Jon Jones Prop Bets: Will Jones Be Suspended, Stripped of Title?

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On March 26th, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones was arrested for aggravated DWI in his hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Additionally, he was also arrested for possession of an open container, no proof of auto insurance, and negligent use of firearms.

Officers found a handgun in Jones’ car and a spent round by the driver’s door. Jones also had a strong odor of alcohol coming from him and signs of marijuana on his clothing. It’s no surprise that Jon Jones failed all three field sobriety tests.

What really sealed the deal with Jones’ arrest in the court of public opinion was that the police released body cam footage of the incident on Friday, March 27th. This footage is disturbing as Jones’ clearly wasn’t in any frame of mind to be driving or firing a gun.

With Jones’ latest arrest, comes public criticism and calls for a suspension. Whether that happens or not remains up to the UFC. The uncertainty of Jon Jones’ future inside and outside of the octagon has led websites for UFC betting to release a handful of prop bets on what might happen with the current champion.

Let’s take a look at these MMA prop bets and see if any are worthy of a wager.

Will There Be More Arrests and Jail Time for Jones This Year?

There’s certainly a chance that Jon Jones could get arrested again this year and even spend some time in jail.

With that said, BetOnline favors that Jones will not:

  • Yes, he will get arrested again in 2020 (+300)
  • No, he won’t get arrested again in 2020 (-500)

BetOnline also favors that Jones will not spend a night in jail this year:

  • No (-170)
  • Yes (+130)

Let’s unpack these two prop bets before moving on to what Jones might do inside the octagon in 2020.

That unpacking starts by looking at Jones’ notable arrests and legal issues:

  • Jones was arrested in 2012 for DWI
  • Tested positive for cocaine metabolites in January 2015 prior to first fight with Cormier
  • In May 2015, Jones was involved in a hit and run with a pregnant woman in Albuquerque
  • November 2016, Jones is suspended for one year due to USADA violations
  • September 2018, Jones is suspended for another USADA violation

Outside of the suspensions for doping violations, Jones has never received a serious punishment for his illegal activities. He’s mostly been fined, given probation and ordered to do community service. In his latest incident, Jones didn’t even stay overnight in jail.

With that said, I don’t see Jones spending a night in jail this year (-170) and I don’t see the talented MMA fighter getting arrested again in 2020 (-500). His team will keep him in check the rest of the year. Although, that might not be enough.

Jon Jones Bet:Yes (-500)

Will not spend a night in jail in 2020 (-170)

What Will the UFC Do With Jon Jones?

The legal system is its own entity in this real life soap opera and so is the UFC. With that in mind, many MMA fans, fighters and pundits are wondering what the UFC is going to do in regards to Jon Jones’ immediate future.

Will Jon Jones Fight in UFC Before the End of 2020?

  • Yes (+250)
  • No (-400)

Jones last fought on February 8th and barely defeated Dominick Reyes to retain his UFC light heavyweight championship in the main event of UFC 247. It was a highly controversial outcome where many fans and media outlets thought that Reyes had won.

Nevertheless, the attention turned to who Jon Jones would fight next. Dominick Reyes was lobbying for an immediate rematch. However, it appeared that Jan Blachowicz had earned the next crack at Jones. Additionally, mega fights with Stipe Miocic and Israel Adesanya were also on the table.

Unfortunately for Jones, and the UFC, I don’t see any of these fights taking place now. The mega-fights will be put on hold for quite some time as Miocic and Adesanya take on other worthy challengers in their respective divisions.

As for the light heavyweight division, I’ll get more into that in the next prop bet. However, in regards to this prop bet, I have a hard time seeing the UFC trusting in Jones to turn things around before the end of the year. More than likely, he’s out until 2021.

No (-400)

Will Jon Jones Be Stripped of UFC Title in 2020?

  • Yes (-380)
  • No (NA)

Online betting sites aren’t offering odds on the “No” option as of yet. So it’s either you believe the UFC will suspend Jones and you bet on it or you pass on this prop bet. I happen to be on the side of the fence that believes the UFC will actually strip Jon Jones of the championship and suspend him.

This wouldn’t be the first time Jones was stripped of the title. In 2015, he was stripped of the belt after his infamous hit and run. In 2016, he was stripped of the interim title due to a failed drug test. In 2017, he was stripped for a third time after another failed test.

So, there’s a history of Jones being stripped of the title due to behavior outside of the octagon. And, I can see that happening in this scenario as well. At some point, the UFC has to say enough is enough.

Jones is extremely talented, and is widely considered one of the greatest MMA fighters of all-time. Unfortunately, he’s also his own worst enemy.

Not only do I not see Jones sitting out the rest of 2020, I believe the UFC will be forced to “suspend” him whether it’s officially or unofficially through some excuse like “Jones needs time away from the sport to focus on himself.”

As for the title, Dominick Reyes vs Jan Blachowicz would be a great matchup where the winner is worthy of the belt.

Yes (-380)
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