KC Chiefs and LA Rams Open Up as Super Bowl 54 Betting Favorites

With the excitement for Super Bowl 53 growing, football sportsbooks are already looking toward the future by releasing odds on who will win Super Bowl 54 in 2020. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that sportsbooks are pegging the Los Angeles Rams and the Kansas City Chiefs as the two odds on favorites to win Super Bowl LIV.

There is a slight difference between online betting sites and brick & mortar sportsbooks as to who is the favorite between the Chiefs and Rams. BetOnline has the Chiefs as the odds on favorite while the Westgate Superbook in Las Vegas has the Rams as the favorite to win Super Bowl 54.

With that said, let’s take a look at the betting favorites to see which team we think will win:

Football Betting Odds for Super Bowl 54

The following betting odds are courtesy of Westgate SuperBook:

  • Los Angeles Rams (+600)
  • Kansas City Chiefs (+700)
  • New Orleans Saints (+800)
  • New England Patriots (+1000)
  • Los Angeles Chargers (+1200)
  • Chicago Bears (+1200)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers (+1400)

The following betting odds are courtesy of BetOnline:

  • Kansas City Chiefs (+700)
  • Los Angeles Rams (+800)
  • Chicago Bears (+1000)
  • New Orleans Saints (+1000)
  • New England Patriots (+1000)
  • Los Angeles Chargers (+1200)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers (+1400)

The Los Angeles Rams in 2020

The Los Angeles Rams are the odds on favorite for Westgate, but the second favorite for BetOnline. Either way, they are definitely going to be one of the best teams in 2020. A big reason for their projected success next season is due to having franchise QB Jared Goff.

Goff’s steady rise up the QB ranks, combined with having one of the best running backs in the NFL in Todd Gurley, make this Rams offense very dangerous. Additionally, Cooper Kupp will return from his knee injury and the passing attack will be crushing defenses again.

The Rams defense has been a middle of the pack bunch, but they have several key players that are pending free agents like Ndamukong Suh, LaMarcus Joyner, and Dante Fowler Jr. The only offensive players to worry about are offensive guard Rodger Saffold and backup running back C.J. Anderson.

If the Rams can lock up some of these pending free agents, and they have the 5th highest cap space to do so, then they will definitely be the team to beat in the NFC.

The KC Chiefs in 2020

The Chiefs head into the offseason with the 14th highest salary cap space in the league, which isn’t anything to brag about. However, they don’t have that many key free agents that could leave the team.

The top priority will be to re-sign Dee Ford. They will also need to improve some of their starting positions on defense as this was one of the worst statistical defenses in the NFL.

Offensively, they will have a stud QB for the next decade in Patrick Mahomes, who will most likely be named the 2018 NFL MVP. They also have a solid offensive line, the best tight end, and one of the most explosive playmakers in the entire league – Tyreke Hill.

The AFC West will be a stronger division next year, but the Chiefs still have one of the best offenses in the NFL. If their defense can move up to the middle of the pack then this team could improve on their 12-4 record from this season. It’s easy to see why sportsbooks have them as the 1st or 2nd odds on favorites to win the Super Bowl in 2020.

The Chicago Bears in 2020

BetOnline has the Bears tied for the 3rd odds on favorite to win Super Bowl LIV. Surprisingly, Westgate has them tied for 5th. Chicago showed the league that acquiring a franchise player can make all of the difference in winning and losing.

The Bears’ decision to trade for Khalil Mack has put the franchise in the position of becoming one of the best teams in the NFC for the next few years.

Unfortunately, the Bears don’t have a lot of cap space this offseason, so they won’t be able to make any high profile moves in free agency. They will also need to decide what to do with running back Jordan Howard who appears to be on the outs with the team as they made a conscious effort to have Tarik Cohen more involved.

With the Bears having one more offseason for Mitch Trubisky and his teammates to become even more cohesive, this Chicago team appears to be a force to be reckoned with in 2019. They could have the top defense in the league next year as well. I expect Chicago to at least make the NFC Championship game next year.

The Saints in 2020

With an older Drew Brees and the possibility of running back Mark Ingram leaving via free agency, there’s a good chance that the Saints take a step back next year. Additionally, I expect the teams in their division to all bounce back and make things harder for New Orleans to repeat this year’s success.

The Saints don’t have a lot of salary space, which means they won’t be able to keep their key free agents or sign the best players available. It will be interesting to see how the team handles this situation.

Defensively, it’s hard to imagine that they will have the top rush defense again, which puts more onus on a secondary that turned out to be one of the worst pass defenses in the NFL. The Saints might be one of the top teams according to oddsmakers, but they appear to be in a difficult spot come next season.

The Chargers in 2020

If there’s one team that can dethrone the Chiefs in the AFC, it’s the Los Angeles Chargers. LA is a more balanced team than the Chiefs. Offensively, they were a step below KC, but on defense, the Chargers were superior to Kansas City. Let’s not forget how the Chargers went to Arrowhead and defeated the Chiefs late in the season.

LA isn’t losing any star players this offseason, but they do have some key contributors that are pending free agents and could make more money elsewhere like Tyrell Williams and Brand Mebane.

With that said, the Chargers still have plenty of elite talent and a healthy Bosa. We saw what the team could do at Baltimore, but we also saw their inconsistencies the next week at New England. I believe the Chargers offer tremendous betting value and I can see them making that leap to the AFC Title game next year.

The Patriots and Steelers in 2020

For over a decade, the Patriots and Steelers have been perennial AFC Conference contenders, but their time is about up.

Pittsburgh is imploding with all of the issues inside the locker room and the front office. First, the Steelers blew the entire situation with Le’Veon Bell and he will most likely head to another team this offseason. Second, reports are coming out that the team will trade star receiver Antonio Brown if they get the right offer.

Big Ben is getting older and visibly declining, and that defense hasn’t been elite for many years now. The Browns, Ravens, and Bengals will all be better next year, which makes Pittsburgh quest to win the AFC North and make the playoffs that much harder.

The Patriots appear to be on the decline and 2019 could be the year we see them take a big step backwards. Tom Brady is closing in on retirement, Rob Gronkowski is on the verge of retirement or being traded, the team is older, doesn’t have many young playmakers, and they only have about $23 million in salary cap space which is 21st overall.

This is big because they have numerous key contributors that are going to be free agents like Gostkowski, Patterson, Hogan, McCourty, Dorsett, Roe and Flowers. Tough times are coming for one of the greatest NFL dynasties of all time.

Who Will Win Super Bowl 54?

The Patriots, Steelers, and Saints will all fail to be contenders next year. New England might coast into the playoffs due to their division, but they are not going to be as good as the Chargers, Chiefs and Ravens. Furthermore, the Saints and Steelers probably won’t even make the playoffs due to their decline in QB play, loss of key players, and tough divisions.

I really like what the future holds for the Chicago Bears and the Kansas City Chiefs. I can see both of them being two of the top four teams in the NFL next year. But, right now, I’m going with an all Los Angeles Super Bowl in 2020.

I believe the Rams and the Chargers will be the top teams in each conference. And, this might be Chargers’ QB Philip Rivers last real chance of winning a Super Bowl. With that said, I believe the Rams will win Super Bowl 54 regardless if they win Super Bowl LIII this year. The Rams will have one of the top 2 or 3 offenses, and they will have enough money to shore up that defense.

Take the +800 odds from BetOnline over WestGate’s +700 odds. That’s a $100 dollar difference in winnings if you put $100 on the Rams to win Super Bowl 54.

NFL Bet: Los Angeles Rams (+800) to win Super Bowl LIV.
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