the dealer paid out $3.5 million in chips. Check it out down below:

No records exist on the biggest roulette win in history. But I’m willing to bet that Bartelle’s $3.5 million profit is one of, if not THE, largest roulette payout of all time.

It should be added that Pedro wasn’t putting all $100k on the number 32. Instead, he was making a variety of wagers (covered later).

The fact that he earned a $3.5m prize on his $100k bet, which correlates with the 35:1 single-number payout, is just a coincidence.

Not the First Time That Bartelle Has Struck Roulette Gold

The Vulcabras-Azaleia president isn’t new to big wins. In fact, he netted another seven-figure win at Hotel Conrad on another occasion in January 2017.

Perhaps Bartelle wasn’t as risky back in these days, because he was only wagering $35,000 on single numbers, not the $100k that he’s now betting.

He got lucky with the exact same number, 32, and earned a $1,225,000 payout. This win brought about another celebration between he and his buddies.

That said, Pedro has two wins worth a combined $4.725 million. These winnings alone rival any other famous roulette player.

Does Pedro Grendene Bartelle Have a Secret Roulette Strategy?

Casino Roulette Table Layout and Wheel, Pedro Grendene Bartelle Cheering
You may have heard about advantage-play strategies that can be used to beat roulette. I’m going to discuss one of these strategies later when covering other big winners.

As for Bartelle, he doesn’t employ any such methods to win. But he does have a certain betting technique that he likes to use.

I explained earlier that the $3.5 million profit didn’t come entirely from the single-number wager. The amount of chips that he placed on 32 would’ve led to a $1.2 million profit.

As shown in the linked tweet before, Bartelle makes a modified “complete bet.” He specifically targets inside wagers (i.e. single, split, square, and street) that deal with 32.

But he leaves out the square and street wagers and instead focuses entirely on single and split bets. Therefore, he’s not making a true complete bet.

Pedro put a large stack of chips on 32. He also covered the eight numbers surrounding this space.

He’s not the only wealthy magnate to use such a strategy. Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley collected a £1.3 million payout after making a complete bet on the number 17.

Should You Use Modified Complete Bets Like Bartelle?

You may wonder if there’s any real advantage to filling up the board with single and split bets. The reality is that you won’t gain any edge over the house by doing so.

Complete betting, or the modified version used by Pedro, isn’t an advantage-gambling method. Instead, it’s just a fun way to play the game.

The idea behind complete betting is to set yourself up for a huge payout. If one of your single or split bets (17.5:1 payout) hits, then you’ll have lots of chips coming back.

The only problem is that you’re risking a lot on a small portion of the board. You’re essentially looking for a mini jackpot.

Like in Pedro’s case, you may center all of these long-shot bets on a single number. It’s very likely that 32 is Bartelle’s lucky number.

Other Big Winners in Roulette History

With over $4.2 million in winnings accounted for, Pedro has definitely won lots of money on the roulette tables. However, he’s not the only player who’s won big with the game.

In fact, some gamblers have even used advantage play to book themselves millions of dollars in profits. Below, you can see other big winners in the game’s history.

Joseph Jagger

Roulette Wheel, Black and White Portrait of Joseph Jagger
Joseph Jagger was an English engineer who may have been the first person to discover wheel bias, a phenomenon that occurs when roulette wheels favor certain numbers/sections.

Jagger correctly assumed that wheels suffer wear and tear and eventually become biased. He put his theory to use by hiring six clerks and sending them to Monte Carlo to record roulette-wheel results.

They returned with data that showed bias in one particular wheel. Jagger then traveled to Monte Carlo by himself and took advantage of the situation.

He won what amounts to millions of pounds today during his trip in the early 1870s. Jagger was eventually banned from the casino, but not before earning a life-changing amount. Interestingly enough, he never played the game again.

Charles Wells

Charles Wells embodies every unsavory stereotype that people have about gamblers. He was a British conman who bilked people out of thousands of pounds through a proposed musical jump rope invention.

Rather than actually working on the musical jump rope he claimed to be developing, Wells took the investors’ money and went to Monte Carlo in 1891. What ensued was one of the luckiest roulette runs of all time.

According to sources, he won a large amount of single-number wagers.

Wells broke the bank, which involves winning all of the chips at a table, multiple tables and earned 1 million francs overall.

He returned to London and celebrated his newfound wealth. His success even inspired a famous song called “The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo.”

Filled with confidence from his previous trip, Wells went back to Monte Carlo and won yet another million. He was an even bigger celebrity when he returned to London this time.

Wells used his fame to con people into giving him an enormous amount of money. He used these funds to purchase a yacht and sail back to Monte Carlo for a third gambling trip.

However, his luck would run out this time. He lost all of his previous winnings and the investors’ money through roulette.

As it turned out, he didn’t have an elaborate strategy or cheat in anyway. Instead, he merely got lucky with the Martingale betting system, which involves doubling bets after every loss.

Upon returning to Britain, he was jailed for his schemes and spent eight years in prison. He later died in Paris a penniless man.

Billy Walters

Billy Walters, Pile of Money, Casino Roulette Wheel
Billy Walters made his name through sports betting. Most of his early success is attributed to being part of the “Computer Team.”

This group was among the first gamblers to use computers to their advantage in the early 1980s. During one particular venture, they gathered data on roulette games throughout Atlantic City casinos and ran calculations through their PC.

In 1986, they discovered that the Golden Nugget Casino was running a biased roulette game. Walters and his team then gambled on the wheel for 38 straight hours and won almost $4 million.

He’s since won much more money than this through sports betting and hustling golf courses. Walters is also a successful businessman who owns a number of car dealerships across the US.

Unfortunately, he was involved in an insider-trading scandal that dealt with Dean Foods. Walters was sentenced to prison and is currently serving his time.

Ashley Revell

Ashley Revell isn’t as big of a winner as the other gamblers on this list. However, he did make the boldest move of anybody discussed here.

In 2004, the Englishmen sold all of his possessions to accumulate money for a single roulette spin. After selling everything from his house to clothes, he accumulated just over $135,000.

Revell then traveled to Las Vegas and put the entire amount on red (red/black bet). His crazy bet paid off when the ball landed on 7, which is a red pocket.

After doubling his money, Revell tried making a go of things in the business world. He started the online poker site Poker UTD and another site called iGaming Recruitment. Both ventures eventually went offline.


Pedro Grendene Bartelle definitely has some notable roulette wins to his credit. In fact, his $3.5 million prize could potentially be the largest win in the game’s history.

But the one thing to consider here is Bartelle’s losses. He doesn’t play roulette with an advantage, making it difficult to tell how much he’s actually “won.”

He could very well be a big loser when his wins and losses are recorded. Even if this is the case, though, Bartelle won’t lose any sleep over it considering his fortune.

Win or lose, Pedro will be an exciting gambler to watch in the future. He’s already increased his largest win from $1.225 million to $3.5 million. At this rate, he could be pushing for $5 million payouts or more in the future!

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